What Do I Fill My Kids Punching Bag With?

Are you a parent looking to ensure that your kiddo channels the energy in the right way? You don’t have to worry anymore as there’re punching bags for kids.

Long gone are the days when punching sports and boxing was perceived dangerous for children, in fact, they are now essential for a kid’s health.

However, you should be aware that not all punching bags are ideal for kids to use. Starting from the material used to make the punching bag to what you fill the punching bag with, there are some things that need to be picked with great care.

what do i fill my kids punching bag with

What should you fill your kid’s punching bag with?

As much as your kid’s punching bag should be made firm, also it should provide a smooth as well as soft feel to make sure that its surface area in comfortable in contact. Usually, the most preferred filling material of the kids’ punching bags is synthetic fibers or shredder cloth, water, foam, and sifted sand.

The best type of material to fill the bag with is sand and water, given that you’re not buying it for a seasoned fighter. The two materials provide a firm surface that can take your child’s punches and kicks, while not being tough on the knuckles.

To be more specific, if your child is too small, then it would be ideal to choose a bag that you can fill with water as it won’t be harsh on the kids’ body parts. Besides, filling a punching bag with water is easy as is the case when you decide to empty it.

There’s no right age that kids should attain to start using a punching bag. As long as your kid is capable of throwing a punch (maybe about 3 years), you’re set to go. All that matters is getting your kid something that will keep him/her engaged for fun as well as ensuring that they are keeping their fitness levels high.

Should I consider punching bag outer material?

As much as you should take care of the interior of the bag, you should never forget the outside too. You don’t want your kid to injure their hands when hitting a punching bag. Ensure that the bag is made from quality material such as leather, vinyl, or canvas.

Moreover, the material should be durable that you don’t have to purchase another punching bag after just a few punches and kicks.

What is the right size for children use?

The best punching bag for your kid should be the right size according to the weight and height of the child. Perhaps, an adjustable punching bag can help solve your height problems with your kid. Therefore, set your kid’s punching bag and avoid incidences of obesity in children as well as other diseases that are associated with inactivity.


There’s no denying that children have a lot of energy that they can take long hours before having a rest. Therefore, it can be difficult to control them nowadays, and hence, the best route to control that energy is not suppressing it, instead, it should be channeled in a healthy as well as super-fun manner. Look at the children use punching bags!

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