Best Ringside Punching Bags for Any Sports in 2022

When it comes to boxing, a punching bag is vital to aid in boosting your performance. However, with various designs available in today’s market, choosing the best one can be challenging. Some boxers may tend to buy their preferable brands punching bags. One of the best choices is from Ringside.

Therefore, in this article, we will be focusing on some of the best Ringside punching bags.

Top 10 Best Ringside Brand Punching Bags List

Everything You Need to Know about the Ringside Brand

best Rignside punching bags reviewsRingside is a brand that has specialized in designing punching bags that are ideal for both professional and newbie fighters.

Whether you are a coach, a fighter, or you seeking fitness through boxing, then you should consider using Ringside since it the undisputed champion when it comes to designing punching bags.

Ringside has been operating for more than 30 years. If you are into contact with games and you are looking for the best boxing gears available in today’s market, Ringside is the most reliable brand that you might consider buying from.

Despite the fact that their products are made of excellent materials, Ringside boxing gears are highly affordable as well.

From shoes to gloves, boxing rings, and punching bags, Ringside is the world’s best providers. Furthermore, they have earned their reputation as the world’s largest, as well as the most dependable supplier of boxing essentials across all levels of participation.

Reviews of the 10 Best Ringside Punching Bags

Have a closer look at the 10 top-rated Ringside brand punching bags on the market:

#1. Best for Fitness – Ringside Free Standing Reflex Bag with Adjustable Height

Ringside punching bag for fitness


Brilliant Features:

  • Ideal for practicing since it mimics opponents movement
  • It is equipped with a stable base making it ideal for practicing boxing
  • Highly adjustable making it perfect for most individuals irrespective of their height

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Adjustable design. The Ringside fitness reflex bag features an adjustable height. You can easily adjust the height of this punching bag from 49 inches to 69 inches, making it ideal for several individuals within this height range.

Reliable base. This punching bag features a stable base made from a plastic tank. It can be filled with 240 pounds of sand or 125 pounds of water. This makes it highly reliable for use while practicing punches.

Mimics. Ringside fitness reflex bag has been designed to mimic an actual opponent movement. It achieves this with the use of a specially designed chrome spring.

Easy to maintain. The best part of using this punching bag is that it is designed using easy to clean material. In addition to that, this material is highly durable and offers the best texture while punching.

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#2. Best for Home Gym – Ringside Elite Free Standing Heavy Bag with Vinyl Shell

ringside elite free standing bag review


Brilliant Features:

  • Highly stable
  • Features a freestanding design
  • Made using shock-absorbing foam
  • Its base can hold up to 140 pounds water or sand

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Freestanding design. The Ringside freestanding boxing punching bag is ideal for practicing strength building aerobic fitness. Furthermore, it features a non-hanging design allowing you to exercise whenever it is convenient. It is best for use at home and commercial gyms as well.

Shock-absorbing foam. This punching bag is encased in a highly durable vinyl shell, which includes an added base that is a pad for maximum protection while kicking. Its base tank is made from plastic, and it can hold up to 140 pounds of water, giving it perfect stability.

Highly stable. When compared to most freestanding punching bags, this punching bag is highly stable and does not fall over when kicked. This makes it perfect for exercising punches and kicks.

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#3. Best for Kids – Cheap Ringside Youth Heavy Bag Kit

Ringside punching and boxing bag set for kids


Brilliant Features:

  • Best for newbies
  • Ideal for junior boxers
  • Comes with essential starter packs
  • Features several colors to choose from

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Best for kids. If you are looking for the best punching bag for your kid, then this Ringside punching bag will be best for you. As they say, it is never early to commence building tomorrow’s champion, and this punching bag is here to aid in achieving that. It comes with all the essential ones that need to get started.

Beginner’s starter pack. The Ringside kids boxing gift set is an incredible punching bag that comes to the entire starter pack ideal for newbies. Some of the essentials features in this set include; boxing gloves, 2-pound mini-heavy bag measuring 17 inches long by 5 inches diameter. Furthermore, it comes with an elastic chin strap as well

Colorful. This Ringside punching bag feature different colors for your kid to choose from. These colors give the punching bag a professional look making it perfect for an amateur fitness.

Ideal gift. If you are looking for a great gift to gift your kid during their birthday or Christmas, this will be one of the best gifts. The best part is that it ideal for both girls and boys age between 2 and 5 years.

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#4. Best Rating – Ringside Unfilled 70lb Leather Heavy Bag

Ringside unfilled leather heavy bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Ideal for home training
  • Comes with various colors
  • Has a swivel design which makes it practice punching


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Swivel design. The Ringside unfilled leather heavy bag is a punching bag that features a heavy chain along with a swivel, which makes it easy to train with.

Incredible design. This Ringside punching bag is, by far, one of the best punching bags in today’s market. The model measures 14 inches by 42 inches making it best for practicing punches.

Weight. When filled, this punching bag weighs between 65 pounds and 70 pounds. Making it perfect for practicing from home or at a commercial gym.

