Teeter Hang Ups Ep 950 Inversion Table Reviews

When it comes to the Teeter’s EP series, the leading product is the Teeter Hang-Ups. Most people prefer buying this model since it can support people with 6.6 inches and 300 pounds. It is a comfortable building which has been seriously constructed. Most people are viewing this product as a high-end inversion table as seen in Teeter hang ups ep 950 inversion table reviews. With it, you have a guarantee of increasing blood circulation and improving posture. Since it is usually sold as a health aid, it is highly effective for core exercise.

Specifications of Teeter Hang Ups Ep 950 Inversion Table

teeter hang ups ep 950 inversion table best priceThe Teeter Inversion Hang Us is a therapy table that is bearing great product details. When assembled, the product ends up measuring 48 x 61 x 27 inches. It thus has the capacity of lifting even people with a weight of 300 lbs. The height capacity of this equipment is 48 to 68 inches tall. The first time users end up finding this unit heavy for one to use since it weighs 68 lbs. It is a minor issue because the assembling process is easy.

The package is also coming pre-assembled, and thus all that is required is for one to consider turning the few more screws. Ensure the different screws are tightened properly. It is the only way for you to end up folding the item similar to a step ladder. The storage process will also be simple.

Other specifications are including:

  • Rotation Angles: 20-60 degrees
  • Low friction surface
  • Easy to use the ankle lock mechanism
  • Flex patented technology

Major Features of Teeter Hang Ups Ep 950 Inversion Table

The EP-950 inversion table features Flex Technology in its appearance, and its feeling is different from the typical inversion table. It is very flexible and allows a wider range of motions than the rigid tables. Furthermore, it works excellently and does not feel strange at all, thus improving your joints’ flexibility and relaxing muscles.

EP-950 inversion table surface will allow your body to slide more easily to achieve a much better stretch. Its fully adjustable pillows will also give you a perfect head and neck support. Additionally, it comes with the UL certification that ensures that it is extremely safe for use.

teeter inversion table ep 950

#Large and padded side handles

Another unique feature of the EP-950 inversion table is its larger and padded side handles. Also referred to as EZ handles, they are easy to grab as you get inside and out of your inversion table. The handles will also give you more stability as you make your motions in the table. Furthermore, you can use the handles to enhance your stretches, use them as a tool for oscillation, and add traction. They are also useful to support the novice inverter to get through the awkward first inversions without much fear. The feature is good for advanced users who may want to achieve maximum decompression.

#EZ angle tether strap

EP-950 inversion table also has an EZ angle tether strap. It is one of the unique features in this table. The EZ Angle tether strap is essential since it helps you to preset the inversion angles from 20 to 60 degrees, enabling you to instantly fix the table to the desired corners. The feature will offer you peace of mind, especially when you are a new user. The locking system is also easy to reach and is also easy to unlock using the extended lever. The strap can also invert a full 90 degrees enabling you to hang as you perform your inverted exercises.

#Ergo-Embrace Ankle system

Ergo-Embrace Ankle System is also a significant improvement that EP-950 inversion table boasts. It is a notable improvement from other versions, such as EP-500 Teeter. The latest racket-based ankle lock system makes it possible to secure the ankles without forward bending. This feature is important, especially for people with serious back problems. Since this model does not allow the use of gravity boots, the ankle system is good enough to ensure your comfortability while using the inversion table.

#Optimum decompressing surface

Another amazing feature of this inversion table is the optimum decompressing surface. The smooth and firm surface has been well designed to reduce friction as your body slides. The feature will give you much comfort, thus achieving your maximum decompressive stretch. However, in cases where the surface becomes too slippery, use a dry cloth to wipe the inversion table’s wet parts.

#Foldable design for small space

The Hang Ups Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 inversion table comes in good sizes of 48x61x27 inches once assembled. The size makes it easy to be stored as it can also be folded like a step ladder. After folding, it can be stored behind the door, placed under the bed or tucked into a corner for convenient storage. For those with bigger closest, the inversion table can also be stored in it.

#Sturdy structure

The heavy-duty product is well designed with a good blending of plastic injection-mold construction, and steel in the EP-950 inversion table makes it one of the most rugged and durable in the market. Its durability makes it last for long and remain functional. The feature makes it accommodative and can easily host people weighing as much as 300 pounds without straining, shaking or wobbling. Furthermore, height has also been put into consideration and call be used with people of different heights from 4’9” to 6’6”. The steel frames from these inversion tables are powder-coated, heat-treated, and triple-plated with a chrome finish to make it resistant to scratches. It also has reliable cam locks, auto-locking hinges, and specialized pivot bearings.

#Joint mobilization

Moreover, comfort Trak Bed, an innovative pressure reducing feature of the EP-950 inversion table, will grant you full comfort-enhancing joint mobilization. You can also use the adjustable acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge accessories to enjoy the advantages of a massage therapist while using this inversion table. The design also allows you to place the nodes virtually anywhere on the bed as the lumbar bridge can be set to support your lower back.

