Teeter Hang Ups Ep 550 Inversion Table Reviews

Teeter Hang Ups Ep 550 inversion table is a uniquely designed inversion table that will help you discover real results and get back the life that you love. It’s a perfect product from Teeter ideal for helping you relieve back pain and better your life. With this inversion table, you can be sure of more comfort, extra stretch, and more relief.

As an EP-series inversion table by Teeter Hang Ups®, it does represent a revolution ideal for back care. It’s coupled with several features including the exclusive Teeter Flex Technology that’s combined with time-tested engineering, and other value-added features. Thanks to its extemporary performance, the table is established as the best-selling and the most popular inversion table in the current market.

Teeter Hang Ups Ep 550 Inversion Table Specifications

Model: EP 550

Brand: Teeter Hang Ups

Weight Capacity: 300lbs (136kgs)

Packaged Weight: 68lbs (30.9kgs)

Height Capacity: 4’8″ – 6’6″ (142 – 198 cm)

Assembled Dimensions: 48″ x 27″ x 61″ (114 x 71 x 147 cm)

Features of Teeter Hang Ups Ep 550 Inversion Table

Whenever you look at this Ep-550 inversion table, what you see is a unit fitted with a couple of items and accessories. All the parts and accessories, not forgetting the design, make a complete functional inversion table. The difference between the best inversion table and a poorly performing inversion table is the making. Here we’re going to look at some features that make the Ep-550 greater than any other inversion tables in the market.teeter hang ups 550

Ergonomic Flex-TechnologyTM

This inversion table has a patented design that moves with you. It’s designed to accommodate stretches to offer an excellent range of motion. And because of these, now you can experience better realignment and muscle relaxation. There is also the inclusion of an adjustable pillow designed to support your head and keep you comfy.

Optimum Decompression Surface

Another feature that makes this inversion table the best among many is its smooth friction-reduced surface designed for optimum decompression. The design also your body to slide effortlessly and achieve the best decompressive stretch.

Durable, protected construction: No Tear, No Stain

Every material used in this Teeter Hand Ups EP 550 is long-lasting to ensure you get a durable investment. The unit features plastic injection-molded construction that is mode durable and sturdy than the normal vinyl or nylon beds that are vulnerable to wear and tear. The surface is extra smooth and easy to clean. What’s more, it does retain the pristine appearance for years.

Ankle Comfort DialTM

The table comes equipped with a new foot platform design that dials up and down to accommodate both smaller and larger feet. It’s a perfect ideal that allows the utmost comfort and offers a secure fit for the ankle clamps. It allows you to relax, knowing there is utmost safety.

Precision Balancing

According to engineering test results, Teeter Inversion tables are highly precise and balanced, allowing controlled lockout in full inversion compared to competing brands. It’s a perfect design allowing you to stay balanced as you do your stretches.

Pre-set Rotation Control

Another feature praised well by the EP-550 customers is the adjustable and removable tether strap used here. It allows you to pre-determine the ideal or maximum angle of inversion easily. It also makes adjustments easier and precise.

Smooth, Quiet Rotation

This Teeter Hang-Ups model uses a de-ratter knob plus a specialized pivot bearing. The two ensure you get a lifetime of rattle and squeak-free rotation; it’s safe to use and noise-free.

High-Quality Finishes

If you looked at the provided images, you would agree too that this table has an impressive, attractive finish. The same is praised from the customer perspective. It comes with a scratch-protective powder coating plus a triple chrome finish. That means it’s able to maintain its look for an extended period.

Quick Storage

Yes, during usage, the table has a profound design that takes quite some space in your room. However, that works to your advantage to give you enough space to do the stretches and inversion. The best part is, it does fold in second, reducing its size and allowing quick storage.

Stable base for added floor protection

The table’s corner feet are designed to increase the A-frame base by 20%. It does also reduce sliding on a hard surface, ensuring utmost sliding safety.

Customizing Features

Teeter Hang Ups offers the only inversion tables on the market that can be modified with accessories (sold separately):

Teeter Hang-Ups Inversion Tables are the only inversion table in the market that features a modifiable design with accessories sold separately. These accessories ideal for the Ep550 includes:

teeter hang ups 550 inversion table

#a) Vibration Cushion w/Far Infrared Neck Pillow

The cushion comes with ten vibrating motors and a 2-Far Infrared heater. These two are put in place to better circulation and improve how you relax your muscles. With them, you get a more therapeutic inversion experience.

#b) Gravity Boots

Another accessory you can get for a customized experience is the gravity boots that provide optimal comfort and support to your ankles. You can order the Adapter Kit that comes completer with the Gravity Boots and a CV bar needed for converting the inversion table.

#c) EZ StretchTM Traction Handles

The handles are designed to provide you with added benefits needed for comfortable inverted stretching and decompression. It’s also a useful tool for table oscillation.


Patented Security Features:

The table also has auto-locking hinges, heat-treated steel parts, and cam locks that create a product that’s more secure and extra reliable.

Support Hand Grips:

The unit comes fitted with durable, rubber-coated handles with utmost comfort. They offer user assistant and at the same time maintaining a compact table profile needed during storage.


Teeter Hang Ups Ep 550 Inversion Table Reviews

teeter inversion table 550


  • Smooth surface that reduces friction
  • Improves joint’s range of movement
  • Lightweight and foldable for smooth storage


  • Huge in size
  • Ankle straps could be improved


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Benefits of Using Teeter Hang Ups 550 Inversion Table

As an inversion therapy table, it’s designed to help in reducing back pain and better posture. It does elongate your spine while also relieving the pressure on ligaments, discs, and nerve roots. Another thing, the unit is here to help you better mobility and range of motion.

That’s not all, as an FDA approved medical device, it’s perfect for relaxing tense muscles, reducing pressure points, and rejuvenation of the joint flexibility. It’s a perfect model to help you deal with any joint, spine, and back muscle pain.


Whenever you think of buying the best inversion table for your back pain, you can go for this Teeter Hang-Ups Ep-550. As you have read from the review above, it’s a product that you can trust to take care of your back. It comes with everything needed to rejuvenate your muscles, better your posture, and improve your spine positioning.