Ringside 100 Pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag – Ultimate Reviews

From enhanced performance to better muscle-building, you will always want a punching bag by your side. Whether you are a beginner or a master in boxing, the importance of having a punching bag remains the same. But did you know that the Ringside 100 pound Muay Thai punching heavy bag is one of the best you could ever get in the market?

The Ringside 100 lbs Muay Thai punching bag is a product you will hardly want to overlook. However, it will be critical for you to understand what it brings on the table. Here are a few things you will want to keep in mind about this product.

Ringside muay thai 100 lb heavy bag

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Specification of Ringside 100 Pound Muay Thai punching heavy bag

ringside muay thai heavy bag 100 pound

Size: 13″ x 72″

Chain length: 18″

Type: Hanging bag

Weight: 100 pounds

Bag Cover: Powerhide

Application: Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

Ideal for: Punches & Kicks & Footwork

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A general overview of Ringside 100lbs Muay Thai punching bag

Ringside heavy bag comes out as a solid punching bag, whose perfectness in martial arts and fitness practices remains unmatched.

Ringside 100 pound muay thai punching heavy bag review

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Since this Ringside Muay Thai bag measures around 13 inches by 72 inches, you will hardly have a problem when doing your stuff. This product boasts of premium materials, which enhance its appeal and longevity alike.

It comes with an outer case made from synthetic material, which perfectly mimics the authentic leather experience. This smooth surface assures you of a relatively seamless experience, and without worrying about skin scrapes.

Remember, this outer case comes with no latex nor leather name patches. Above all, synthetic will comfortably withstand abuse over a long time.

Thanks to its power hide construction technology, its resilience can only get you smitten.

Undoubtedly, you will appreciate the weight that this product tends to feature. This weight is significant enough to ensure that it does not swing around whenever you punch or even kick it.

The stability provided by this product implies that your fitness or martial arts practices go on without too much hassle. This way, building your muscles and strength becomes effortless.

The sturdy construction of this heavy bag will be worth appreciating at any time. With its impact-absorbing feature, it will comfortably absorb heavy blows and kicks.

It will suffice to mention that while this heavy bag is firm, it is still soft enough for your practice. That implies that you will be free to use muay thai gloves or bare hands when punching.


  • Professional filling
  • Enhanced durability
  • Impressive design and shape
  • You will hardly need much floor footprint to use it


  • Could be relatively too tall and heavy for some people

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Critical Features of Ringside 100 lb Muay Thai heavy bag

Various aspects go into defining the experience and results that you get from a punching bag. Usually, the features it comes with will have a significant impact on your final decision.

It is in this light that we take a look at the myriad of features that this product has. Some of the top things that characterize this heavy bag are as follows.

1. Size and weight

Undoubtedly, the weight and even the size of a heavy bag will often have an impact on the experience that you get in the long run. Thanks to the 100 pounds that this product weighs, you will be confident of enhanced stability during your practice.

With this, you will also be sure of better levels of firmness. This weight is suitable for people who weigh up to 200 pounds.

While at it, this punching bag comes with a sizeable dimension. It usually measures 13*72 inches, which is big enough to improve your experience.

This measurement is sufficient enough to accommodate the needs of young teens and adults.

2. Powerhide construction

durable powerhide bag cover

The surface materials and type of construction will determine the comfort of your practice. It is at this point that Powerhide steps in, as it is a construction whose reliability cannot be overstated.

The Powerhide cover plays a vital role in ensuring that it promotes the correct form whenever you land a punch. Ideally, the satisfaction you get when you punch is worth reckoning.

While this construction could be a little slippery, it still ensures that you get the most out of it. Typically, you get a surface that can provide you with a professional user experience.

3. For home and gym use

Whether you are buying it for commercial or personal use, this heavy bag will be a perfect fit for you.

Thanks to its robust construction, the professional-grade materials used will withstand constant abuse in commercial spaces. Besides, it is big and reliable enough to accommodate the needs of masters in the game.

While at it, you could rely on it for home use, especially if you want to tone your muscles or even build strength. Remember, it is soft enough for you not to worry about gloves or shin guards.

The Ringside heavy bag can be fitted in any part of your home, especially in the basement.

4. Easy to mount

Ringside 100-pound punching bag for muay thai

How about if you got a heavy bag whose mounting process is relatively straightforward? That is what you get from this impressive punching bag.

In most cases, you will be free to hang it on a ceiling, frame, or beam, depending on your preferences. What matters most is how you install it, as this will determine whether it will comfortably handle the weight.

How to install it?

  • Take the time to attach carabiner clips on the metal hanging loops.
  • Make a loop out of the straps and attach it to your beam or ceiling. This bag needs to be hung as high as possible.
  • Further, ensure that the clips are securely secured on the ceiling. This move assures you of not only comfort but also safety.

5. Pricing

You can hardly overlook the significance of pricing when selecting your bag. Usually, this heavy bag will cost you about $200. Such affordability is not only unmatched but also a source of value for money.

Who should buy this Ringside 100 lbs punching bag?

Undoubtedly, having a 100 lbs heavy bag might not be a good idea for some people. It is in this light that there will be a need for you to be conversant with whom this product will suit.

Here are a few groups that will find a 100 lbs heavy bag to be fit for them.

1. Weighing between 180 and 200 pounds

This weight group will often find a 100 lbs punching bag to be the most suitable option for them. Remember, the ideal weight of a heavy bag should be approximately half your weight.

With this weight, it will be much easier for you to practice like a real or professional boxer. It will also ensure that you develop the right punching and moving skills without much hassle.

2. Those that prefer enhanced resistance

It will suffice to mention that this product stands at approximately 5.9 to 6 feet tall. With such a height, you will be confident of increased resistance at all times.

Besides, it ensures that you get more targets on which you will practice your attacks.

3. Relatively tall people

This heavy bag is ideal for both professionals and amateurs, and this is in no doubt.

However, being approximately six feet tall, it will come in handy for taller people. That means that people who are at least 170cm tall will find this product more reliable and friendlier to them.

4. People on a budget

Did you know that you could get this product for as little as 200 dollars or so? Compared to other heavy bags, this figure is relatively low.

While the price is accessible to most people, this product remains to be one of the most topnotch you could ever get. The premium materials used in making this heavy bag are vital in improving its longevity.

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Is this Ringside Muay Thai 100 lb bag compatible with any attachment?

Indeed, accessories will often improve your training experience. Fortunately, this punching bag prides itself on various attachments compatibility.

For instance, you will get hand wraps and gloves, which will be essential in protecting your hands in the long run. You will also be sure of a heavy skipping rope that is vital in improving your aerobic exercises.

On top of that, you might get different apparel, including t-shirts and headgears.


In conclusion, the Ringside 100 pound Muay Thai punching heavy bag is one worth purchasing. From its enhanced longevity to how appealing it is, you will find yourself falling in love with it. As long as you are looking for value for money, this will be your ultimate choice.

ringside muay thai heavy bag 100 pound

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