Best Fairtex Banana Bags – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Are you a Muay Thai sportsman or a fitness enthusiast? If you answered either question in the affirmative, you need to purchase and subsequently make do with a banana bag. This is a special kind of fitness item that is mainly used to develop muscles and manage strength endurance.

Though many manufacturers are engaged in the production of these items, Fairtex stands out as the premier brand. That is why we have seen it necessary to dedicate this entire article to it and its line of the best Fairtex banana bags.

We plead with you to stick with us to the very end to get the insight you need.


The 4 Best Fairtex Banana Bags on the Market


Is Fairtex a Good Brand for Producing Banana Bags?

YES, it is! Several reasons explain why it is a great brand. Below are but a few of them properly explained:

– Reputable Brand

best fairtex brand banana bags

The Fairfax brand is generally high reputable. Its line of products has been noted to be stronger, pretty reliable, and long-lasting.

Also, many people who have already attempted these products have noted a fairly high degree of satisfaction from them. Have we also stated the international character of them?

– Stronger Products

Its banana bags are also stronger and more stable. They are particularly handy at building muscles, strengths, and endurance.

That is evidenced by their ability to let you throw a complete arsenal of kicks and punches on just one item. For this reason, the bags are very reliable and fruitful to possess.

– Variable Shapes

Unlike most of the competing brands, the Fairtex range of bags come about in varied shapes and configurations. Among these are the uppercut and the teardrops. This fact gives you space and leeway to choose the one that will mostly come to your rescue.

– High-quality Workmanship

All throughout their makeups, these bags feature truly high-quality workmanship. Specifically, the stitches that adorn the perimeters of the bags stand out. They are stronger and able to provide a firm grip to the extent of preventing the bags from tearing apart when boxed.

– Comfort

Over and above merely providing the opportunity to develop your strength and endurance, these bags are also truly comfortable.

Not only are they firm, but also do they not fidget excessively as is the norm with many of the alternative bags we have around. Expect them hence not to imperil your comfort and safety.

– Materials

The materials that are used to make them up are also pretty strong and wholly reliable. Two of these stand out. These are the extra-durable Nylon lining and the artificial Syntek Leather. These two tend to last longer and deliver prolonged outcomes for you all along.


Top 2 Best Fairtex Banana Bags Reviews

We take a look now at the best Fairtex banana bags that money can buy at the moment:

#1. Best with 7ft Body – Fairtex 95 Pounds Unfilled Banana Bag for Boxing and MMA

Of all the bags we have under our consideration, this Fairtex 95 pounds banana bags top the pack. It incorporates all the features that make such bags stand out and perform well.

Fairtex 7 ft black unfilled banana bag for Muay Thai

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  • Durable Synthetic Leather Construction

At its core is the durable synthetic leather construction. This construction is what gives the item the strength and the longevity it needs to serve you well for a prolonged duration of time. Also, it negates constant repairs and maintenance.

  • Industrial strength nylon web straps

The industrial-strength nylon web straps come in next. They serve the role of fixing the item firmly in place to prevent the same from excessively fidgeting. Thanks to the industrial-strength, the materials also slow down the pace of deterioration thereof.

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#2. Best-Rated – Fairtex 6ft Muay Thai Banana Punching Bag with a Weight of 35kg

If all you want is to work with the most reliable banana bag, you have to pick and use this bag. Many past users have returned truly favorable ratings thanks mainly to their satisfaction with it.

Fairtex unfilled banana bag for adults

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  • Excellent Dimensions

In all, the item comes about in excellent dimensions indeed. These boil to 36 cm inches diameter by 180 cm length. Also, it weighs around 35 kg. Thanks to these excellent dimensions, expect to make use of the bag in areas and circumstances that are truly squeezed.

  • Exceptional Design

The design of the bag is also not left out either. It is structured in such a way as to allow for a complete body workout. This it manages principally by enabling a full body contact. It hence goes that you too will enjoy wholesome and comprehensive outcomes if you choose it.

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Other Types of Fairtex Punching Bags for Muay Thai

Apart from the two banana bags above, we also have other kinds that are more likely to yield the great experiences you are looking for. Here they are:

#1. Best Leather – Fairtex Teardrop Unfilled Heavy Bag for Muay Thai Training

Mainly wary of the long term use and associated experiences? We ask you to train your eyes on this Fairtex leather teardrop bag. The leather makeup gives it the strength it needs to facilitate your training activities well.

Fairtex leather teardrop punching bag

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  • Premium Leather Construction

The premium leather construction ranks tops among the many elegant features it potentially brings about. Leather is generally stronger and pretty resilient to the common agents and sources of wear and tear. Your use of this bag is hence a sure way of tapping into this longevity.

  • Heavy-duty Material Makeup

All the materials that have been used to make it up beside the leather are heavy-duty and highly resistant to the damages that may be posed by water. Its interior on the other hand bears the Nylon lining whereas the Nylon web straps come to provide the ease of transportation needed.

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#2. Best for Punches and Kicks – Fairtex 100 lbs. Uppercut Angle Punching Bag

Could it be that all you want is to sharpen your kicking and punching skills? You have this bag for the taking if you answered the above question in the affirmative.  It is wholly designed and meant for that.

Fairtex 100 pounds uppercut heavy punching bag

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  • Syntek Leather Makeup

Unlike many of the competing banana bags, this one features not the real but the synthetic Syntek Leather. This material is not only heavy-duty but also highly resistant to the risks of water damages. Expect the bag hence to guarantee the long-term use.

  • Multi-purpose Design

Additionally, the item is multipurpose in the sense that it is capable of serving many allied tasks. These include foot jabs, hand maneuvers, low kicks, and the high kicks to name but a few! It hence allows you to carry out all your tasks ‘under one roof.’

