A Ultimate Review of Everlast 70 lb Polycanvas MMA Heavy Bag Kit

Heavy bag kits are a worthy and necessary investment for gyms and even home use. The Everlast 70 lb MMA heavy bag kit is one such kit.

It comes as a complete set to get you started with your practice right away. The package includes gloves, heavy bag, hand wraps, and a bungee cord – all durably made to ensure maximum quality and long-lasting use.

The Everlast 70 lb MMA heavy bag kit is ideal for kickboxers – beginners and professionals alike. It is conveniently lightweight and thus perfect for women and children as well.

The Everlast MMA heavy bag kit is a must-have for heavy workout enthusiasts. This article gives a broader review of the product.

Specifications of Everlast 70 lb MMA Heavy Bag Kit

everlast 70 lb mma heavy bag kit review

Weight: 70 lb

Type: Pre-filled

Height: Adjustable

Bag Cover: Polycanvas

Hand Wrap Length: 108″

Bag Filler: Natural and synthetic fibers

Accessories: Bag/Gloves/ Hand-wraps/Bungee cord

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General Review of Everlast 70 Pound Polycanvas Heavy Bag Kit

The Everlast MMA heavy bag kit is the ideal companion for a tough workout – it gives the full benefit of boxing practice.

It is a complete kit consisting of gloves, a 70-pound punching bag, hand wraps, and a bungee cord.

It is specially blended for maximum and resilient shock absorbency. This bag is made of rugged and super tough poly canvas material that enables it to withstand the extended hard use.

On the other hand, the filling material, synthetic fibers, and sifted sand, are specially selected to ensure that the bag does not sink and has no hollow or hard spots.

On top of that, the gloves are of synthetic leather that is of high quality for long service use and effectively protects the users’ wrists against abrasion. Also, they are fitted with a supportive hook-and-loop wrist strap and are perfectly padded.

What’s more, is, the included bungee cords add more excellent resistance to the bag. They come in handy when you need to anchor the heavy bag.

The straps are of high strength for reinforcement and are professionally stitched onto the bag.

This heavy bag is ideal for beginners as well as experts on heavy bag workouts, including Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing.


  • Best for daily workout
  • Durable and scratch proof poly canvas
  • Adjustable chains for customizable heights
  • Hand wraps are of premium quality material.
  • Included bungee cord come in handy in anchoring the heavy bag


  • Specific striking area
  • Not ideal for multiple users due to constant height adjustment

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Key Features of Everlast 70lb Heavy Bag Kit Combo

The Everlast MMA heavy bag kit is fully-featured to deliver an ideal workout. Listed below are some of its outstanding features.

#1. Polycanvas Cover

everlast 70 lb mma heavy bag kit review

Everlast heavy bag is specially made of poly canvas material, which is well selected as it features scratch-proof and durable properties. It is rugged and super tough to ensure extended service use.

The poly canvas cover is also excellent protection against wear and tear. It can, therefore, persevere kicks and punches.

This poly-canvas cover makes the Everlast heavy bag withstand long, punishing use as it can withstand the impact of strikes without causing damage to the trainer.

#2. Inner Filling

The filler materials utilized by Everlast heavy bag, natural and synthetic fibers, are is specially blended with sifted sand to provide resilient and maximum shock absorbency.

It is also well stuffed to ensure the bag does not sink or have hollow and hard spots.

This filling adds more friendliness and sensation to your wrist and hand. It, therefore, offers a natural feeling for any punches and kicks practice.

#3. Package

everlast mma 70 lb heavy bag kit

The Everlast 70 lb MMA heavy bag package is a complete kit consisting of handy accessories such as a wrist wrap, heavy bag, bungee cord, hand gloves.

The heavy suitcase comes pre-filled and weighs 70 pounds, and the package is also inclusive of a carrying bag. You are guaranteed that the Everlast heavy bag kit comes free of any material and artistry defects.

#4. Adjustable Chain for Customizable Height

The Everlast heavy bag kit is inclusive of heavy-duty chains for attachment to the walls. These chains are also handy as they allow height adjustment.

That makes the heavy bag more functional and accommodates a wide range of user heights and different training.

You can conveniently customize the height to suit your preference.

#5. More

The Everlast heavy bag kit guarantees satisfaction. There are no defects in its materials and artistry. The stitching employed is top-notch to extend durability. The accompanying chains and clips facilitate an easy installation.

It is highly recommended given its sturdy build and long service use. The tight nylon straps provide users with the safety needed. The heavy-duty nylon straps, together with the double end loop design, provide extra security and safety during use.

