Top 8 Best Inversion Table for Sciatica Reviews 2022

If you’re suffering from sciatica, don’t consider intrusive medical procedure at this time except if your primary care physician prescribes it. You can utilize an inversion table for sciatica. The best inversion tables don’t be excessively expensive. So if you go into the market searching for one, guarantee it’s the best one. Try not to leave the value alone the standard of your buy.


Best Inversion Table for Sciatica Reviews

1. Innova ITX9600A Heavy Duty Inversion

Innova ITX9600A is our leading pick because it’s component rich, which implies you’ll get more than your cash’s worth with this inversion table. It has an all-inclusive lower leg lock handle, which makes it simple for you to verify yourself. There are extra-significant lot max handles and footing handles to help you.

The pressure point massage hubs address specific torment focuses on your back. Different features incorporate comfortable paddings around the lower legs. In addition, when you’re finished with it, you can create it for capacity. It is costly and not every person enjoys the pressure point massage hubs.


-Comfortable cushioning

– Lots of holds and handles

– Foldable


– Expensive

– Not everybody enjoys the pressure point massage hubs.

best inversion table for sciatica

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2. IRONMAN Gravity Inversion Table

Substantial people will require an inversion table that has a high most extreme weight limit, and the IRONMAN Gravity is only the thing.

With a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs, even the heaviest people can appreciate the advantages of inversion treatment utilizing this hardware. The cushioning of the backrest is adjustable foam, which is ideal for furnishing you with fantastic spinal help just as soothing weight focuses.

For included help and more profound extending, this table accompanies a removable lumbar cushion. We love the long handles on the unit, which empowers clients to return to their unique situation after they’re finished effortlessly. The rounded steel outline highlights elastic stabilizers to guarantee that the table doesn’t slip while you’re utilizing it. In any case, a few clients saw the lower leg restriction framework is excessively limited. Additionally, this table is substantial and challenging to store away.


– 350-pound weight limit

– Memory foam cushioning

– Removable lumbar cushion


– Ankle limitations are excessively thin

– Heavy, difficult to store away

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3. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Therapeutic Inversion Table

The Innova ITM4800 is a rock-solid inversion table that has a weight limit of 300 lbs. It includes an uncompromising steel outline, a six-pin edge space framework, a stature change tube, an adjustable headrest cushion, and a reversible lower leg holding framework. What every one of these highlights means is that you can tweak a ton of the highlights of this inversion table to guarantee that you get the ideal fit.

It likewise implies that you can gradually expand your inversion beginning at 15 degrees until you become accustomed to it. What’s more, the get together was simple. It is difficult to store because, however, foldable, it doesn’t secure in position. You’ll need to leave it leaning against the mass of the room or a storage room. Likewise, it’s overwhelming and not effectively mobile. A few clients have detailed that they didn’t discover the lower leg cushioning comfortable.


– 300-pound weight limit

– Adjustable headrest cushion and tallness

– Six pin edge opening framework


– Heavy and not effectively moved

– Ankle cushioning may not be adequate.

bestinnova inversion table for sciatica

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4. Innova ITM5900 Massage Inversion Therapy Table

The Innova ITM5900 is ideal for the individuals who intend to impart this gear to others of changing statures and loads. You can change the size of the table from 4 feet and ten creeps to up to 6 feet and 6 inches. The substantial 1.5-inch square steel outline is very tough and can deal with as much as 300 pounds. The extra-long, full circle wellbeing handlebars furnish clients with help with returning to their unique position. Furthermore, the stool is full.

This unit is additionally foldable, only like a portion of our different picks. Notwithstanding, the adjustable tie which enables you to pick a specific upsetting edge is set excessively low. You’ll have to twist down to secure it in your ideal position, which isn’t always feasible for particular people with back issues. Likewise, a few clients felt that the lower leg pads were on the dainty side. The backboard is shaped, which wouldn’t be an issue except for that it might be restricted for bigger confined people.


– Very moderate

– Adjustable stature

– Extra-long full-circle security handlebars


– Need to twist down to alter the tie

– Ankle pads are slim.

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5. Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table

The Health Gear ITM5500 is a financial limit, a cordial bit of hardware that has a prevalent form. It has a hardcore, 1-1/4″ breadth cylindrical steel outline with non-slip, non-damaging composite feet. With a weight limit of 300 pounds, you can be sure this thing is protected, stable, and durable. It includes a 3-position rotate joint to assist you with controlling how quick you tilt and a tie to assist you with setting the level of your inversion.

Another feature with this inversion table is the adjustable lower leg holder. It has eight different positions, which implies you can without much of a stretch locate the most comfortable fit for you. There’s a lumbar help pad also for expanded extending. Besides, you can likewise effectively change the stature of the table to meet your own needs. Nonetheless, we have noticed that the headrest isn’t adjustable. The pin of the lower leg lock is set at a depressing spot, which may not be anything but difficult to access for those with constant back agony. Also, the directions aren’t finished or clear, which makes gathering this somewhat of a pain.


