Outslayer Filled 100 Pound Punching Bag for Boxing & Martial Arts & MMA

Outslayer manufacturers are among the outstanding brands featured in the production of high-quality fighting gear within the USA and even globally. Therefore, their products are always geared towards assisting training individuals and providing the best practice platform for the advanced boxers/MMA fighters.

Nevertheless, in the current market with numerous manufacturers putting their heavy punching bags in the market, finding the best and most suitable punching bag is usually challenging and that is why we have researched and selected the Outslayer filled 100 pound punching bag as the best choice for you.

outslayer filled 100 pound punching bag

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The Benefits of Using an Outslayer 100-Pound Punching Bag for MMA and Boxing

These punching bags always present with various benefits to individuals using them. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cost-efficient

This is because of the high-quality manufacturing materials and design which guarantee strength, sturdiness, and durability.

Thus, occasional cases of tear and wear experienced by other brands of punching bags are usually non-existent meaning that the money and resources that could have otherwise been used for repairs are always saved or redirected to other uses.

  • Very comfortable

This benefit is attributed to the possibility of adjusting the weight and density of the bags to provide for a more tolerable punching surface.

The adjustable height also makes it comfortable as this eliminates any cases of straining to hit your desired target points during training.

  • Well balanced

The distribution of the shredded fabric inside the bags is always equal thus guaranteeing for equal distribution of weight throughout the bag.

This coupled with strong and well-placed mounting features further helps in holding the bag in a central position for proper practice.

  • Easy to set up

The punching bags are very easy to set up in the workout space through mounting. This can be attributed to already sewn straps with rings for easy hanging on the support platform.

The unhooking process and relocating the bag is also easier in comparison to other heavy punching bags.

Overview of Outslayer Filled 100 lbs Punching Bag Review

Basic Specifications:

Straps: 6 inch

Height: 55 inch

Weight: 100 pound

Warranty: 10 years

Material: Vinyl cover

Color: Black and white

Filler: Fabric and no sand added

Application: Training, boxing and MMA

The Outslayer filled 100-pound punching bags are usually popular in the boxing community because of their manufacture and incorporated features.

Thus, these bags are always designed with numerous features to guarantee maximal performance during training and practice.

Some of these features thus guarantee the longevity of the bag with the company moving forward to even offer a massive allowance on the warranty period for the users for quality assurance.

Other incorporated features include high-quality manufacture materials, adjustable height and weight, fine fillings, easy mounting, and adjustment process among others.

These ensure that the boxing sessions move smoothly without any discomfort or disruptions due to the punching bags.


  • Versatile functionality
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Well distributed weight
  • High-quality vinyl material
  • Comes pre-filled thus convenient
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Adjustable weight and height for comfort


  • Pricey

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Key Features of the Outslayer Filled 100-Pound Punching Bag

Reviewed below are some of the common and unique features to these punching bags which makes them outstanding and exceptional in the boxing community.

#1. The Inner Fillings

The inner filling usually comprises of a blend of punch-absorbing shredded fabric equally distributed inside the punching bag.

These fabric fillers ensure that the bags’ surfaces stay even and smooth without lumps and hardening even after undergoing immense impactful force in the form of punches and kicks.

This unlike in the cases of other materials such as sand guarantees that the bags stay solid, compact, and consistent throughout their extensive use.

The bag’s designs also allow for the possibility of addition and removal of these shredded fabric textiles to allow the user to attain a more suitable and comfortable density for boxing practice and exercise.

#2. Heavy Duty Vinyl Shell and Cover

outslayer filled 100-pound hanging bagInstead of the use of leather as it is in many other high-quality punching bags, Outslayer applied a similarly tough material that can withstand an immense amount of brute force, this is the heavy-duty vinyl material.

This material is used to construct the outer shell of the punching bags with perfect stitching and finish to ensure that the bag lasts a lifetime.

These punching bags also comes packaged in a tough cover used during transportation and storage to prevent and protect the bag from scratches and damages.

