Best Gloves for Punching Bag – Reviews & Guides in 2022

Best gloves for punching bag are essential for safeguarding the hands from injuries, especially when heavy training. They come in different styles and designs to fit various trainees, including kids.

The gloves are made with padding at the back area to offer protection to the knuckles and are compatible with different training, including martial sports and even boxing. The high material crafting ensures durability and excellent airflow, especially for people who train for long hours.

If you are looking for reliable punching bag gloves, this article has the top 13 best designs to buy.

Top 13 Best Punching Bag Gloves List

Reviews of the 13 Best Gloves for Punching Bags

#1. Best Sale – Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast pro punching bag glovesEnsure the safety of your knuckles when punching the bag with these gloves. They feature high-quality materials for durability. The interior parts of the gloves have padding to ensure total protection when punching the bag.

The gloves are made of polyurethane material that has vents to allow airflow, and prevent heat accumulation and sweating. They have polyester material essential for adding the rigidity of the glove. The gloves feature wrist straps for adhering them to hands and provide excellent grip.

They also contour to the hands’ shape to provide great gripping. The gloves come in various colors and sizes to fit different people.

Brilliant Features:

  • Quite comfortable
  • Comes in varying colors
  • The gloves are durable and padded for comfort
  • They have vent material for breathability purposes

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#2. Runner up – Sanabul Gel Punching Bag Gloves

Snanabul gel gloves for punching bagsIf you are looking for an affordable pair of gloves to use for your home training, then consider this fantastic model from Sanabul. The gloves are efficient in providing support and protection to the hands as they have great padding. To add a great look, the gloves come in different shades of colors.

They are flexible as the sides easily fold when punching the bag. The outer cover of the gloves features leather material that is durable and can withstand constant use. They fit up to the wrist area to ensure total comfort, especially when throwing high punches.

Fastening the gloves to the hands is quite accessible since they feature a hook and loop closure that also provides a good grip.

Brilliant Features:

  • Leather material for durability
  • Has adhering parts to ensure a great fitting
  • The palms have a mesh structure to allow free flow of air
  • They provide ample support to the hands up to the wrist area

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#3. Best for Martial Arts – Everlast Mixed Punching Bag

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag GlovesIf you are looking for quality gloves that you can wear when training for martial sports, then this pair from Everlast is the perfect option.

The gloves feature high and heavy-duty material construction to ensure durability even when continuously used. They conform to the hands to allow free movement of the hand when punching the bag.

The gloves are super light in weight, making it possible for beginners to train with them. The outer cover of the gloves features leather material that guarantees the durability of the gloves, especially for those who train daily. They are comfortable to wear for long since the palm area has vents to allow a flow of air and prevent sweating.

Brilliant Features:

  • They are light in weight
  • They have excellent padding
  • They fit both light and heavyweight training

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#4. Best Cheap – FitT4 Sparring Gloves

cheap gloves for punching bagIf you are looking for pocket-friendly gloves that you can use for multiple bag training moves, this is a great design to consider.

The gloves fit various pieces of training including martial, boxing, fitness workout training and even MMA. The finger areas are open to allow a high flow of air inside the gloves and ensure comfort as well.

These pair of gloves feature an infusion of terry clothes and leather material that provide support while ensuring the durability of the gloves. The straps are adjustable to fit different hands and ensure everyone gets a good fit and grip.

Brilliant Features:

  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • The fingers are open wide for easy passage of air
  • The gloves have a breathable material design to prevent heat accumulation

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#5. Best for Men and Women – Brace Master Leather Fingerless Gloves

mma gloves for punchingThis is a reliable pair of gloves suitable for people who need total comfort when folding their hands. The finger parts are open for easy folding up and out.

The gloves come in different colors and fit both men and women. They feature a lightweight design for comfort, especially for people who train for long hours.

The outer material is made of leather to prevent them from wear and tear when used with heavyweight bags. You can wear these gloves for a long time since they have breathable material at the palms to allow a high flow of air.

They have great padding to protect the knuckles when punching hard, and they extend to the wrists area to provide excellent support.

Brilliant Features:

  • The gloves feature breathable materials
  • Easy to maintain since you can wipe them
  • The gloves have hard and durable materials
  • Come in varying sizes so everyone can get a comfortable fitting

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#6. Best Among Synthetic Leather Gloves – Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast synthetic leather punching bag glovesThe gloves are crafted with synthetic leather material to ensure durability and strength when used for vigorous training.

You can train with these gloves as long as you want since they feature a mesh-like material at the palm to ensure breathability and prevent the palms from sweating.

