Century Wavemaster xxl Training Bag – Hot Pick Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Imagine how it would be devastating if you had no punching bag. Where would you learn those new boxing skills you saw on TV, or where would you improve your martial arts techniques? It is in this light that you will need to find the most suitable training bag. And that solution is Century Wavemaster XXL training bag.

What should you know about this bag? Here are a few insights.

Specifications of Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

century wavemaster xxl training bag


Bag Cover: Vinyl

Weight: 270 pounds

Dimensions: 69″ x 18″

Base Filler: Sand/Water

Colors: Black/Blue/Red

Bag Filler: High-density Foam

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General Review of Century Wavemaster 2XL

From its impressive height of 69 inches to its portability and versatility, the Century Wavemaster XXL has grown to be one of the most reliable training bags.

Whether you are practicing a variety of punches or even kicks, this punching bag is worth the salt. You can hardly ignore how its myriad of benefits will impress and also meet your needs.

century wavemaster xxl


  • Ideal for novices and masters alike
  • Assures you of a large surface area
  • It comes at a fairly reasonable price
  • The material used in making it is soft, able to withstand constant abuse, and durable


  • It is exhausting to keep filling the base with water, sand, or both

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It is almost impossible to overstate how solid its base is. This training bag boasts of a 270-pound base, which you will fill with either water or sand.

With this impressive base, you will have no reason to worry about movements, whether you secure it or not. Its robustness allows it to withstand any hard-hitting and aggressiveness.

The ease of assembly is worth talking about too. Usually, you will hardly need any specialized skills or even tools to put this training bag up. As long as you attach the body to the base, you will have nothing else to do.

And, you will have to fill this base with enough water or sand. Some experts would suggest a mixture of these two.

If we are to talk about the multiple targets on this training bag, you might not leave your seat.

All this is thanks to the 69-inch height and a diameter of approximately 18 inches. With this height and width, you will be sure of various targets, which ensure that you have an incredible experience in the long run.

Besides, it will accommodate people of different heights too.

Above all, you will fall in love with the impressive warranty it has. In most cases, you will be sure of a 1-year warranty, which seems relatively generous.

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The Good and The Bad of Wavemaster XXL


Various benefits come with using this training bag. Understanding some of these merits will make sure that you make logical decisions in the long run. They will often include the following.

– Affordability

Most often, you will get this product at less than $400, which is relatively fair compared to other brands. Further, the price is commensurate to the features that you get in the long run.

Also, you are sure of value for money, as this bag will last you for a long time.

– Stability

This bag boasts of a reliable base, which is often filled with enough sand and water. That means that you will not need to worry about the training bag moving back and forth whenever you are training.

– Durability

Thanks to the robust construction featured by this training bag, you are sure of enhanced longevity. Besides that, you will appreciate the materials used in making this bag.

Vinyl has proven, time and again, that it can last for a considerable period. Nothing could offer you more value for money than this. Additionally, this material can comfortably withstand heavy usage and abuse.


That you will need to keep filling the base with water or sand is tiring.

On the other hand, it is not really suitable for kids.

Critical Features of Century Wavemaster xxl Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

#1. Extra-Large Striking Surface

century wavemaster xxl review

It is barely possible to overstate how much surface area you have at your disposal. With all the surface area you get, it will be relatively easy for you to attain the results you so desire.

As mentioned, this product comes with a height of 69 inches and a diameter of 18 inches. Imagine what you could do in the space of 69 inches.

Regardless of how tall you are, there is no denying that multiple targets will be up for grabs.

#2. Vinyl Cover and Foam Filler

Undoubtedly, the material used in making your training bag will always determine your ultimate experience.

First, it will be fair to mention the aesthetics that this material tends to bring out. Anyone will fall in love with the appearance of vinyl, thanks to how shiny, bright, and elegant it appears.

Besides that, you will witness that vinyl will often be relatively durable. This fabric is capable of withstanding heavy use as well as abuse.

Whether you are using it for punches or kicks, you will be sure of longevity. In brief, the use of vinyl highlights how much the manufacturer values enhanced durability.

Further, the foam filler comes in handy in absorbing pressure. This material tends to absorb the punches and the kicks that you throw.

As if that is not enough, they assure you of a relatively soft, yet firm landing spot.

It will suffice to mention that this material allows you not to use guard shins or even gloves. While their use remains recommended, this product offers a leeway.

#3. Low-Profile Base

century wavemaster xxl base

Let’s talk about how stable and reliable this base is. From the fact that it will hardly swing to how robust its construction is, you will scarcely hesitate to fall in love with it.

Indeed, this base comes with a 270-pound weight. It is here that you will have to fill with either water or sand, depending on your preferences. You might also consider a mixture of the two.