– Solid fabricate

– Adjustable stature

– Adjustable lower leg holder


– Incomplete/misty guidelines

– The headrest isn’t adjustable.

best inversion table for sciatica

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6. EXERPEUTIC 975SL Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The exerpeutic 975SL is consistent in being appraised as one of the most secure and sturdiest inversion tables available. Rarely do you discover an inversion table so natural to amass as it is produced using Durable, scratch-confirmation cylindrical steel? The tangle is created using adaptable foam. It is furnished with extra-long wellbeing handles and a removable velcro pad for additional help.

The infrared warmth radiation helps in offering profound infiltration into muscles and sprains speeding up the recuperating procedure. The exerpeutic 975SL additionally accompanies a remote control enabling you to alter the warmth from 90-140 degrees Fahrenheit improving blood course to the agonizing territories and mitigating severe fits.

The Ironman can bolster up to 350 lbs and can stretch out to 6 feet 6 inches. Simple to crease for capacity so you can fit in a tight storage room or the middle of furniture for a tidy up room. The non-slide floor stabilizers guarantee the most extreme security and solidness during all periods of inversion.

The Ironman item offers a one year guarantee. Analysts are stating this table is thriving and has a practically immediate impact in mitigating sciatica.


– Infrared heat treatment with remote control

– Heat treatment backrest

– Molded lower leg grasps

– Supports 350 lbs


– Difficult to amass

– Packaging of thing

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7. HARISON Heavy Duty Table

This child additionally has a high most extreme weight limit, which is 350 pounds. It is the extremely wide backrest which highlights flexible foam, ideal for giving the perfect measure of lumbar help and weight point alleviation. The spread is water safe vinyl material that is twofold sewed to guarantee strength. Its cylindrical steel outline is persuasive and highlights non-slide elastic floor stabilizers.

The full casing likewise guarantees steadiness. The stature is additionally adjustable, and the fast discharge ratchet locking framework is anything but difficult to come to; no compelling reason to twist your back around. What’s more, there are, in any event, modifying handle grasps to assist you with remaining increasingly comfortable and secure. It doesn’t generally overlay into a smaller size for simple stockpiling.

Additionally, it’s a piece too overwhelming to even think about moving without anyone else. Also, a few clients announced that the lower leg restrictions were unreasonably little for their enormous size and needed all the more cushioning.


– Memory froth backrest

– Easy-to-arrive at lower leg ratchet locking framework

– Inverting handle holds


– Doesn’t crease into a conservative size

– Heavy

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8. IRONMAN IFT 4000 Therapy Inversion Table

The IRONMAN IFT 4000 has certain similitudes with its kin, for example, a substantial adaptable foam backrest, a 5-position adjustable pin framework, delicate froth handlebars, flexible stature, and a weight limit of 300 pounds. The lower leg pads are comfortable. The hardcore steel outline is full and robust. In any case, what makes this stand apart is the option of the adjustable Lumbar Pad and a flexible headrest connection for included solace.

Nonetheless, this isn’t anything but difficult to collect. What’s more, the plastic end tops are shaky, not the non-slide rubber treated feet we see on different models. What’s more, the lower leg holders are a touch on the little side. Also, the locking instrument is put excessively low on the gear, so you’ll have to twist down.


– Adjustable headrest connection

– Lumbar Pad

– 5-position adjustable pin framework


– Cheap plastic end tops

– Ankle holders are on the little side.

best inversion table and sciatica

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Buying Guider

The best inversion table accompanies a guidance manual. You should utilize it to alter the table to tallness you’re generally comfortable in. You can likewise discover online instructional exercises on the best way to do it. Guarantee that the tallness is bolted safely with the goal that it doesn’t slide when you jump on it. Additionally, ensure that you balanced the inversion table as indicated by your tallness.

1. Can Inversion Table Make Sciatica Worse?

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a specialist, you have to begin low and slow. Reversing to 180o on your first endeavor is directly approaching difficulty. You can start by changing the following 10o and cause additions of 5o each time you to transform. This considers your body to modify and to forestall dazedness or migraines.

2. Are Inversion Tables Good for Sciatica?

Although inversion tables have demonstrated to be perhaps the best technique for treating sciatica, you have to comprehend its cutoff points. At the point when you start altering, you shouldn’t quit consuming medications for your sciatica. You shouldn’t likewise stop going for active recuperation/chiropractic sessions. The table is only an enhancement to natural treatment.

3. How Often Should You Use An Inversion Table?

You have an inclination that you have sufficiently altered, your body will tell you. At the point when you start feeling torment anyplace nearby your back, you have to stop and consult. A few people experience dazedness on the first occasion when they utilize an inversion table. Likewise, guarantee that you connect the same number of muscles as you can to permit muscle fits and irritation to be mitigated.

4. Can You Use An Inversion Table With High Blood Pressure?

It’s essential to pursue your PCP’s recommendation to counteract further wounds. Inversion tables are sheltered and can be gainful to individuals experiencing diverse wellbeing infirmities. They can likewise make genuine wounds explicit individuals with other wellbeing conditions.

Final Words

When you recognize what Sciatica is, you have to figure out how to utilize an inversion table. The main thing you should know is that; the same guidelines apply to practically the entirety of the best inversion tables available. We trust this post has given you some understanding concerning sciatica and inversion tables. You can adequately utilize them to dispose of the irritating agony. Don’t hesitate to remark on the off chance that you have any inquiries or proposals to improve the article.