They work perfectly for heavy training and punching since they have great padding that protects the knuckles and the hand. The gloves fit up to the wrist area to prevent the wrists’ joints from any injuries.

Brilliant Features:

  • The gloves slip smoothly to the hands
  • These gloves provide excellent hand protection
  • They have breathability material to ensure comfort
  • They are made of synthetic leather for durability purposes

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#7. Best for Beginner – RDX Punching Bag Gloves for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and More

RDX gloves for grapplingThis pair of gloves is recommendable for all people, including those involved in vigorous and heavy punching training.

They feature heavy-duty and synthetic leather material construction to ensure total durability, which also makes it easy to train for martial, MMA and boxing. The lightweight form is to ensure complete comfort when training for long hours.

They have Tri-slab PC3 padding to ensure full protection of the hand and the knuckles. These gloves feature the hook and loop closure that provides a firm fitting and great grip to prevent the gloves from slipping off. The straps are adjustable to provide proper fitting for different hand sizes.

Brilliant Features:

  • They are light in weight
  • These gloves have excellent padding
  • The gloves feature durable synthetic leather material
  • They feature adjustable straps to ensure a proper fitting

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#8. Best Rating – Hayabusa High End Marvel Boxing Gloves

best boxing glovesOne of the most outstanding features of these gloves is the wrist support they provide. This makes it easy for all people, including beginners, to train efficiently.

The gloves consist of foam padding that provides excellent cushioning at the back of the hand and the knuckles to safeguard them from injuries when punching the bag hard. You can use the gloves for both light and heavy training as they are quite durable and rigid.

These gloves have adjustable wrist velcro straps that hold them in place. They are comfortable to wear for long training hours as they have vents that allow airflow.

Brilliant Features:

  • Slipping them to hands is easy
  • These gloves are quite versatile in use
  • They have three layers of foam padding
  • The gloves are comfortable to wear for long

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#9. Best for Women – Everlast Ladies’ Pro Style Training Gloves

best Everlast women's kickboxing glovesIf your wife is planning to start training in boxing and you need to surprise her with a pair of training gloves, consider this model from Everlast.

The gloves feature a beautiful pink color that makes them look elegant and attractive. They have high quality and heavy-duty material construction that guarantee durability and prolonged. They have synthetic outer material that ensures durability as well.

The palm areas have a mesh-like design to prevent too much heat accumulation and allow excellent airflow to the palms. These gloves are perfect for heavy training or for use with weight punching bags as they offer total comfort and support.

They feature hook and loop closure that extends to the wrist for good and firm fitting.

Brilliant Features:

  • They have adjustable straps for closure
  • They have excellent padding for support
  • These gloves consist of beautiful pink colors
  • The gloves have mesh material for breathability

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#10. Best 16 oz – Trideer Pro Grade MMA Sparring Gloves

punching bag and speed bag glovesThese gloves are suitable for a variety of training such as punching bag for Muay Thai style punching, gel sparring, kickboxing and even for boxing training.

The outer cover is made of faux leather material that is quite durable and sturdy to ensure extended use, especially for people involved in heavy training. The gloves are easy to maintain by just wiping off dirt.

They have widened to add stability around the wrists for easy punching the bag. There are mid-density foams essential for providing support and protection to the knuckles when throwing heavy punches.

Brilliant Features:

  • They are easy to maintain
  • You can use the gloves for multiple training
  • The gloves have a mesh material for breathability

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#11. Best for Kids – Cheerwing Boxing Punching Gloves for Youth and Toddlers

small size punching bag gloves for childrenThese are a great option of gloves to buy if you have a young one training for boxing or MMA sports. The gloves are lightweight to allow kids to train comfortably without feeling a lot of bulkiness.

They also have great padding that provides the right support when training for vigorous sports like taekwondo, sparring, kickboxing or even boxing.

The gloves have wrist straps essential for providing proper fitting even for kids with small hands. The straps are adjustable to provide excellent accessory. For wearing and taking it off, it remarks comfortably.

Brilliant Features:

  • Light in weight
  • Made of high-quality material
  • They have high-quality padding for support
  • The gloves are smooth to wear and take off

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#12. Best with Vinyl Cover – Title Classic Boxing Gloves

Title Classic Boxing Gloves with Tough Vinyl CoverThese gloves are made of vinyl material and have great padding to provide support and protection to the knuckles when throwing heavy punches.

These gloves have a semi-curve design for comfortable folding and use, especially for beginners. They have adjustable wrist bands that have hook and loops to ensure firm gripping of the gloves to the wrists.

