Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag for Home and Family

Free-standing punch bags are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of use; the independent punching bag has many advantages over the traditional punching bag.

It includes the use of a hollow base that can be filled with sand or water when needed for use, and there is no problem creating space. At the end of the exercise, simply empty the base, and it is light enough to move with little effort and put it away.

We have many brands in the current market, but today we will look at Everlast Omniflex freestanding heavy bag.

Specifications of Everlast Ominflex Freestanding Heavy Bag

everlast omniflex freestanding heavy bag review


Quick Facts:

Brand: Everlast
Weight: 130 lbs
Colors: Black, Red
Height: 4’11” – 5’7″
Bag Cover Material: Nevatear
Train for: Punches, Kicks, Knee or Elbow Strikes

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Benefits of Using Everlast Omniflex Heavy Bag

#1. It Is Noiseless and Won’t Damage Your Roof.

One of the great benefits of an Everlast Omniflex heavy bag is that you don’t have to worry about hanging it up.

For starters, you may not have a safe place to hang it. For another, once you get there, you can’t move it, which means it has a semi-permanent attachment unless you want hooks all over the roof.

Whether you live in a house or apartment building, the noise and vibrations of a hanging bag can be devastating.

#2. It is Easy to Move Around.

You can also move the Everlast Ominflex bag very quickly. So if you want to train in your cellar one day and in your patio the next day, it is easy to do so.

If you need to store your exercise tools for a party, you can easily place them in a closet or storage area and blur them.

#3. Adjustable Height Makes It Suitable for Every Family Member.

Another high factor with the bag is adjustable. That means that if you keep the box but someone in your boxing box, you can both use the bag effectively.

Also, kids of all ages can use the same equipment without a problem.

Everlast Omniflex Free-standing Punching Bag Review

everlast omniflex punching bag

What We Like:

  • Setting it up is a breeze.
  • You can adjust the height.
  • Its top covering is made of Nevatear.
  • Perfect for both punching and kicking.
  • You can spare quite a touch of the room.
  • You can fill the base with either water or dry sand.
  • Its neck is entirely adaptable for your head and body movements practice.

What We Didn’t:

  • Can’t be used for training on powerful kicks.

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If you are looking for the best free-standing punching bag, you are in the right place. With an entirely affordable cost, however, the eminence of Everlast, you can be confident that this bag will give you your cash’s worth. Everlast is one of the most loved brands for exercise center gear known for making the best items.

The adaptability of the neck allows you to kick and punch the bag as hard as your heart wants, and the bag will absorb it quickly. When you kick the bag, the neck will flex, allowing the bag to absorb the energy from the blow.

It has the adaptability that shields it from tripping over. In case you happen to kick it too hard, the bottom of the bag may rise.

As long as you have enough water or sand in the bottom, it will not tip.

It is an excellent Free-standing bag to have that will let you practice your elbow and punching while preparing schedules, yet also your power in kicking works.

How the bag may be adjusted to get the right height makes it perfect for you to practice your kicking strategies, whether low or high.

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Key Features of Everlast Omniflex Heavy Bag

Everlast Omniflex bag comes with unique features that you may not find on other types of bags. The features include:

1. Nevatear Outer Shell

Everlast brand Omniflex bag for home

With this bag, durability is enhanced using the Nevatear outer shell. Everyone knows that Nevatear is specially blended with natural and synthetic material with durable fibers that provide cushions from your hands.

The Nevatear material has luxurious synthetic leather that is hardened, thus strapping air in the bag.

The bag is then coupled with a superior bag design, which enhances durability and long-lasting functionality.

2. Omniflex Neck

everlast omniflex freestanding bag

Most people wonder how Everlast Omniflex freestanding heavy bag work and how they absorb the impact caused by your kicks. Omniflex neck is made for that work.

The neck has a maximum impact-absorbing power that makes the bag stable. Any impact that is produced by your kicks and punches is reduced at the neck. That is why the neck is thinner than all other parts of the bag, thus making it produce less vibration when the bag is kicked.

With the Omniflex neck in place, any impact produced from the top of the bag is reduced, thus preventing the base from moving.

In short, the Omniflex neck acts as the bases for the bag stability. The shorter the neck, the stable the bags become; thus, if you need the best stability to ensure that the Omniflex neck is as low as you can.

3. Low Profile Base

During fighting different methods are used provided you defeat your opponent. That includes punches, knee strikes, and kicks. With its low profile base feature, you can train yourself on how to do this.