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#5. Best Workout – Ringside Mexican Style Double End Bag

Ringside Mexican double end punching bag reviews


Brilliant Features:

  • Light in weight
  • Best for uppercut training
  • Perfect for indoors practice
  • Features a unique Mexican style

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Perfect material. The Ringside Mexican style double-double end punching bag is constructed using leather material. This makes it a highly durable punching bag when compared to most punching in today’s market.

Rubber bladder. The best part is that this punching bag comes with two cables along with a rubber bladder. This makes it perfect for training at home or in a commercial gym

Dimension. This punching bag measures 16 inches by 6.5 inches by 2 inches, and it weighs 1.05 pounds.

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#6. Best Cheap – Ringside Tsunami Water Filled Heavy Bag

Ringside water filled punching bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Absorbs impact significantly
  • Aids in improving punching power
  • Ideal for use in outdoors and indoors as well

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Easy for hands and joints. This punching bag is equipped with water, which aids in absorbing impact and becomes significantly easier for your hands and joints.

Punching power. If you are looking for an incredible way to improve your punching power, you might consider using the Ringside Tsunami water heavy bag. This punching bag has been designed to aid in improving your punching power significantly along with flexibility, agility as well as accuracy.

Perfect shell design. The even wall-rubber has been designed to be highly durable and an incredible shell design along with water filling, which aids in giving the life-like human body texture. This makes it perfect for practicing punching.

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for a punching bag that will be best for both indoors and outdoors, then this Ringside punching bag will be best for you. Furthermore, it is best for use at home and a commercial gym as well.

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#7. Best for Professional – Ringside Soft Filled Large Leather Heavy Bag

Ringside soft filled 130 pounds heavy bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Ideal for your joints and hands
  • Perfect dimensions for training
  • Available in 100lbs, 130 lbs, 150 lbs and 200 lbs

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Incredible texture. This Ringside punching bag is softly filled to offer incredible texture and go easy on your hands and joints.

Dimension. This Ringside punching bag measures 16 inches by 48 inches. In addition to that, it features varying weights, including; 100 pounds, 130 pounds, 150 pounds, and 200 pounds.

Perfect design. The best part is that this punching bag features a sleek design with a D-ring bottom. Furthermore, this heavy bag features a chain and a swivel making ideal for practicing power punches.

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#8. High End – Ringside Heritage 90 Pound Genuine Leather Heavy Bag

ringside heritage heavy bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Radiates professionalism
  • Perfect for both professional boxers and newbies
  • Features a soft touch; meaningless pain to your hand and joints

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Classic design. If you are looking for a punching bag that radiates professionalism, then this will be best for you. This Ringside punching bag is of high quality and features incredible class and style making one of the best punching bags out there by far.

Thick top. The Ringside heritage punching bag features a well-constructed design. The thickness quality of the material used in constructing this punching bag is 2.2 mm AA premium drum-dyed cowhide pure leather. This makes it a highly durable punching bag.

Soft touch. This Ringside punching bag has been engineered to offer a soft strike without causing any harm to your hands and joints. Furthermore, it features a double and triple reinforced seam to aid in enhancing durability and maintaining fitness levels.

Dimension. Ringside heritage punching bag measures 16 inches by 48 inches and weighs 90 pounds. These features make it ideal for practicing your punching power.

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#9. Best for Muay Thai – Ringside 100 lb Leather Heavy Bag

ringside muay thai heavy bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Perfect for both newbies and professionals
  • Best for practicing kicks and boxing as well
  • Equipped with an inch cell foam liner that aids in absorbing shock

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Foam liner. This Ringside punching bag is equipped with an inch cell foam liner, which helps eliminate head injuries for both newbies and professional boxers.

Durable design. Furthermore, this punching bag is constructed using a highly durable leather material, which aids in holding up some of your most powerful assault both in a commercial gym or at home.

Sleek design. The Ringside 100-pound punching bag is filled, and it weighs 100 pounds and comes with a heavy-duty chain as well as swivel and has a D-ring on the bottom.

Incredible strength. Ringside 100-pound punching bag features an incredible design. It has been designed to help you build strength, condition the body, and tone; this makes it perfect for aerobic workout and training. Furthermore, it is best for Muay Thai, MMA, and other contact sports.

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#10. Best for Home – Ringside Tornado Freestanding Heavy Bag Workout

Ringside floor punching bag with heavy base for home gym


Brilliant Features:

  • Ideal for people of different height
  • Equipped with a reliable 140-pound base
  • Ideal for working from home or a commercial gym

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Durable. When it comes to durability, there are no other punching bags that do it best than the Ringside tornado freestanding punching bag. This punching has been designed using the highly durable vinyl shell.

Incredible design. This Ringside punching bag features a reliable base tank that weighs 140 pounds when filled with either sand or water. Furthermore, this punching bag features a large striking surface making best for practicing punches and kicks

Perfect for exercising. Ringside tornado freestanding punching bag is ideal for exercising either from home or a gym.

Dimension. This punching bag has a height of 68 inches when fully assembled.

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What Are the Different Types of Ringside Punching Bags You Can Buy?

There are various designs of punching bags styles for you to choose from Ringside; this will highly depend on the type of sports you play, as well as your training goals.

