Best 16oz Sparring Gloves for Punching Bag Trainging & Boxing

Have you ever decided to buy the best 16oz sparring gloves but don’t have an idea of the model to purchase?

Given the range of models, all designed with different materials, and to offer varying levels of comfort and protection, selecting a particular pair isn’t easy, the reason I am here to help you out.

Top 8 Best 16 oz. Gloves for Sparring

Who Should Buy 16 ounce Sparring Gloves?

best 16oz sparring gloves reviews

1. People who need Sparring gloves

16oz gloves are an excellent choice for sparring. While compared to 14oz gloves, these gloves provide more padding and protection on the hands and the opponent you are punching at. Also, the 16oz gloves hit with less power than a 14oz glove to protect your opponent.

2. People who need Training gloves

If you are training, you will need to opt for 16oz gloves instead of lower-weight gloves. The reason is that such gloves enhance the strength of the arms. Moreover, the gloves strengthen the speed of the hands to guarantee more confidence.

3. Persons with an 80kg+ weight

To protect your partner, people with a weight that is higher than 80kgs should get 16oz gloves. These gloves are bigger and safer because of the wider area with more padding. Also, the gloves are suitable when used by people who have big hands and those who hit hard.

Reviews of the 8 Best 16oz Sparring Gloves

Below, you will find a review of the top 8 best 16oz sparring gloves. Read on and consider purchasing one of them.

#1. Best Sale – Venum Boxing Gloves with Large Elastic Velcro Enclosure

best sale Venum Challenger 16oz gloves with breathable interior


Why People Like It?

  • Affordable and high-quality construction.
  • Good cushioning and comfortable to wear.
  • A range of color choices for you to pick one that matches your style.
  • Embossed Venum logo provides a 3D touch effect and a stylish look.

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The ideal gloves for beginners and advanced users is Venum Challenger 2.0 Gloves. Lightweight in design, these gloves are designed to deliver exceptional value and comfort. They are made using quality PU leather which provides greater durability suitable for high-performance usage.

With a breathable interior mesh, the gloves protect sweat and moisture from accumulating for a comfortable user experience.

Plus, they are fitted with a triple-density foam which offers unparalleled shock absorption to protect your hands and extend your training period. You can get the gloves when looking for the best 16oz sparring gloves for use by a variety of persons, thanks to the Velcro enclosure with elastic designed to provide a secure fit and support.

Better, the gloves are a perfect choice for sparring gloves designed to guarantee your safety while striking. The reason is the curved anatomical design with the reinforced palms and the 100% fully-attached thumbs designed to ensure safer striking.

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#2. Runner up – Venum Elite Gloves with 3-lier Natural Foam

Venum Elite 16 ounce sparring gloves with 3 layers of natural foam


Why People Like It?

  • Great padding for protection.
  • Solid and vivid colors last long.
  • They adjust perfectly to the hands.
  • The gloves provide optimal wrist support.

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Benefit from the highest fighting experience at the best price once you get Venum Elite Gloves. These gloves incorporate three layers of natural foam and reinforced palms. The foam delivers unrivalled shock absorption to protect you from harm while using them.

Additionally, the gloves feature an anatomical shape and grip. Because of this, they can offer comfort to the user while protecting you from losing the grip.

Hand-stitched in Thailand, the gloves are one of the best choices for durable 16oz sparring gloves. Not only that, but they are made using 100% premium Skintex leather to enhance strength.

The gloves integrate long cuffs to protect the hands and wrists and extend your training time. Further, they include reinforced seams for long-lasting quality and help you fight harder and longer.

Availed in different colors and size options, you can rest assured to get an option that matches your preferred styles and size.

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#3. Best Rating – Hayabusa Gloves with 4 Layer Foam for Male and Females

Hayabusa female 16oz sparring gloves


Why People Like It?

  • Lots of colors to select from.
  • The gloves provide a proper alignment and snug fit.
  • They are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort.
  • An adjustable closure system provides for the precise customization of the fit.

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If you are looking for the best-rated gloves for bag work or sparring, I would like to recommend Hayabusa Gloves.

Equipped with a 4-layer foam structure, the gloves provide the best cushioning performance, making them an ideal choice for the best boxing training gloves, heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves, or kickboxing gloves.

