How to Run on a Treadmill Without Making Noise in the Gym?

A treadmill is an exercise device that consists of a belt that moves continuously. A treadmill is for walking or running exercise. The main problem you will find with a treadmill is that it makes a lot of noise when in use. The noise will increase as the rolling speed increases since it will make you run even faster. The noise comes from the treadmill moving motor, the impact from your feet as they repeatedly slam on the treadmill, and from the squeaking noise from the treadmill mat.

In the gym, as you run on the treadmill, the noise can be too much making the gym uncomfortable. Here are some of the measures you can take to run on a treadmill without making noise in the gym.

How to Run on a Treadmill Without Making Noise in the Gym?

Lubricate the treadmill belt

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It would be best if you lubricate the treadmill regularly to enhance the longevity of your treadmill belt. The squeaky sound of the treadmill in the gym as you walk or run on it is because the treadmill is not lubricated well enough or no lubrication at all. Some treadmills will display a message to notify you that the treadmill needs to be lubricated.

For you to lubricate the treadmill properly, you will need first to loosen the treadmill belt. Loosening a treadmill belt may vary depending on the type of a treadmill you are using, although most have similar loosening belt method.

To lubricate the treadmill belt, be sure to be using the proper treadmill lubricant and not the other lubricants like WD-40. If you use the wrong oil, the treadmill belt will be damaged or break even the treadmill.

Choose the proper lubricant for the running treadmill:

Worn out roller or noisy bearing

If there are different types of squeaky rattling, grindings, or sounds even after lubricating with the proper lubricant, then it may be due to worn out roller and bearings. You, therefore, need to disassemble the treadmill to reach and check them.

The worn-out or broken bearings will affect the way a treadmill works and also produce a squeaky noise in the gym. As you disassembly the treadmill to check for the bearings, it is wise too to examine the rollers since you will be having them bare.

Worn out rollers will cause grinding noises in the gym as the treadmill is in use. When the treadmill bearings or rollers are seriously damaged, it will cause the treadmill to operate poorly or even stop working.

Use proper running shoes

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There are three types of feet; Normal feet, flat feet, and arched feet. There are two things you need to consider when looking for good running shoes that will perfectly fit your feet. You need first to ensure that the shoe you are purchasing has a shock-absorbing material. The second thing is to make sure that the shoe you intend to purchase is going to fit your type of foot.

Normal feet.

Normal feet have a slight arch in the middle. The majority of people have normal feet.

Flat feet.

Flat feet lack an arch in the middle. The feet will entirely cover the ground.

Arched feet.

If you have arched feet, it means you will need extra attention as you run. Arched feet are prone to rolling while running; therefore, choosing a shoe with excellent shock absorbing ability is vital to be safe.

A proper running shoe to use on the treadmill should have a rear gel foot cushion. The cushion helps in maximizing the shock absorption as you walk, jog, or running on a treadmill. The absorption of the shock will keep your joints safe and also reduce excess noise in the gym as you use the treadmill.

Select the proper running shoes for running exercise:

Use a treadmill mat

Besides the noise produced from the treadmill’s motor, and belt, noise can be made in the gym when you are continually stomping your feet on the treadmill. The kind of noise you will create is called impact noise.

The impact noise in the gym is a noise that comes from the impact your feet will create as they pound on the treadmill. Impact noise can be reduced in the gym when you will add some shock-absorbing material. These shock-absorbing materials are usually dense, making them excellent at absorbing the impact noise.

A treadmill mat will help in dampening the impact noise of the treadmill in the gym. It will also help in improving the lifespan of the treadmill by absorbing the shock on the treadmill, which may break it down. A treadmill mat will enhance the stability for the treadmill preventing it from moving or sliding on the floor and making noise in the gym.

Here are top-rated treadmill mats for selecting:

Instead of running walk at a steep incline

You can choose to walk at a steep incline on the treadmill to reduce the noise in the gym. Setting the treadmill incline too high or medium will be as effective as jogging. Therefore to minimize noise produce by the treadmill while in operation, you should set the treadmill to faster walking speed and adjust the incline slowly to your preference.

Adding the incline to the setting will make you use more of your legs muscles than when jogging normal. You will achieve a leg workout, cardiovascular, and you will have reduced the noise in the gym at the same time.

Using incline treadmills to burn more calories:

Quiet running

Most of the noise treadmill in the gym makes when your feet hit the floor underneath your feet. A quiet running on a treadmill means running at a reasonable speed with the best running shoes. It is because the faster you will be running is how more quickly the treadmill belt will be rolling.

Setting the treadmill at a reasonable speed which is not too high will ensure the belt rolls at a moderate pace. You can run quietly by reducing the height at which you lift your legs as you run to minimize the impact of noise.

Final verdict

A treadmill is a perfect device to keep your health in check at the gym, and it will also keep you very active, but a treadmill cannot be silent with no sound. The best measures you can take to run on a treadmill without making noise in the gym are regular and proper maintenance of the treadmill and using a treadmill mat, wearing appropriate running shoes as you run on the treadmill, and trying a steep incline at a fast walking pace.