The Low-profile base design lets you through your knee kicks, strikes, and learns how to through low kicks. If installed well, the low profile base feature can help you gain skills that most people don’t have.

For instance, knee strikes are rarely used, but they are beneficial when used. That’s why the Everlast came up with this fantastic feature to enhance your skills and make you better and effective in your work.

With the low profile base, even children can use the bag in training provided you teach than on how the bag works and how to avoid its swinging impact.

4. Size and Weight

When using the Everlast Omniflex freestanding heavy bag, it is good to note that its weight is approximately 130 pounds. The weight is achieved when you fill the base with water or sand in some brands.

Based on benchmarks and the full application of this bag, 130lbs is very light. The good thing about this bag is, although it is light, it can withstand and hold even the hardest kicks that boxers can through.

On the other side, the size of this bag is also unusual. The height of the bag is approximately 67 inches at the highest setting. It is not the largest there, but it can bear some excesses, and it can be adjusted to fit the needs of any boxer.

This punching bag is made with the right size and weight that is good for any home gym use.

5. Adjustable Height

everlast omniflex workout

Omniflex free standing punching bag comes with one of the great features that you may not find on other brands. Its flexible configuration that helps you achieve various heights is the best.

That means it can be used by fighters, boxers, and even ordinary people of different heights.

If you are training to fight with a particular fight of a certain height, this bag can also be adjusted according to your opponent’s height. That will give you a more realistic training experience for your upcoming match.

Lastly, due to the height adjustment feature, you can use the right equipment to train for downstrokes at various height levels.

How to Set up the Everlast Omniflex Free-standing Bag?

Note: Most of the parts making the Everlast Omniflex Freestanding heavy bag are separate, and they require to be connected to form a punching bag. Here is the step by step guide.

Step 1: Check for Defects on the Base.

Defects may be caused by poor handling, mostly during transportation. At times you may find manufacturing defects. Check if the plastic has no damaged areas.

Take a closer look at the drill tank reservoir. You can also use your hands to check for any irregularities on the base surface to see if the punching bag is not damaged during transport.

Another method involves the use of a flashlight. Turn off the lights and place a working flashlight inside the tank filler cap.

Step 2: Fill the Base with Water or Sand.

How do you fill an Everlast Omniflex?

The use of water is the fastest way to prepare a punching bag. Using a hosepipe, you can fill the base in minutes. Water has an advantage because you can find it everywhere you go. In addition to that, water is not such expensive.

Step 3: Fixing the Omniflex Neck

Once you have the base ready with water, fix the metallic neck, and fasten it with screws to make it firm and stable. Choose the right height of the neck.

Step 4: Take the Top Punching Bag and Insert It on the Neck to Make a Whole Punching Bag.

Step 5: Prepare the Discount Body Bag for Storage.

Also, water is a good option if you need to store your punching bag. Emptying the base should not cause any problems, although there is no drain pipe at the bottom.

If you are affected by winter conditions, empty the tank before storing it on a punching bag.


1. What Can Everlast Omniflex Train for?

Today, punch bags are not just for the serious trainer, but for anyone who wants to throw on a pair of gloves and spend some time hitting it. Omniflex from Everlast is a boxing product that most people know about.

They manufacture a full range of boxing and martial arts accessories, thus, making it a good product to train punching and kicking.

everlast omniflex heavy bag

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2. How Much Sand or Water Is Required to Fill the Base?

As stated early, the best and the most affordable option to use on the base is water.

If you require more endurance, you can add sand in the water. Or, if you are using sand, you can add some water. The result will lead to a stable base that can handle your punching impact.

The quantity of water you put in the tank will depend on the size of the bottom and the amount of sand.

That means we cannot state the right amount of water or sand that you will use, but in most cases, you can use 50lb sand or up to 15 gallons of water.

3. Is the Bag Suitable for Children or Beginners?

Yes, the bag is the best for both beginners and children who are training to be experts in boxing. The one thing you require is to adjust the height that can fit their needs.

It is also advisable to ensure that as an adult, you should accompany your children. Ensure that you tell them about the swing nature of the punching. With all that information, you will ensure that your kids are safe from injury.

Lastly, ensure that they have the right gloves to protect their tender hand and figures from harm.


When looking for punching bags, some people fear that a sturdy stand-alone bag could cost a lot of money. There are some very affordable options, ensuring that you can find something that fits your budget.

Stay tuned to the challenge of sorting through a stack of punching bags to find the perfect match. If you choose Everlast Omniflex freestanding heavy bag, you will enjoy many great benefits, and you won’t have to break your budget.

everlast omniflex free standing bag

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