They are also quite affordable as they retail at around 15 dollars.

Brilliant Features:

  • Quite affordable
  • They are easy to fit and remove
  • They feature durable vinyl material
  • They are comfortable to wear for long

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#13. Best Lightweight – Elite Sports Punching Bag Gloves with Superior Comfort

Elite protective gloves for punching bagThese gloves feature PU leather material construction that guarantees total durability. They are also light in weight to ensure the user is comfortable when practicing for long.

You can use them for various training such as boxing, Muay Hay, kickboxing and sparring, among others.

The gloves have Triple gel foam that adds comfort and support so one can easily throw heavy punches and also feature wrist fitting and have adjustable velcro to ensure total stability and protection of the wrist.

Brilliant Features:

  • They come in varying sizes
  • These gloves feature 3D cooling design
  • They are comfortable due to the lightweight design
  • They have wrist fitting to prevent sprain and injuries

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If you are looking for heavy-duty and long-lasting punching gloves for home use, consider the above-reviewed designs. These gloves are comfortable due to the lightweight design, and they are made of high-quality material to ensure total durability. They come in different sizes and great padding to safeguard the users from injuries.


Factors to Consider When Buying Punching Bag Gloves

Before you go ahead to purchase the best punching bag gloves, they are several factors you are supposed to put into consideration. Below are some factors you should put into account:

#1. Protection

When purchasing gloves, more so the punching bag gloves. You must buy the one that will guarantee you total protection for your wrist as well as hands. This is to prevent unnecessary injuries caused by incorrect punching of the bag. Therefore, you need to acquire gloves that generate padding on your thumb, hand, and knuckle, depending on your style of fighting.

There are several gloves with maximum padding quality in the market to offer you a high level of protection. Note that security is compulsory, whether you are training or competing, so do not purchase anything that wears out after a short duration or will fail to meet your needs and demands. Opt for punching bag gloves that guarantee you total protection.

#2. The Wrist Wrap

Wrist wrap maintains the tightness of the glove at your wrist and ensures that your hand is tight and not loose inside. This plays a vital role in protecting you, hence enabling you to maintain fighting instead of taking a break to adjust your gloves in the middle of the game.

In case you find you purchase gloves with Velcro that are strong enough, then you are safe for either competing or training. The wrist wrap does not last for a lifetime. However, the Velcro of maximum quality lasts longer than you can ever imagine. So, while examining the wrist wrap, it is appropriate that you settle for a quality one.

cheap gloves for punching bag

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#3. Durability and Material

You should know that the material used on your gloves will determine the quality as well as the durability of your punching gloves.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, you will have to purchase a punching glove that is genuine 100% leather; this is in case you are looking for a maximum quality product. Leather has a perfect feel, lasts longer; it is sturdy and hard to bit. However, it also depends on the type of leather; faux leather is not that vital.

mma gloves for punching

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You also need to know the manufacturer and where they come from to determine the durability of your punching glove. Furthermore, statistics have it that Thailand has manufacturers that produce quality products. Therefore, purchase your gloves from companies that have a good reputation and guarantee you durability and quality punching bag gloves.

#4. Size

The size of your punching bag glove is in terms of weight, particularly in ounces. These sizes usually vary, if you select gloves with a lighter-weight, it means you are going to work on a lighter bag. So, for heavy bags, you have to choose gloves with padding that is thicker to offer you more comfort as well as support. Therefore, make sure that you go for an appropriate size that meets your demands and needs effectively.

Elite protective gloves for punching bag

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What oz Gloves Should I Use for a Punching Bag?

This is a popular question that most customers ask. If you are a beginner, one set of a glove is okay. This is for both sparring as well as hitting the punching bag. However, if you are a competing boxer, you must have another set of gloves for fighting specifically. The type and the size of boxing gloves depend on your purpose as well as the body weight.

#1. Sparring gloves

The sparring gloves are more padded training gloves to prevent you from hurting the sparring opponent. Regardless of your weight as well as size, you should not spar using gloves below 16 oz unless you are a child weighing 120 pounds.

Statistics have it that you should fight with a glove of 14 oz. However, this will not prepare you enough for a competition as you would have used a boxing glove of 16 oz. Note that if you have lean muscle weighing above 175 lbs, you are supposed to spar with gloves above 20 oz or 18 oz. It is appropriate that you also watch your opponent not to use minimal gloves than yours since you are likely to get hit pretty harder by an unfair advantage.

