How to Fill a Punching Bag with Water?

A punching bag is a piece of must-have equipment for every trainer at home or in the gym. From the simple amateur exercises to the complex cardio workouts, a punching bag is an accessory that you can’t afford not to have. But how to fill a punching bag with water?

There’s no denying that you can buy a pre-filled punching bag from the market, but you should remember that buying an empty bag comes with its benefits. For instance, you’ll be able to fill it yourself with material that fits your needs. Moreover, buying empty punching bags is cheaper.

There’re several ways you can fill your punching ranging from filling it with air, clothes, sand, and water. Water punching bags provide a new experience to your training routine and can result into having better punching and kicking.

How do you fill a punching bag with water

How do you go about filling the punching bag with water?

In fact, filling a punching bag with water is arguably the fastest way comparing to the other methods. It only requires you to use a gardening hose or a bucket, and within minutes you’re up and ready. Here is how you’re supposed to do it:

1. First, you need to check for defects in your bag’s reservoir. You can closely take a look at the bag’s tank, or even use the hands to detect any damages.

2. Also, you can use a flashlight to be sure if your hands and eyes are not that much reliable in such scenarios. You need to turn the lights off and place your turned on flashlight in the filling cap, and if you can see any ray from the tank, then you can take action.

3. Now, you can position your punching bag where you need it because once the bag is filled with water, it will be more difficult to move.

4. Find and then unscrew the cap on the plastic core of your bag. Usually, the cap is near to the top of the bag’s base depending on the model. If the cap is at the top of the bag’s core, then you must first remove the padding.

5. Get a gardening hose that’s long enough to reach the nearest water source from the bag (water is usually in plenty). Fill your bag with water as much as possible to ensure that the bag will be stable enough during your workout.

6. Screw the cap again back on, and if necessary, you can change the foam padding.


You should remember that the amount of water you should fill your bag with depends on what you desire to achieve from the bag. For example, when you fill the bag with water, some punching bags will be required to weigh about 200 lbs.

Most folks like to fix their bags to lower height settings because setting it to the maximum height at 6 feet it’s very easy to tilt over.

Nevertheless, filling a punching bag with water is not only easy but also a very good option when storing the bag as emptying it is a breeze.

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