With this sturdy base, you are confident of its reliability even in the face of being walloped. Whether your is recreational or serious training, this training bag will be all that you can ever need.

#4. Dimensions

Perhaps, a look at this aspect will convince you of just how valuable its purchase is.

Usually, this bag comes with a 69-inch height. Such height is big enough to accommodate people of different heights. Whether you are tall or short, you will have a shot.

It also comes with an 18-inch diameter. This diameter is, indeed, worth embracing. Remember, a wide diameter assures you of better levels of stability in the long run.

Additionally, this base measures around 28 inches.

#5. Easy assembly

Did you know that setting this bag up takes the least time? As if that is not enough, you will no longer need to worry about having specialized skills for this process.

Ideally, this process will call for you to attach the base to the body, and fill this base with enough sand, water, or a blend of the two.

After this, you will be good to go.

#6. Warranty

The impressive warranty that this product features will effortlessly get you smitten. Ideally, it boasts of a 12-month warranty, which is not only generous but also worth it.

Feel free to consult the manufacturer if you need any clarification on your warranty. It will be fair to indicate how friendly their support team is.


wavemaster xxl review

#1. How Much Sand Does It Take to Fill the Base?

It will suffice to highlight that the bottom comes with a 270-pound capacity. That implies that you will be free to put as much as 270 pounds of sand in it.

However, if you feel that you need a little flexibility, it will be best to consider reducing it a little.

Most experts will also suggest that you mix this sand with water, as this guarantees you more reliability.

Take the time to mix about 135 pounds of sand and 135 of water. This way, you get a balance that can give you a remarkable experience altogether.

#2. How Do You Set Up a Wavemaster XXL?

Setting up the Century Wavemaster should be one of the most straightforward for anyone to do. There will hardly be any extra skill needed in this pursuit.

– Usually, you will begin by attaching the base to the body of the XXL.

Ensure that it is secure and steady before you move to the next step. It is through this that you will be confident of realizing an uninconvenienced experience altogether.

– Once the base and the body are fitted, you will proceed to fill the base with sand or water.

Take the time to ensure that this base attains the necessary capacity. Usually, sand tends to be better, as it ensures that the bottom does not crack when it is freezing.

– Secure the bag in a place that is not only convenient but also secure. There should be enough space around you, lest you end up hurt in the long run.

#3. Can I Leave This Punching Bag Outside?

There is no denying that high temperatures could readily compromise the integrity of your training bag. The same still holds if the temperatures go low.

It is for this reason that it will be fair not to leave the punching bag outside.

However, if you have no other option, there will hardly be a problem. All you will need to do is to make sure you cover your bag with enough protective clothing. Preferably, use a protective tarp.

Century 2XL Pro vs. Century Wavemaster XXL

The Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro from Century brand have become bitter rivals in the recent past, thanks to the goodies they bring on the table.

Here is what you will note about these two.

– Pricing

On average, you will spend about $400 on the Century Wavemaster XXL. Indeed, this price remains to be one that will readily offer you value for money.

On the other hand, you will pay 10 or 20 dollars more for the 2XL Pro.

– Presence of a Lock

This aspect is one of the most notable differences between these two rivals. Usually, the 2XL Pro comes with a lock that keeps the screws in place.

It is meant to keep the body and the base together. As long as the punching bag is in use and the lock is on, these screws will remain secure.

In contrast, there are no such locks on the XXL.

– Height

Are you looking for more surface area and multiple targets? If you are, Wavemaster XXL is your ultimate choice as it comes with a height of about 69 inches.

In contrast, the Wavemaster 2XL Pro comes with a base height of 14.25 inches and a body height of around 52 inches. That implies that 2XL Pro is about 66.5 inches, which is slightly different from what the XXL has.

It will suffice to mention that both products feature an 18-inch diameter and a 28-inch base. This impressive base is what you need if you appreciate aesthetics.

– Stability

In both bags, you will need to fill around 270 pounds of water or sand. This move ensures that you enjoy unmatched stability, regardless of the strength of your punches or kicks.

Century 2xl Pro Freestanding Punching Bag for Training

century wavemaster xxl pro

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So, which one should you choose between the XXL and the 2XL Pro? It will be hard to come up with a one-dimensional answer to this. Thanks to the myriad of similarities, going for either will offer you value for money.


In conclusion, the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is all that any amateur or even professional could ever desire. The multiple targets provided, the impressive design, and the enhanced durability will readily get you smitten.

Lest you forget, it guarantees you value for money. If you are to buy anything today, let it be the Century Wavemaster XXL.

wavemaster xxl freestanding punching bag

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