A Complete Review of Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Bag

Imagine a practicing match without the Ringside Elite Freestanding boxing bag. It is most certainly going to be one of the most devastating or boring experiences you could ever have.

The Ringside Elite Freestanding boxing bag has grown to be relatively popular in the recent past, thanks to how effective it is. But how much do you know about it? Here are a few insights to keep in mind.

Specifications of the Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Bag

Ringside elite freestanding boxing punching bag

Height: 6’4″

Bag filler: Foam

Striking Surface: 17″ x 62″

Application: Aerobic fitness

Bag Cover: Synthetic leather

Base: 140 pounds water/270 pounds sand

Practice: boxing, MMA strikes, knees and kicks

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A General Review of Ringside Elite Freestanding Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside Elite freestanding boxing bag comes out as one of the top-quality boxing bags that you can hardly resist. It is suitable for martial artists of any skill level.

Since it is about 6’4″ high, this product tends to be suitable for different people, regardless of their height.

Ringside elite free standing bag

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It will suffice to mention that this boxing bag is made from synthetic leather, which is not only durable but also friendly to the user.

From withstanding heavy punches and long-term abuse, this is a product you will find worth having in your commercial or residential space.

Remember, it comes with a removable foam collar, which keeps its swinging in check.

As mentioned, this boxing bag is about 75 inches tall. What you might not have known is that its base diameter is about 32 inches, while the bag’s diameter is around 17 inches.

With this diameter, you are confident of enhanced comfort during your session.

On top of that, its bottom will comfortably hold up to 270 pounds of sand or water. That implies that the bag does not move with a single punch. Besides, you will no longer need to worry about toppling over.

You can hardly ignore how outstanding the design tends to be. This spring-loaded design ensures that you have a matchless experience at all times.

The shock-absorbing foam around its base will also be vital in resisting abuse.

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Pros and Cons of Ringside Elite Freestanding Bag


  • Matchless stability
  • Assures you of an enhanced longevity
  • Versatile and ideal for any martial art or skill level
  • Unparalleled training experience, with a professional touch
  • It comes with loaded design, which cushions it against toppling over


  • Can’t adjust its height
  • Reasonably less affordable

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Key Features of Ringside Elite Free Standing Heavy Bag

There is no denying that this product boasts of a myriad of impressive features. These features significantly contribute to how effective the set is, in the long run.

Here are some of the most vital features you will enjoy from this product.

#1. Synthetic Leather Shell

It is hard to overstate how astounding synthetic leather shells tend to be, and this is no exception.

This material is not only high-quality but also significantly durable. The synthetic leather bag will comfortably withstand abuse over a long period. It will hardly peel not have name patches here and there.

As long as you are looking forward to intense boxing training, this product will be the ultimate choice. With it, you will have no reason to worry about making patches or replacing the shell every so often.

#2. Shock-absorbing Foam

This shock-absorbing foam plays a significant role in making sure that you are comfortable, as it ensures that striking becomes pretty painless.

That means that you will be free to practice without necessarily having gloves or even shin guards.

However, for safety reasons, light gloves could come in handy for you.

It will suffice to mention that there is some extra foam at the base of the bag.

This way, you are sure of enough protection of your foot whenever you misjudge your kick or even hit the base.

#3. Spring-loaded Design

Ringside elite punching bag

You will appreciate the spring-loaded design, which ensures that the bag swings from side to side way more freely.

That implies that regardless of how powerful your kick or punch is, the bag will remain relatively stable at all times.

#4. Removable Foam Collar

The removable collar comes in handy, keeping your freestanding heavy bag in check.

Ideally, it will either decrease or increase the movement of the bag whenever you hit it. Nothing could provide you with more comfort than this feature.

Further, if you feel uncomfortable with this collar, you will be free to remove it at any time. This way, you will be sure of enhanced convenience at all times.

#5. Filled with Water or Sand

As mentioned, you will need to fill this product with up to 270 pounds of water or sand. It will all depend on your preferences.

This move is to make sure that you increase the stability of your boxing bag.

It will suffice to mention that filling this bag with water or sand means that it will effortlessly accommodate even the strongest punches and kicks from professional boxers.

Stability will always be crucial whenever you are striking your bag, as you will be focusing all your energy on the bag.

This stability will not only improve your skills and techniques but also ensure that you do not waste your punches.

Remember, this base tank is made from strong plastic, and its durability and sturdiness is a guarantee.

#6. Non-hanging Heavy Boxing Bag

That this boxing bag is one of the most exceptional non-hanging bags is no secret. This feature allows you to exercise without too much hassle, regardless of where you are.

Remember, this bag will fit both your commercial and personal gym.

Ideally, these non-hanging boxing bags assure you of unparalleled convenience whenever you are exercising.

#7. Large Striking Surface

ringside elite freestanding bag review

This boxing bag is approximately 75 inches tall. That means that regardless of how tall you are, you will be sure of multiple targets from where to strike.

Besides, its relatively significant diameter seems to make things even better.

A blend of these two variables implies that you will have an easier time when exercising in the long run.


Ringside Elite vs. Century Wavemaster XXL

It will be unfair not to compare the Ringside Elite and Century Wavemaster XXL, as they come with various similarities and differences alike.

Ideally, most people will assume that they are direct rivals. Here are a few things you will want to know about these two products.

#1. Solid Base

Like the Ringside Elite, the Century Wavemaster coms with a reliable solid base. The bases can hold up to 270 pounds of water or sand, depending on your preferences.

With this base, you are sure of an unmatched level of stability from both products. Whichever you choose, it will give you a seamless experience as you train.

#2. Shock Collar

While the Ringside Elite comes with a removable foam collar, the Century Wavemaster XXL comes with a stationary shock collar that sits between the core and the base.

That implies that the latter will provide you with a stationary experience.

On the other hand, Ringside Elite will come in handy for those who prefer a boxing bag that moves from side to side with every punch.

Ideally, if you are a person who likes to combo several heavy hits, the Century Wavemaster XXL will be the ideal choice.

#3. Spring-loaded Design

The Century Wavemaster XXL comes with no spring-loaded design, unlike the Ringside Elite.

With this, you will be sure of the former remaining relatively stationary, despite the heavy hits it could be getting.

The opposite happens with the Ringside Elite, which prides itself on this impressive design.

#4. Size and Weight

While the Ringside comes with a base of 32 inches and a diameter of 17 inches, the Century Wavemaster XXL features a 27-inch base and an 18-inch diameter.

Further, while the Ringside boasts of a 75-inch height, Wavemaster hardly goes beyond 69 inches. That implies that the former provides you with a larger surface area for multiple hits or targets.

Indeed, choosing between the Ringside Elite Freestanding bag and the Century Wavemaster XXL will often be a tough call. While they are all excellent, they assure you of distinct kinds of actons when punched.



In conclusion, the flawless grace of the Ringside Elite will often appeal to any boxer, whether professional or amateur.

From its enhanced durability to how impressively designed it is, this will be an ultimate choice for many people.

As you look forward to owning a suitable boxing bag, this option should top your priorities.

Ringside elite free standing bag review

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