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Filled vs. Unfilled Fairtex Banana Bags

When seeking these bags, you have two options to make use of. These are the filled and the unfilled respectively.

The filled as the name implies is ready for your use thanks to the fact that it contains the materials that are to provide strength and endurance. Its unfilled counterpart requires you to do so on your own.

Below are some of the most notable differences between these two kinds of bags:

– Applicability

You will find the filled punching bag great for impromptu practices and in areas that are enclosed within buildings.

As for the unfilled punching bag, it is only applicable in an area that is far detached from the mainstream like the remote locations and settings.

– Speed of Use

Due to its readiness for use, the filled punching bag enables speedy operations. It does not call for your assembly prior to use as is the case with the unfilled punching bag.

If you are short on time, you have the former for your prioritization as it is less likely to impede your progress.

– Expertise

Generally speaking, the filled punching bag requires a little expertise to be able to operationalize. That is due to its availability in the form that is ready for use.

As for the unfilled punching bag, you will have to expend some extra expertise to assemble and subsequently deploy it for use.

– Space Requirements

The shrinkable nature of the unfilled punching bag enables it to be transported seamlessly to the remote locales of use. All you have to do is to deflate it to eliminate the fillings or air. As for the filled punching bag, you have no choice but to use it strictly indoors.

– Efficacy

When all factors are put into consideration, the filled punching bag is less effective than the unfilled punching bag counterpart.

It is able to provide the utility you need whenever the craving strikes and regardless of where exactly you might need to leverage that end.


How to Choose the Best Fairtex Banana Bags?

the best Fairtex banana bag reviews

To settle for the best Fairtex Banana bags, there are factors you have to take care of. We delineate and explain a couple of them here below for you:

– Filled vs. Unfilled

For a start, you have the choice between the filled and the unfilled bags. The former is mainly great for indoor and permanent usage. Its latter counterpart on the other hand is awesome for migratory applications as it facilitates the frequent change of locations.

– Filling

If you choose the unfilled bags, you should also factor the fillings i.e. the materials that are used to give it the strength, support, and uprightness it needs to facilitate your workouts.

Be sure to settle on a material that is easy to come by, is greatly supportive, and does not harm the hands or body.

– Dimensions

As part of your search, you also have to figure out the dimensions of the bag. This refers to the size and the weight of the bag in question.

The bag you eventually lay your hands on has to be able to fit the prevailing amount of storage and mounting spaces you have at your disposal.

– Space Requirements

Also worth considering is the amount of space you can possibly set aside for their mounting and subsequent use. You should identify a room that may be wholly dedicated to the containment of the bag and the mounting thereof.

– Material Makeup

The kinds of materials that make these bags up also count. A good bag has to feature stronger and truly reliable materials.

These include the Nylons, canvas, leather, cotton, and polyester fabrics. Then, they should also be stitched using the finest yarns that are likely to provide the maximum strength you need.

– Style

These bags are available in numerous styles and shapes. The differences are largely brought about by the kinds of roles they are designed and intended to play.

Find a style that mirrors your unique needs as nearly as can be. The teardrop design is by far the most outstanding of them all.

– Desired Longevity of Use

For how long in total, would you wish to enjoy and leverage the benefits that these bags have to offer? Is it for occasional or one-time use or for repeated applications? If you want one for everyday applications, the bag in question has to be strong and truly durable.

– Strength of the Workout

How strong is the workout you intend to carry out or partake? Are you barely getting started or want to pursue professional workouts?

If barely getting started, the bag you pick for the job need not necessarily to be strong. As for professional workouts, the bag has to be truly tough and long-lasting.

– Level of Expertise

Of course, different people have varying degrees of expertise. The manufacturers of these items are also cognizant of that fact as well.

That is why they manufacture bags that similarly support varying degrees of expertise. You have to assess your own expertise first and foremost before proceeding to make a pick.

– Nature of the Workout

What kind of workout exactly are you planning to engage in? Is it only boxing, kicks, chest, or endurance? Be sure to find a bag that is able to facilitate your own desired form of workout. That will see to it that you waste no time while at the same time obtain the necessary ends.

– Price

Lastly, you have to figure out just how much you are ready and may be willing to part with to obtain these bags.

Make deliberate efforts and steps to find one that falls well within your budget space. Finding the most suitable bag for the job need not necessarily be a life and death affair.



We now identify and answer some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this wonderful topic of Fairtex banana bag:

Q1. How to Fill the Fairtex Banana Bag?

A. Follow the steps and procedures below to be able to fill your Fairtex banana bag:

  • Hang the Fairtex bag on its mounting plug.
  • Attach the filling nozzle to the hose.
  • Trigger the nozzle to fill the bag.
  • Vary the softness or hardness of the Fairtex banana bag to the desired level.
  • Seal the top of the bag tightly to prevent the seepage of the filling.

Q2. Is Fairtex 6 Ft. Banana Bag Good for Muay Thai Practice?

A. YES, it is! This bag contains all the trappings that you would naturally need for such kind of practice. For one, it is durable enough to allow for prolonged and regular practicing. That also makes it a truly reliable fitness companion all the while of use and engagement.

Then, it comes about in a heavy-duty stature and character. On account of this, it really works on your muscles and other vital organs of your body during a workout.

You will hence find it good and truly reliable insofar as impacting your whole body is concerned. All these are necessary for the nice progress in the Muay Thai practices.



We round up our peek into the best Fairtex banana bags there. With the insight we have generously furnished, we expect you now to appreciate these items well and even make the most informed decisions possible.

How about you skimming the list to make a suitable pick for yourself? Do so right away!