Usually, heavy bags are ideal for improving your overall techniques. However, it might not be suitable for an athlete who wants to strengthen reflex, speed as well as reaction time.

In addition to that, you should note that a bag designed to aid in improving your speed will not be of the essence when it comes to polishing the front kicks. Furthermore, the best bag for kickboxing is not ideal for Muay Thai.

As a result, Ringside has approximately 200 unique punching bags that best suit your sport, goal, budget, and athletic build. Some of the most popular bag categories include:

#1. Heavy Bag

Ringside heavy bags are large heavy-duty punching bags that are either suspended from the ceiling or sit on a heavy base, allowing them to withstand high impact velocity.

Generally, heavy bags have been designed to aid in improving kicking as well as punching techniques. Furthermore, the heavy bag features different shapes and sizes, and they often weigh around 30 pounds to 200 pounds and are often suspended using a chain, rope, or swivel. This punching bag is ideal for boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and karate, among other contact sports.

Other types of heavy bags include Round heavy bag, Muay Thai bag also referred to as banana bag, Double-end heavy bag and Angle heavy bag.

Buy Ringside Soft Filled Hanging Heavy Bags

Ringside soft filled 130 pounds heavy bag

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#2. Freestanding Punching Bags

As its name suggests, the freestanding punching bag does not require a fixed mounting system. Unlike most punching bags that require be attaching on a wall or suspending from the ceiling, freestanding bags on the other side are mounted on a heavy and reliable base.

This design allows freestanding punching bags to be placed anywhere within a room. Furthermore, they can be repositioned with the utmost ease to offer extra space for other uses.

Some of the freestanding bags feature a spring-loaded design allowing the punching bag to return to the fighter after hitting it. This design of recoil offers provides the freestanding mounted punching bag different challenges to the fighter.

Thus it is ideal for practicing low kicks and Muay Thai along with other martial arts out there. They are best for use both at home and in a commercial gym where wall or ceiling installation is not an option.

Buy Ringside Freestanding Punching Bag for Home and Gym

ringside elite free standing bag review

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#3. Speedbag

Just as its name implies, speed bags are designed to aid fighters to advance their fast-paced punches. It achieves this by assisting with strength, endurance, timing, and specific goals like helping an athlete learn how to keep his or her hand up or boost the strength of their shoulder.

Usually, speed bags are filled with air and are very small compared to heavy bags; as a result, they are often suspended from the wall or ceiling with a platform. They feature a teardrop or a globe shape and commonly used in boxing training.

#4. Double edge

Double edge punching bags are designed to aid fighters to land a very useful counterpunch through improving their speeds, sharpening reflexes, and improving both hand and eye coordination.

With this punch bag, you will be able to nail down perfect timing as well as rhythm effectively. These types of punching bags come in different sizes; it will highly depend on your needs. You might suspend from the ceiling or mount it on the wall.

Buy Ringside Versatile Double End Punching Bag with Mexican Style

Ringside Mexican double end punching bag reviews

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Here are some of the common questions you want to address:

#1. How Heavy Should My Ringside Punching Bag Be?

The main consideration when choosing a ringside punching bag is its weight. Just like in a real fight, the fighter must purchase a punching bag that matches his or her weight and size as well.

Usually, punching bags come in various sizes ranging from 2.5 ft. to 6 ft. with the weight being 60 lbs. to 150 lbs. However, you can find punching bags with other dimensions as well, including height, width, and weight.

You might consider purchasing a punching bag that allows you to adjust the weight.

When choosing a punching bag for your kid, consider going for those that weigh significantly less when compared to an adult-sized punching bag. This is because blowing from the kid is less powerful; therefore, the bag should not have the same impact absorption or strength.

However, when choosing a punching bag for adults, consider going for one that is heavy and large and has to match with the fighter’s size and weight. For instance, if the fighter weighs 50 pounds, it will be best to purchase a 100-pound bag.

Buy Ringside 100 Pound Punching Bag for Muay Thai

ringside muay thai heavy bag

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#2. Are Ringside Inflatable Punch Bags Any Good?

Inflatable punching bags are considered to be worthless when it comes to strength training; this is because they are incredibly light in weight.

It is due to their lightweight design that makes a suitable option for improving accuracy as well as speed. This is because they tend to move away and then rebound at a faster rate; furthermore, it is a moving target that is relatively hard to target.

Thus you will be able to boost your accuracy, sharpen your reflex as well as speed. However, it is not ideal for cardio exercise since you have to move from one point to another.

#3. Does Ringside Boxing Bag Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Boxing is a highly versatile sport, and it is capable of challenging your body in several ways. Punching Ringside boxing bags aids in burning calories; however, you will have to maintain consistency in order for it to be effective.

As you continue throwing some few punches for entertainment and resting, you will not be doing a great job.

Nevertheless, you should consider working at a pace that will best suit your experience as well as fitness level. As time progresses, you will be able to lose belly fat significantly.


With different types and designs of punching bags available in today’s market, you should always consider going for what best suits your needs. Always consider keeping in mind the Ringside punching bags.

As we conclude, we hope that this article has been of great benefit as you look for a punching bag that will best suit your need. Here are the top 4 Ringside bags: