5 Best Commercial Elliptical Reviews for 2022

The commercial elliptical is heavy-duty workout machines that feature multiple workout programs and levels to accommodate heavy loads. These machines are quite heavy since the weights range from 200 and 500 pounds when assembled.

They fit both gym and home settings because they can accommodate constant use and high loads due to the heavy-duty material construction. The following review features the top five best models to choose from if you are looking for a commercial elliptical machine.

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Top 5 Best Commercial Elliptical Reviews

1. Best Overall -Precor EFX 546i Commercial Elliptical

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  • 20 resistance levels for effective workout results
  • Comes with a heart rate monitor
  • Durable material construction
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty and one year for labor services


  • A bit expensive

Precor EFX 546i is one of the best commercial elliptical machines on the market for both beginner and professional trainers. This elliptical has the cross ramp technology ideal for training multiple body muscles. The cross ramp range from 15 to 40 degrees to select from depending on the body muscles you are targeting. This makes it easy to exercise from quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and even curves.

The elliptical has a total of 10 workout programs and a fitness test so you can change the workout programs anytime. This machine has six preset control buttons with high sensory mechanisms for easy tapping to change and control the device.

The elliptical machine has a durable and quality material design that guarantees durability even after continued use by multiple people. This feature makes it the right choice for gym settings. There are four wheels for easy transportation when moving it to various places.

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2. Best Professional -Precor EFX 835 Commercial Series Elliptical

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  • This elliptical has a cross ramp range from 10 to 35 degrees
  • It has an LCD for displaying workout statistics
  • Provides full-body workout results
  • It has multiple resistance settings to choose from


  • This elliptical weighs 340 pounds which can be quite challenging to move it

If you enjoy jogging or running, but you don’t get time to go on outdoor for a run, well, this elliptical is the perfect gym machine to utilize at the gym or home. The elliptical has the cross ramp technology essential for targeting various areas both on the upper and lower body sections. The cross ramp adjusts from 10 to 35 degrees. The elliptical has a stride that mimicks the natural running path to achieve excellent jogging and running results.

The machine also has the handlebars essential for exercising the upper body parts for full-body effective workout results. There is an LED display that showcases your workout settings and outcomes, such as heartbeat and other fitness statistics. This elliptical is ideal for heavy-duty workouts and can accommodate people with multiple weights.

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3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

sunny health fitness elliptical trainer

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  • Easy to monitor workout results and heartbeat rate with this machine
  • 12 preload programs to choose from
  • Seven workouts modes to utilize
  • It has a holder where you can place a water bottle and a phone while working out


  • This elliptical model does not have any resistance level which may not work for some gym enthusiasts

The 12 preload workout programs on this elliptical guarantees the best workouts results. It has a 20-inch stride that improves the workouts of the muscles since it stretches the legs muscles with 20 inches. You can easily monitor your workout results ranging from speed, time, distance, and calories burnt to the available LED LCD screen. It has a holder next to the LCD so you can connect and listen to your music while working out.

This machine has seven workout modes to choose from. The handlebar provides a comfortable grip so you can be able to work out your upper body areas as well. The upper body muscles involved when working out with this elliptical machine include; arms, chest, shoulders, and the back. The device also features the handheld pulse sensor that one can use to determine the workout intensity.

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4. NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial Elliptical

nordictrack commercial elliptical

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  • 24 resistance levels to suit beginner and professional users
  • Inclines up to 20 degrees
  • A touch screen mode for easy and comfortable control
  • The extra-large pedals are cushioned to offer feet grip and comfort


  • It may take longer to assemble because the parts are quite heavy to hold

The available 7 inches LCD smart touch LCD helps one monitor the workout results by displaying all the workout stats, including burnt calories, speed, heart rate, and even the programs set, among others.

This elliptical provides excellent resistance since you can incline it from 0 to 20 degrees to accommodate multiple workout moves, and exercise various body tissues. It has the touch screen mechanics for easy controlling the functioning of the machine.

It has an iFit connection that allows the user to streamline multiple workout moves to use when working out. This machine provides up to 24 digital resistance levels to work out numerous body muscles on upper and lower body areas. The stride measures 19 inches long, and you can adjust it to accommodate your workout needs.

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5. Precor EFX 731 Commercial Elliptical

precor efx731

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  • The cross ramp adjusts to focus in different body areas
  • Offer the entire body workout results
  • It has an LED screen for easy monitoring of the workout results
  • The elliptical has quality material construction


  • This elliptical machine does not have resistance level settings
  • The assembling process may take longer

This is another commercial elliptical ideal for the entire body parts workout since the handlebars are movable when working out. It has a cross ramp that inclines to 20 degrees to offer more resistance and provide multiple workout modes. The pedals have large-sized design and anti-slip padding to hold the feet firmly while providing support so that you can focus on your workouts.

The elliptical has a large LCD to display your settings and the workout results, such as the speed, heart rate, calories burnt, and even the distance you run. The elliptical measures 80×28 x 67 inches and a weight of 300 pounds when assembled.

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Best Commercial Elliptical Buying Guide

There are multiple commercial elliptical workout machines all over the world, and thus, it can be a bit challenging for new buyers to choose the right elliptical. The following is a buying guide to follow when buying a commercial elliptical for home or gym use.

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1. The Size

The first factor to consider when choosing the right commercial elliptical for home use is the size. The size is determined by the area you want to install the machine at.

The commercial elliptical machines are quite bulky, and moving them from one area to another often can be challenging. The constant movements may also end up damaging the floor.

So, it is recommendable that you set a specific area that you would want to set up the machine for a long time. In this case, measure your home gym area, and use the measurements to guide you in selecting the elliptical machine that will fit in that specific place. Ensure the elliptical fits well and leaves enough space for pedaling and accessing the device at any time.

2. The Workout Programs

The commercial elliptical machines come with inbuilt workout programs that vary in different brands and models. The preloaded applications are ideal for beginner and professional since they guide you through when using the machine. So, make sure to choose a device that has multiple pre-programmed workout modes.

The number of programs ranges from 6 to 24 or more to fit various workout needs and the clients level of experience. Some of the standard applications are running, mountain climbing, jogging, heart rate target, and many others.

3. Ease to Use

Elliptical is easy to use determines your comfort when working out with it, especially when setting up and changing the levels. So, ensure the commercial elliptical you choose has easy to control settings. The LCD should be large enough to display your workout results, and the control buttons should be easy to press when changing the workout settings. Some commercial elliptical models have the touch screen mode for selecting and evolving while still working out.

4. Resistance Levels

The resistance level settings help to improve one’s endurance when working out with this machine. The elliptical has resistance levels that range from 0 to 10 or more. Note that not all models have resistance levels.

5. The Cost

The budget you have at hand determines the type and the brand of the elliptical to buy. The prices of this gym equipment vary depending on the features, the material, and the brand.

’If you need an elliptical that has a heavy-duty construction, has high resistance level settings, and has multiple program settings, be sure the cost will be higher than a model with minimal features. The commercial elliptical is a bit pricier since the price ranges from 1000 and more.

6. The Weight Limit

The commercial elliptical machines have varying weight limits that they can support when working out. Some are compatible with a person weighing 200 pounds, while others have a weight limit of 500 pounds. So, always check this feature, especially if you are buying a family elliptical to ensure it will accommodate everyone who wants to work out.


Commercial Elliptical Vs. Home Elliptical

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Both elliptical styles provide great workout results regardless of where you use them, but they also differ significantly in terms of functionality and even the design. How?

1. The Material Design

The commercial elliptical models have relatively heavy-duty quality material construction. These machines are designed to be repeatedly used and to withstand multiple heavyweights, and thus, they have high-quality material resistant to wear even when used continuously daily.

On the other hand, although the home elliptical has quality material construction, these machines are not fit for multiple people to use since they can’t withstand heavyweights. The majority of home gym elliptical brands are recommended for minimal people use as opposed to the commercial models that accommodate a lot of people.

2. The Weight

Due to the heavy-duty material design, the commercial elliptical machines are quite heavy compared to the home models. It is quite challenging to move the commercial elliptical models from one area to the other, and that’s why it is recommendable you assemble them in the area you want to set them permanently.

On the other hand, the home elliptical models are designed with portability modes so that you can work out from any area in your home. The home elliptical machines are designed with wheels at the base for smooth moving to different areas when setting up to use. Some are foldable to save on storage space for people living in small homes.

3. The Cost

The commercial elliptical machines are quite expensive as compared to the home brands. The commercial elliptical is quite competitive in terms of functionality, the material design and, so the price is also high. These machines have multiple settings and can be used by various people.

The home elliptical models are mainly recommendable for personal use since the constructions of the materials are not strong enough to hold multiple weights and sizes. So, the cost is lower for such models

4. The Workout Features

Any elliptical labeled as a commercial machine has high resistant styles and great workout settings. These machines have multiple workout features set to accommodate different workout enthusiasts.

So, the programs, resistance, and even the settings are more than the home elliptical machines, made for a single person. Note that even the home elliptical machines have multiple workout settings ideal for great workout results.



The commercial elliptical is the perfect workout equipment that fits home and even the gym use. These equipment have heavy-duty material construction suitable for multiple people with varying weights. The workout machines have different workout programs and other settings ideal for beginner and professional people.

The commercial elliptical workout equipment is quite bulky as compared to the home models, and thus, you may need to hire a technician to help you when fitting the parts. Some models have wheels at the base for easy moving to different areas. Check out the five reviewed commercial models to choose the one that suits your gym or home use.