What’s more, the gloves integrate a Dual-X closure system, which comprises of adjustable dual straps so that you can secure your wrists and keep them aligned with every punch.

Made to last, the gloves are handcrafted using top-of-the-line leather so that they can deliver a superior resistance to tear, crack, and abrasion.

Besides that, the gloves include four interlocking splints at the back of the hand. The splints support and align the wrists for a safe and comfortable practicing experience.

Something else that makes this pair a unique choice is the unique fabric thumb. The thumb area features a soft material so that you can use it to clear your face of the sweat for improvement of your experience while training.

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#4. Best Price – Fairtex 16 oz Sparring Gloves for All Purpose Training

Fairtex sparring gloves 16oz for Muay Thai training


Why People Like It?

  • Lots of colors and sizes options.
  • The gloves fit nicely and snugly.
  • The air vents enable the hands to breathe well.

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Enjoy a high-quality experience, fight after fight, with the help of Fairtex 16 oz Sparring Gloves.

Made using genuine leather, they are one of the best choices for durable Sparring gloves. Also, the gloves include Velcro straps for a secure fit on different hand sizes.

You can wear these gloves since they will deliver excellent shock disbursement and hand and knuckle protection, thanks to the Fairtex foam system.

Besides, the gloves feature a unique contoured and tight-fit hand compartment for a secure and snug fit.

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#5. High End – Hayabusa Sparring Gloves for Hand Protection

best recommended Hayabusa 16 oz sparring gloves


Why People Like It?

  • Well-made and beautiful stitching.
  • Two size options and several color choices.
  • The gloves are perfect for all training situations.
  • The gloves protect the hands using the double straps.

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Responding to the need for 16oz sparring gloves that deliver the hand protection you can trust is Huyabusa Sparring Gloves.

These gloves feature a 4-layer foam design. Each layer of the foam absorbs the impact force while dissipating it. As a result, the gloves are suitable for bag work, sparring, and punching mitts.

What’s more, the sparring gloves are suitable when looking for a pair that is designed to be comfortable and offer a secure fit. The reason is the T3’s thumb position and the position size design.

Each glove is made using high-end materials, techniques, and finishes to enhance strength. Better, the gloves are made by experienced professional artisans to guarantee durability.

Featuring a fully adjustable Dual-X closure system that combines two Velcro straps, you can customize the fit to meet specific needs. Also, the foam structure runs from the knuckles down over the top of the wrists to protect and support the wrists and hands while increasing the performance.

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#6. Best with Leather Cover – Pro Impact Wrist Support for Sparring Use

Pro Impact 16 ounce gloves for sparring use


Why People Like It?

  • They deliver a comfortable and balanced feel.
  • The gloves are suitable for boxing and cardio workouts.
  • Hook and loop closures allow for a secure and customized fit.

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Increase your level of striking while minimizing the stressful sensation at the impact areas using Pro Impact Boxing Gloves. The gloves are made of top-quality genuine leather. This material provides long-term strength so that they can hold up during training and sparring sessions for years to come.

Additionally, the gloves integrate a triple-layered foam. The foam absorbs the impact force while dissipating it to deliver maximum protection from pressure and heavy impact force. Designed to endure pressure and heavy impact force, the gloves are suitable for fighters in a training session or real match.

What’s more, the gloves ensure that the hands and knuckles are protected from damage to guarantee protection during the toughest beatings.

The Pro Impact Boxing Gloves are available in a range of choices, including 12-, 14- and 16-ounce sizes.

They integrate extra-long cuffs. The cuffs provide full support and protection of the wrists, thanks to the adjustable hook-and-loop closures that provide a secure and customized fit.

Equipped with extra padding, the gloves can offer greater stability, making them suitable for sparring and training.

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#7. Best with Max Shock Foam Padding – RDX Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves for Sparring

RDX 16oz leather sparring and punching gloves for durability


Why People Like It?

  • Dual seamed for durability.
  • The gloves are easy to wear and take off.
  • Spongy blacktop fabric enhances softness to the wrists.
  • Sweat-wicking technology prevents sweat accumulation.

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The RDX is the best 16oz boxing gloves with a maximum shock-absorbing foam padding. They are made using sturdy cowhide leather with reinforced double stitching. Because of this, the gloves resist wear and tear while offering an unmatched performance suitable for kickboxing, muay Thai, and sparring.