These covers are also usually made from heavy-duty vinyl which offers a great deal of security from avoidable damaging elements keeping the bag smooth and new always.

The heavy-duty vinyl material guarantees the longevity of the bags through an extensive period of use by boxers.

#3. Height and Weight

The overall height of the bag after proper installation is very comfortable and convenient for all individual heights due to the possibility of height adjustment.

The bag’s body length is approximately 55 inches long while the straps measure about 6 inches long with a diameter span of about 14 inches.

This guarantees that the overall length of a fully set up Oustaley filled 100-pound punching bag is more than average and thus can be used by tall individuals and even shorter boxers since the straps can be adjusted to an individual’s comfortable height.

The weight of these bags is also very accommodating with the possibility of adjustment to a desirable density for comfortable training.

The bags are always packed with a standard weight of 100 pounds however, the shell usually has a zipper that can be opened and allows for removal or addition of the fabric filling materials.

The bag can however hold an extra weight of up to 300 pounds comfortably as desired by the users beyond which its integrity may be compromised.

The adjustability of these features makes the punching bags versatile in functionality within the boxing community.

#4. Mount

outslayer heavy bag hangerThe mounting of these Ouslayer filled 100 pounds punching bags are also quite simple and straightforward.

You may utilize mounting of these heavy bags by hanging them from the ceiling or employ the use of a heavy bag stand which is more preferred as it allows for mobility while conserving the structural integrity of your home.

The heavy-duty vinyl straps perfectly sewn into the bag usually have metal O-rings at the top sections for easy hooking and hanging on the support platform without the need for chains.

For further stabilization of the mounted punching bag, you may request Outslayer Company to attach a D-ring to the bottom of the bag for downward anchorage and prevent over swinging during practice sessions.

#5. Durability

This is one of the self-explanatory features of the heavy punching bag.

Due to the high-quality manufacture materials from the heavy-duty vinyl shell, cover and straps, the stainless steel metal O and D-rings and the perfect stitching of the bag, it is without a doubt that these bags can withstand the test of time by maintaining their quality and integrity upon proper use and maintenance for extensive periods.

Thus, the manufacturers are usually confident in their product quality and some users have also attested to the durability of Outslayer punching bags.

#6. Package

The shipping package usually comprises of several accessories.

These include the main item which is the punching bag usually unfilled or pre-filled with fabric at the request of the buyer, incorporated rings and straps, and a cover bag.

These are the standard packaged materials however, the buyers can always request for the incorporation of other essential accessories such as gloves and a stand with additional charges if they lack the necessities as a beginner or are replacing some essential parts to the mounting of these punching bags.

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#7. 10-Year Warranty

No similar companies are offering such a money-back guarantee on their products.

The 10-year warranty covers all sorts of damage to the punching bag except for those incurred due to weather elements and sharp objects.

This provides quite an assurance on the quality of Outslayer products by showing clients the level of confidence the company has on the quality of their punching bags.

Who Should Buy It?

This punching bag is great for any individual looking to train or just break a sweat since with the 100-pound weight, it provides for a sturdy punching surface with just enough resistance to build your skills and stamina.

However, it is most recommended for more experienced boxers and MMA fighters who know what they are doing or individuals above 180 pounds and can throw heavy punches.

Who Should Avoid It?

The 100-pound punching bag is usually quite heavy and thus has a more dense and compact punching surface. This weight and the tough surface could prove problematic for beginners and light punchers.

Thus, this group could end up with self-injuries if not properly instructed and supervised on the use of these heavy bags. They should thus avoid these punching bags and leave them for the experienced individuals.


The Outslayer filled 100 pound punching bag is quite an exceptional product for numerous functions such as martial arts, boxing, and MMA.

The numerous outlined features guarantee the outstanding performance of the punching bag for maximum customer satisfaction.

This coupled with the many merits associated with the Outslayer punching bags leads to their high recommendations for fast acquisition.

outslayer boxing mma 100lbs heavy bag filled

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