Century Bobby Bully Punching Bag – Top Pick Dummy for Youths

Century Bobby Bully punching bag is an excellent training aid for all your punches and kicks. It has a lifelike design for a more realistic feel and enhances the accuracy of your strikes, making it excellent and useful for practical self-defense training.

It is made of high-quality materials for filling, base and body to extend its service. This punching bag is ideal for working out and improving targeting. You can get one for your home practice or as a perfect addition to any gym.

Specifications of Century Bobby Bully Punching Bag

century bobby bully punching bag review

Weight: 170 lbs

Type: Mannequin

Height: 50″ to 55″

Applicable People: Youth

Base Filler: Water/Sand

Application: Martial Arts and Combat Sports

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General Review of Century Bobby Bully for Realistic Training

The Century Bobby Bully punching bag is your ideal training companion. This bag features adjustable heights to make it well suited for a wide range of user heights. It can adjust from 50 inches to 55 inches for great convenience.

This realistic partner offers self-defense training. It has lifelike features and dimensions for a more realistic feel.

You are required to target the correct anatomy appropriately with precision strikes to improve your skills. Training with this punching bag in martial arts or boxing helps the fighters to gain expertise, determination, and focus.

On top of that, this punching bag has a sturdy and durable construction to withstand the punishment. It is designed to take a beating, whether it is a body shot, hooks, jabs, crosses, or head kicks.

This punching bag helps you develop the needed muscle memory during self-defense. It allows you to train at full speed without pulling your punches. The torso is longer to provide you with a larger striking surface.

bobby bully punching bag

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This punching bag is well worth the price and assures excellent improvement.

The base has a round design for a smooth relocation and is filled with water or sand. It is an excellent value for small spaces as it can be moved easily. Even with the substantial base, you can flip it to the side, and roll the round base.

Besides that, this punching bag is reliable and resilient.

It is ideal for beginners and professional young fighters alike since it can handle all types of exercise.

It is made of a high-strength plastisol material that is filled with urethane foam for extended durability. The high-density foam at the core is of high quality as well and can take a beating.

The durable foam is useful in absorbing and dispersing shock-this translates to less soreness to the user.


  • Realistic feel
  • Very durable
  • Adjustable heights
  • Improves strike accuracy
  • Ideal for punches and kicks


  • A little pricey

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Key Features of Century Bobby Bully Mannequin

The Century Bobby bully punching dummy is fully featured to meet all your training needs. It is sure to increase your skill levels. Below are some of its impressive features.

#1. Foam Filler

This Century Bobby’s punching bag is made of urethane foam, unlike the traditional heavy bags filled with sand and material. That makes it even more durable.

It is also assured of not settling for extended professional service use. The high-density foam at the core is of high quality as well and can take a beating, which will not easily break down.

The foam interior is useful in absorbing and dispersing shock. So, you do not have to worry about hard areas that may cause injury.

#2. Base

This freestanding punching bag has a round base that can be filled with sand or water. To some, using water is more cost-effective and more manageable.

However, it does not offer similar stability to that of sand. It also moves easier with sand filling at the base rather than water.

Other options for base filling include kitty litter and pea-sized gravel.

#3. Weight

Without the base filling, this punching bag weighs about 25 pounds. Its actual weight is, however, determined after the base filling.

If the base is filled with water or sand as recommended, it will weigh about 170 pounds. That is heavy enough for even a junior fighter to knock it off.

The sturdiness of the bag is crucial for proper training and avoiding unwanted movement. If the freestanding bag is too light, it may result in a strike positioned poorly or even poses a risk of injury.

#4. 2-Height Adjustments

This freestanding punching bag is designed to offer the convenience of two adjustable heights to accommodate a wide range of user heights. You can adjust it from 50 inches to up to 55 inches.

How convenient! That makes your training even more useful.

#5. Lifelike Design

bobby bully punching bag best price

This body opponent bag looks like an actual person to give a realistic feel. It features a lifelike face, stomach, chest, shoulders, and chest.

It, therefore, makes you more motivated, and the broad torso provides a full striking surface. It has highly defined cheekbones, collarbones, groin, and chest to offer you a realistic partner.

#6. Freestanding Design

This freestanding system is versatile as it can be moved around the gym or at home. It is ideal for young mixed martial arts participants and boxing training.

With its weight, it is sure to stay in place without unnecessary movements.

Century Bobby bully punching bag delivers better performance as compared to the traditional hanging models. They are also handy and useful for anyone who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

#7. Durability

The century brand is reliable for quality and strength. They are experienced in the industry and therefore offer nothing but the best in all products.

Durability and stability are assured. This punching bag is well worth the price and guarantees excellent improvement.

It is a self-defense essential as it allows the fighter to train at full speed without pulling punches. It also assists in the development of muscle memory that is needed in a self-defense scenario.

#8. More

– Base. This punching bag has a rounded base to make relocation an easy task. If you need to move it, just flip it to the side and roll the bottom. The large diameter of the base enhances stability as well.

– Large and Durable Striking Area. This bag has a large striking surface, thanks to the longer torso. It improves the accuracy of punches and kicks as it is shaped like an actual person.

The body is made of high-strength plastisol that is of high quality for extended durability. It will not wear or tear easily.

Century Bobby bully punching bag is assured of exceptional quality. It is durably constructed to withstand extended, hard use and provide prolonged service use. The materials are well selected to ensure superb performance.

– Low Maintenance. This bag also requires minimal maintenance as cleaning it is a breeze. You only need to clean it using an antibacterial cleaner.


Who Is It for?

The Century Bobby bully punching bag has a child-size. If your young one is an aspiring boxer or interested in combat sports, then this is the ideal bag for them. This kid-sized body opponent bag is meant for kids training.

It is also designed with an adjustable height to accommodate as many users as possible. This punching bag is a must-have for anyone in combat sports. It is ideal for home practice or as an addition to any gym.

Century Bobby’s punching bag serves to enhance the skills of fighters. It is ideal for boxing training or any other martial art discipline.

Young fighters or martial arts participants can use this punching bag to improve their kicks and punches. It is also an effective stress-reliever or to release pent-up aggression.

This punching bag is ideal for children who want to maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle. It is an excellent choice to help one improve activity levels.

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If you are searching for a good quality body opponent bag for the youngsters, then the Century Bobby Bully punching bag is an excellent choice. Given its incredible features and durability, this is the ideal companion for all trainers.

It is a worthy investment and an excellent value for the price; it is realistic for accurate strikes and practical training. This punching bag is ideal for mixed martial arts participants and boxing trainers.

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