What’s more, the gloves integrate a Max-shock foam padding. The padding protects the hands by dispensing the force across the surface of the gloves without conceding to any power.

You can wear gloves when you need total hand protection. The reason is the EVA-Lution foam slabs in the palm traps. These slabs protect the hands and redistribute the shock across the glove for optimal protection. Besides, the gloves adopt a padding that aligns to the fist curvature, encouraging you to form a punch instead of restricting it.

The gloves are comfortable to wear and designed to offer a secure fit, thanks to the TAKKA closure system. Besides, there is an advanced strap design that offers a non-slip grip.

And to decrease the amount of sweat accumulation while practicing, the gloves adopt tactically-placed air holes in the palm for effective sweat dissipation.

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#8. Best Ergonomic – Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves

Fairtex 16 oz sparring gloves for Muay Thai


Why People Like It?

  • Vivid colors.
  • They stretch perfectly.
  • Adequate padding protects the hands.
  • The gloves offer a firm and solid support.
  • Well-made and sturdy leather construction.

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Responding to the need for all-purpose boxing gloves is the Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves. Ergonomically designed, they are comfortable to wear, and thus, convenient to use. Also, they are equipped with a unique contoured and tight-fit hand compartment that offers a secure and snug fit.

Constructed using premium leather, the gloves are durable and designed for long-lasting performance. Also, they are equipped with a Fairtex foam system for excellent shock disbursement, hand, and knuckle protection.

You can expect the gloves to create a tight and compact design, and protect the entire hand, thanks to the evenly distributed padding. Besides, the gloves feature a wrap-around hook and loop wristband to provide a better fit for greater control and comfort.

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Factors to Consider when Buying the Right 16 oz. Sparring Gloves

1. Material

Which material should your sparring gloves feature? Well, 16oz sparring gloves are usually made using leather or vinyl. To make the right choice, you should consider the amount you want to spend on a sparring glove, the length of time you want the gloves to last, and the comfort the gloves will offer.

Typically, vinyl gloves are cheaper than leather gloves. However, leather gloves can last longer than vinyl gloves.

  • Therefore, it is advisable to buy vinyl gloves for beginners or people who don’t use the gloves regularly.
  • On the other hand, leather gloves are suitable for professionals and people who will be practicing daily.

Another difference of these gloves is that leather is more breathable than vinyl. This means someone using vinyl gloves ends up with hands that are more sweaty and hot than someone using leather gloves.

So, if you are willing to spend more, then you could consider leather gloves as opposed to vinyl despite being a beginner.

Buy Fairtex Genuine Leather Gloves for Sparring and Training

Fairtex sparring gloves 16oz for Muay Thai training

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2. Closure System

16oz sparring gloves can comprise of a lace-up closure system or a Velcro closure system. So, which one are you supposed to purchase?

Lace-up gloves offer a tighter fit and better wrist support. The disadvantage of these gloves is that you will require to get someone to help you with tieing them up. Hence, these gloves are suitable if you will be training with someone, or when you are getting gloves for professional boxers.

On the other hand, Velcro gloves are easy to put on and remove without assistance. Their disadvantage is that their fit and wrist support is not comparable to lace-up sparring gloves.

Overall, both of the two kinds are easy to use gloves when it comes to sparring.

3. Style

Sparring gloves come in different styles and designs. If the gloves will be part of your training outfit, then you should consider the style, colors, and patterns. However, note that this will not affect your performance, so avoid paying much consideration to the available styles and designs.

4. Price

16oz Sparring gloves are not available at the same price. Thus, the plans you have for the gloves should dictate the price.

If you are a beginner and not sure if you will stick on the pair, opt for a cheaper choice to avoid wasting your cash.

However, if you have made up your decision or if you are a professional looking for the best 16oz sparring gloves, opt for leather gloves that will last longer but designed to cost more.

Buy Everlast Elite Pro 16oz Sparring Gloves

Everlast Elite 16oz sparring gloves

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The best 160z sparring gloves are what you need when you want to offer a reliable strike without straining or hurting your hands.

Therefore, buy one of the reviewed items so that you can protect your hands and your opponent’s body, whether you are starting up on boxing or a professional boxer.