#Ankle comfort dial

The ankle comfort dial is also an adorable feature that will make you need an EP-950 inversion table. It is designed to way that fits all types of feet with much precision. The feature will provide you with comfort, but it will also ensure your safety by preventing you from falling off the EP-950 inversion table.


Safety is also a key feature that has been factored in the EP-950 inversion table. The equipment is designed to help you relax and release tension from your muscles. Your safety has been factored in hence no need to be tense while using the inversion table.

#Easy to install and assemble

After purchasing this inversion table, it will need to be assembled before you use it. Moreover, the package has images that can be used to assemble the table. The EP-950 inversion table also comes with an installation DVD that enables you to join it with a lot of ease. Besides, the DVD also contains different workouts and exercises that can be used for beginners and more advanced users. Moreover, it also comes with its wrenches to aid you in assembling the inversion table for a maximum of one hour. The EP-950 inversion table can also be assembled by one person with just a little help, especially when attaching the table on the frame.


Teeter EP-950 Hang Ups inversion table comes with more than four years warranty. It is the longest warranty for the inversion tables available in the market. Besides, the warranty covers all parts of the table hence the best assurance you can get in the market. Additionally, if any piece is defective and cannot be replaced, Teeter will give you the new inversion table as they take the defective one.

Teeter Hang Ups Ep 950 Inversion Table Reviews

teeter hang ups ep 950 inversion table best price


  • Easy folding and storage
  • Operation is smooth
  • Assembly is easy
  • Assembly is using DVD
  • The easier solution of ankle clamp
  • Comfortable


  • No support of gravity boot when required
  • Uncomfortable ankle clamps for full inversion heavier folks

How the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Operates?

Adjust ankle clamps

Before getting started, there is a need for proper adjustment of the ankle clamps. Though the process is likely to take some experimentation, ensure you start on a low inversion angle to feel the way around till you get to the highest level of ankles comfort. Since the clamps are secure, they are easy to fasten and release using a ratchet system and a lever, which is easy to reach. As a result, there will be no big hassle.

Get ready for the pressure on ankles

The ankles will get used to the pressure you will be putting on them. You need to start with a low angle for the entire body to get adjusted to this experience. You will get locked correctly and will not be experiencing ankle discomfort towards the 60 degrees’ inversion.

The table is comfortable since it is following the body’s contours. It is especially suitable after one starts inverting as the rigid table designs will end up loading the touch with one’s body. The added stretching and bending are fantastic. It is also a big advantage when it comes to the Flex Technology Teeter.

Enjoy the inversion time

After the full inverted table becomes solid, sturdy, and safe, you will conduct an exercise with ease. Therefore, you will have the ability to do the inverted exercises from these machines while inverted fully.

When you fine-tune the position and height, the inversion process will become easy and smooth to control by lowering and raising of bars.

Fold up after usage

After the exercises, Teeter EP-950 Hang Ups will end up folding up in the process of three simple steps. Though the heavy unit contains 74 pounds, you will end up tucking it safely in the corner or a closet with a moderate size.


You are going to acquire decent assembly instructions when using this package. The best is for you to consider firing up the present DVD. The assembly process will be easier for one to follow and understand. For the assembly process to be easy, ensure you are using your own set of varying proper wrenches rather than coming with a table. In case you are not having your own, all you require is ensuring you are making the process much easier.

teeter hang ups ep 950 inversion table reviews

Who Is It For?

In case you suffer from chronic back and wish to have relief, you will benefit a lot while using the inversion table. The best inversion table which is worth giving a trial is the Teeter EP-950 Hang Ups. By using this table, you will end up reversing force, which is exerted by gravity. More also, you will also end up having relief from any back pain.

How to Assemble the Teeter EP-950 Hang Ups

Similar to the other tables coming from Teeter, EP-950 is arriving in a pre-assembled form. It comes together with an Ankle system main shaft, A-Frame, and a table bed.

The in-depth user manual will be walking you through the six different remaining steps. They require less assembly, for instance, lifting of the table bed on the given A-Frame.

2. It is the only lifting that is necessary. While weighing in at over 70 lbs, it is implying you will need someone who will be offering assistance to you regarding the level of back pain and mobility.

3. The textual explanations, diagrams, and full parts list are accompanied using a DVD. The DVD is showing the way of getting the best from EP-950, including the healthy five back routines.

4. Each of the different routines will end up taking around 10 to 15 minutes. It is the maximum time recommended for a session of inversion therapy.

5. When the assembly is taking place in ten to fifteen minutes, it is adequate. There is also a need to set aside a given amount of time for the process of trial and error. It is the only way for you to find ideal height settings and roller hinge.

ep 950 teeter inversion table


The EP950 Teeter Hang-Ups have been constructed wonderfully using the inversion table. The various unique features will be making the use of this product joyful. Since the item has great balance, the flex technology comfort and kind of ankle locking system will be standard in the various inversion tables. This item is highly worth the extra price compared to the purchase of cheap models.

The product now is not available on the Amazon for out of stock. However, there are still many inversion tables from Teeter that worth buying with great performance and designed for relaxing and pain relief.