In case you are a beginner, it is appropriate that you use gloves that are more significant for safety purposes.

punching bag and speed bag gloves

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#2. All-purpose Punching Training Gloves

Note that each boxer has at least a pair of gloves that they probably use for all-purpose training. Therefore, whenever you go purchasing a punching glove, you will meet a variety in the industry.

It is appropriate for you to know that the ones you need are sparring as well as training gloves. It is also vital for you to note that the all-purpose punching training gloves are appropriate for multiple varying types of training.

In that case, if you are 180 lbs and above, purchase gloves with 18 oz and above. On the other hand, if you are 150 lbs to 180 lbs, purchase 16 oz to 20 oz gloves, for 120 to 15o lbs settle for a glove with 14 to 16 0z. Additionally, 120 lbs and below usually settle on 12 to 14 oz.

Everlast synthetic leather punching bag gloves

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#3. Competition Boxing Gloves

These kinds of gloves are specifically for the competition. In case you are a boxer amateur, there is a specific size that class weight will use, such as 16 oz, 14 oz, and 12 oz. In boxing of enthusiasts, gloves must have approval for a competition of boxing or punching.

However, your trainer knows the appropriate size as well as specification you are supposed to meet. Moreover, your sparring or training gloves should be thicker and heavier than your gloves for fighting.

best boxing gloves

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Note: In case you have ever worked on a punching bag with inappropriate gloves, you have an idea of how much pain it can cost you. Furthermore, loose wrist gloves, as well as lousy padding, can make your entire training a nightmare and even be hazardous on your hands.

Therefore, it is appropriate that you purchase maximum quality gloves for your punching bag, especially from the most experienced and best companies.


#1. Do You Need Gloves to Hit a Heavy Bag?

In case you have been in this game for a long duration, you probably know the advantages that come with wearing gloves while hitting a heavy bag. So, YES, you need to have gloves on to hit your punching bag.

You must wear boxing gloves or a hand wrap that is minimal to generate some protection to your entire hands. Furthermore, it also protects you from getting any kind of fractures. Note that a single serious injury has the potential to end up your career of boxing permanently.

On the other hand, protecting your hands using gloves prevents skin scraping of the knuckles on your punching bag surface. This can lead to sore fingers as well as bleeding.

However, you need to note that when this occurs, it will force you to take an off for some time for your wounds to heal. Whenever you engage in boxing much, you usually use hand gloves as well as wraps. So, the same applies when you are training.

Note that a pair of gloves is never that costly. Therefore, you should grab one and experience the advantages that come with it. Make sure you avoid unnecessary injuries by putting on hand gloves whenever you are hitting the punching bag, either during the exercise or the competition period.

#2. Are MMA Gloves or Muay Thai Gloves Good for Punching Bags?

You can use MMA or Muay Thai gloves on a punching bag. But be careful for using thinly padded gloves. Such gloves may cause severe injuries on your wrists, knuckles, and hands. The gloves for punching bag training are padded thickly and guarantee you perfect knuckle and hand protection plus the wrist support.

#3. Which Is Better, Buying a Punching Bag and Gloves Set or Buying One Separately?

Punching bags usually come as a set. This set has a kit with all the requirements essential for practicing techniques that you find suitable to examine your endurance and maximize your strength as well. However, it all depends on the quality of the product and its durability.

On the other hand, you can also decide to buy these products differently according to your needs. This means you have a set for the completion and buy separately specifically for training purposes and another one for competition.

everlast punching bag and gloves

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#4. Can You Punch a Bag with just Wraps?

Yes, you can punch a bag with just wraps. This is advantageous since it strengthens your forearm muscles, wrist, and knuckle as well.

However, it is also vital for you to consider how often you are likely to hit a punching bag without hand protection. Therefore, it is essential for you to at least train once a week without protection.

Furthermore, if your punch bag weighs about 70 pounds to 200 pounds, this weight is a lot for you to hit with only wraps. You must have adequate techniques before you go ahead to hit your punching bag without sufficient protection.

You can research methods of hitting a punching bag without enough protection to avoid unnecessary accidents. When you are using only the wrap, you need to be careful since you are likely to experience severe injuries that can make you do away with this game permanently.

On the other hand, it is appropriate for you to note that wraps have the potential to offer you wrist stabilization as well as protect your entire knuckles from any bleeding. Therefore, it is true that you can hit your punch bag with wraps only, but not every day, at least ones a week is appropriate.


Based on the above information, you are now well informed on how to acquire the best punching bag gloves in the market. Therefore, it is upon you to select the best that meets your demands efficiently and effectively. I hope that this article will be beneficial to you in your search for the best gloves for a punching bag.