Does the Speed Bag Make You Faster?

Training with a speed bag is a fun, quick and high-intensity workout that anyone can desire. Besides, the results are beyond imagination. Unlike throwing punches in the air, hitting a speed bag won’t lie, it will surely make you feel macho upon hitting it. But does the speed bag make you faster?

One the best major benefit of hitting a speed bag is that it will make you increase your speed – it will simply make you faster.

That’s something that most folks hitting speed bags are looking for without a doubt. Just like the name suggests – speed bag. However, you need to understand that nothing comes on a silver spoon; you’ll have to learn to be patient.

Does the speed bag make you faster

#1. For beginners

First, if you’re a beginner, you’ll start slow and the slowly speed will start to garner some momentum. Like almost everything, it’s one step at a time. As you improve, personal reflexes will start to adapt and get faster to keep up the intensity as well as the commands the brain sends to the muscles.

A lot of time must be spent to learn the correct method as well as improve the speed of the hands to get better. It goes without say that you won’t wake up the following day like a pro, but several days will be spent hitting the speed ball learning the art as well as building personal tricks.

#2. For boxers

For boxers, for instance, speed is almost the determinant of a successful fight. Since both you and the opponent are equipped with speed of the punches, it means that it is the speed of how you defend the opponents’ punches that will determine how you come out of the ring.

Sometimes, it’s not only about speed when it comes to using a speed bag. Apart from becoming faster with your punches, the strength of your punches also increases when you train with a speed bag.

More pressure and weight have to be added to the punches to achieve a higher impact with your opponent, and the only way to enhance the impact is by improving on the speed. Therefore, hitting a speed bag accurately with same power all the time will prove to be highly effective.

Final Words

Speed without coordination can result to failure. Imagine a scenario where you’ve managed to lay your fist on your opponent but every time it happens you’re unable to block your opponent’s attack. Now, building great coordination together with speed is what a speed bag will provide.

A speedball is relatively small and really fast. Once you hit a speed bag, it will always come back at you with great speed, and if you can’t be able to hit right back at the right time, you’ll then miss it for sure; just like your opponent’s fist right on your face.

Therefore, with constant practice using your speed bag, it will help you come a long way improving not only your speed, but also will increase your punching strength as well as develops eye-hand coordination plus your reaction time.


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