Furthermore, the heavy bag is also designed with a robust and safe reinforced webbing framework. Its exceptional construction has an excellent weight distribution.

The closed-cell technology employed by the heavy bag ensures an enhanced cushioning as well as force dispersion. The heavy bag is built to last and can endure daily use.

Should I Buy a Stand to Mount It?

When you purchase a punching bag, you need to know where you will put it. Different kits require different types of mounting – there are two types of bags: free-standing bags and mounted bags. The Everlast MMA heavy bag requires mounting.

This heavy bag comes with chains for easy hookup – you need a wall beam or a wall mount attachment. Hanging bags offer a full swing, and you can quickly move around the punching bag.

If you have limited space, you can get a heavy bag stand. With a position, you can place it anywhere.

Best Buy – Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast 70 lb MMA Heavy Bag Kit vs. Everlast 70 lb Vintage Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast also boasts of a vintage heavy bag kit. The bag comes filled and is solid to endure long punishing use. It takes impacts well and motivates you to keep moving your hands. The heavy bag is well made and of high quality.

#1. Gloves

The included gloves of Vintage heavy bag have an open thumb design and work with the hand wraps to ensure safety during the powerful boxing practice.

#2. Bag Cover

The material used for the Vintage cover is premium quality synthetic leather. The Vintage model has a brown color while the MMA heavy bag is available in red and black colors.

#3. Accessories

It also comes as a complete bundle with gloves, bungee cords, wrist wraps, and a heavy bag. The heavy bag comes with adjustable chains so you can easily customize the heights.

Benefits of Poly Canvas for Manufacturing Punching Bags

#1. Scratch-proof

Canvas is one of the accessible materials used to make punching bag covers for a good reason. It is durable and scratch-proof for long-lasting. Moreover, it is light and easy to carry as compared to leather bags. It also offers the optimal resistance for a good workout.

#2. Resistant to Tear

Canvas material is also a go-for choice for most punching bags as it is versatile – it can shape many continuous forms for the coaches and athletes without fear of breaking or tearing.

Manufacturers prefer this material to create a wide range of styles and shapes to suit different purposes and occasions. Likewise, this material can withstand the impact of strikes without causing any damage to the trainer.

#3. Cheap

Another of its advantages is that it is budget-friendly. Punching bags with poly canvas covers are more affordable than synthetic and genuine leather models.

#4. More Durable

Besides that, poly canvas, being of plain-woven fabric, is more durable and high strength. The canvas fibers can flex and adjust with the size and weight of filler materials. It can endure heavier filler materials than any other material.

On top of that, poly canvas materials require minimal maintenance as they are easy to clean. It is also eco-friendly for safe use.

Polycanvas vs. synthetic leather vs. genuine leather

#1. Polycanvas

Polycanvas is one of the accessible materials used to make punching bag covers for a good reason. It offers the optimal resistance for a good workout.

Moreover, this material can withstand the impact of strikes.

However, poly canvas material is not as resistant as the leather and synthetic leather types, but you can count on them for an intense workout training. It can endure heavier filler materials than any other material.

#2. Genuine Leather

Genuine leather has, over time, been a top choice for most of the punching bag manufacturers. Leather bags are of high quality and massive.

More often than not, leather bags are designed with an internal foam shell that serves to add more friendliness and sensation to your wrist and hand. They, therefore, are well stuffed to ensure they have excellent shock absorption.

Furthermore, leather bags offer a perfect combination of comfort and extended durability. They are also designed with a classic and elegant aesthetic.

The only drawback is that leather are on the expensive side. They also require more maintenance as compared to the canvas as it absorbs oils and stains very fast.

They are a great value, less susceptible to catching dirt, and offer extended service use.

#3. Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is yet another popular material for the outer shells of punching bags.

It is a less expensive option compared to leather and therefore used by most top brands to offer a budget-friendly price, with the leather feel. Despite being the cheaper version, synthetic leather bags deliver superb performance.

When coupled with an ideal bag filler, synthetic bags offer a top boxing experience.

It is sturdy enough to withstand long, punishing use, heavyweights. Just like leather, it is also not prone to dirt.

It, however, absorbs water even faster than waxed canvas.


Fight sports training can help you improve reflexes, muscle tone, and endurance, and the heavy bag kits are here to help you achieve just that. Boxing training is an approved and efficient way to get fit.

Everlast 70 lb MMA heavy bag kit is the absolute necessity for any MMA wrestler. It is one of the essential parts of a boxer training program to help them develop hit strength, resistance, and exercise series.

everlast women's 70 lb heavy bag kit

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