Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag for Training

From an increase in your cardiovascular fitness to gaining enhanced self-defense abilities, having a heavy bag is all you could ever desire. These heavy bags have proven to be worthwhile for both professionals and amateurs.

But which heavy bag should you buy? One of the heavy bags fronted by many experts is the Century Original Wavemaster freestanding heavy punching bag.

Here are a few insights into it.

Specifications of Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

century the original wavemaster training bag

Type: Freestanding

Height: 47” to 68”

Base: 250 pounds

Color: Black/Blue/Red

Train for: High, Low and Mid-Level Kicking

Applicable People: Child, Man and Women

Application: Martial Arts, MMA, Boxing and so on

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General Review of Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Bag

It is almost impossible to overstate how popular the Century Original Wavemaster heavy bag has become, thanks to its impressive reliability.

The Century Original Wavemaster is a freestanding heavy bag whose base weight is approximately 250 pounds.

Besides having a height of between 47 and 68 inches, this heavy bag comes in three colors, including red, blue, and black.

century original wavemaster freestanding heavy punching bag

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You can hardly overlook the level of versatility provided by this heavy bag, as you will rely on it for different purposes.

Whether you are looking forward to improving your footwork or handwork, this bag will assure you of stellar performance.

The height is adjustable, which means that you will comfortably work on your kicks without too much hassle in the long run.

Since your focus will often be on the quality provided, this option stands out as magical. It will suffice to mention how protected you will be when using this bag.

The vinyl and synthetic leather material have proven to be not only durable but also friendly to the knuckles and feet. This material will effectively absorb the impact, giving you a more relaxed time altogether.

Taking care of this heavy bag has never been this easy. There will be no special conditioners or cleaners to worry about, as synthetic requires minimal effort to clean.

Ideally, all you will need to do is take the time to wipe it down using an antibacterial solution of your choice. Further to this, you will not have to take care of the inner foam, as it remains protected at all times.

From its large surface to how adjustable its height is, this heavy bag is a choice you will barely want to overlook.

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Critical Features of Century Wavemaster Heavy Bag

Indeed, the Century Original Wavemaster boasts of a myriad of features, which can only highlight your stellar performance down the road.

Whether you are using this product for commercial or residential purposes, you will enjoy similar aspects.

Here are a few elements that you will find invaluable.

#1. 7 Height Adjustments

century original wavemaster freestanding heavy bag reviews

Undoubtedly, an adjustable height will always be vital for your convenience. Fortunately, this heavy bag comes with up to 7 distinct height adjustments.

The adjustments come in 3-inch increments and start from 47 inches up to 68 inches. With this, you are confident of multiple targets on the boxing bag.

Besides, did you know that it will ensure you get a more comfortable height to practice with?

#2. 250 lbs Base

One of the things that make this heavy bag outstanding is its base. In most cases, this base gets filled with either water or sand, depending on personal preferences.

For instance, if you fill this base with water, you are confident of not only a stable base but also ample resistance and relatively quick rebounds.

It will suffice to mention that a mixture of water and sand tends to offer more value. It ensures that the base feels sturdy and does not keep moving around as you keep practicing.

Unless you kick it so hard, toppling this heavy bag will remain a mirage to you.

#3. Rapid Rebound and Optimal Resistance

The unparalleled resistance and rapid rebound offered by this freestanding heavy bag will always be worth appreciating.

Thanks to the materials used in making it, this resistance and rebounds will ensure that you get stellar results in the long run.

This product comes with foam fillings, which ensure that you do not feel like you are hitting the sand. Besides, this material will hardly end up pitted.

The foam in this bag boasts of a high shock absorbency rate, giving you the convenience that you so deserve.

On top of that, the water in its base will guarantee you an excellent rebound rate.

#4. Wide Application

century original wavemaster standing punching bag

From beginners to masters in the game, this heavy bag has proven to be one of the most versatile options for all.

You will be free to use this product for both handwork and footwork, depending on what you want to improve.

By allowing you to practice on both kicks and punches, you are sure of improving both martial arts and boxing skills.

Further, you can use it for both commercial and residential purposes. That means that people who want to maintain a fitness routine will find this option worth embracing at any time.

#5. Large and Reliable Punching Surface

That this product features a 13-inch diameter is no secret. This surface is relatively large, and it will assure you of enough surface area for you to land your strikes.

Indeed, having enough places to target the heavy bag ensures that you maximize your experience in the long run.

Further, this bag often moves around as you keep practicing. That implies that you will enjoy improved convenience levels, even when working on limited space.

#6. Durability

Thanks to the materials used in this product, it is likely to last for relatively long.

From its synthetic leather and the adjustable plastic at its base to the absorbing foam it features, this heavy bag will comfortably stand the test of time.

There is no denying that besides the durability provided, these top-quality materials will assure you of enhanced comfort.

Ideally, regardless of how many hours you work on this punching bag, there will be no reason to worry about deterioration.

Century Original Wavemaster vs. Century XXL

Besides being from the same Century Wavemaster series, these two punching bags have proven to be relatively bitter competitors.

They come with many similarities and differences alike, which will often include the following.

#1. Base

The Century Original Wavemaster prides itself on a stable base that accommodates up to 250 pounds.

Whether you choose to fill it with sand, water, or a mixture, you will be confident of unmatched stability.

On the other hand, the Century XXL comes with a 270-pound base, which you will fill with water, sand, or a mixture of the two.

#2. Diameter and Height

It will suffice to mention that the diameter of the punching bag often dictates how much surface area you have.

If you are looking for a much larger surface area, you will find the Century XXL friendlier, as it comes with up to 18 inches of diameter. On top of that, you will be sure of a maximum height of 69 inches.

In contrast, the Original Wavemaster features a 13-inch diameter and a maximum height of 68 inches.

#3. Pricing

There is no denying that the Century XXL tends to be pricier than the Original Wavemaster, thanks to the multiple features it has.

Usually, you will part with around $400 for the XXL, while you will pay about $200 for the Original Wavemaster. However, both products will assure you of value for your money.



#1. How Much Sand Does It Take to Fill the Wavemaster?

As mentioned, this heavy bag comes with a relatively stable base that can take up to 250 pounds. If you were to fill it with sand, you would be free to put as much as 250 pounds of it.

However, experts suggest that you put a little amount of sand and fill it with water. This move assures you of enhanced convenience and comfort when practicing.

#2. Can I Fill the Bag with Water?

There is no denying that water is the most accessible product you would use on this bag.

Ideally, there is no problem with using water at the base of the punching bag.

However, filling this base with 250 pounds of water will not assure you of enough stability, as the bag will keep swaying from one side to another.

This way, your experience ends up compromised. It is for this reason that you will need to consider mixing the water with a little water.

#3. Do You Have to Wear Gloves When Punch The Bag?

The simple answer to this would be no.

Whether you are throwing kicks or punches, the surface on this bag seems relatively friendly. Its high absorbency means that you can comfortably use bare-knuckles at any time.

However, relying on gloves will often improve your experience in the long run. It is a step you will hardly want to overlook, thanks to its benefits.

Final Thought

The world is changing, and fitness has become a priority for many people. As you look forward to improving this fitness and even martial art skills, the Century Original Wavemaster freestanding heavy punching bag will be a perfect partner for you.

From its affordability to incredible longevity, it is something you will hardly want to resist. Let today be the day you get your first heavy bag, and you will not regret it.

century original wavemaster punching bag reviews

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