Top 7 Best Front Drive Elliptical Machine Reviews

A front-drive elliptical machine is a stationary machine for exercise with less or no pressure on one’s joints resulting in no or minimal impact injuries when using it. This machine is helpful to individuals with injuries for keeping fit as it can be varied from light intensity to high intensity determined by the training speed and resistance.

The elliptical machine can either be self-powered where the person using it generates motion or is moved by applying its electronic consoles adjustment for motion and resistance.

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Top 7 Best Front Drive Elliptical Machine Reviews

1. Best Overall -Sole New E35 Elliptical

sole front drive elliptical

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Sole New E35 is an elliptical machine that is best designed to bring desired features to the user and has a lot of settings and is comfortable at all times. It is a new product in the market and comes with an integrated holder for its tablet. It allows those using it to watch shows as well as watching their workout routine.

The E35 Elliptical also has a USB port where one can charge a phone or a smart device when working out and contains as well audio speakers that can be connected by use of Bluetooth, where you can entertain yourself while training on the console. It has a 25 lb., the flywheel that provides a smooth and quiet ride with a power inclining targets for lower parts of your body and other elliptical miss.

Its pedal is 19 inches high from the ground at its highest point. 20-inch strides length and is a very sturdy and stable product that you have not to worry about when training on it. This product comes with a lifetime warranty of 5 years for its parts and home labor of 2 years.

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2. Best Powerful –Sole E95S Multifunctional Elliptical

sole e95s elliptical

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This equipment is better, efficient and is made of high-quality materials hence able to serve for a long period. Importantly it comprises innovative ideas for fitness from Sole fitness, which is known for quality and services that deliver results.

It is easy to use this product with all features of the health club model and can transfer the workout information from the fitness product by use of Bluetooth, cooling fans, and a holder for a water bottle. It contains multiple levels of inclination to accommodate all persons of different abilities; its driving system works quietly and provides a smooth ride.

The product contains a USB port for charging the smart device while you are working on it and contains a Bluetooth supported audio speaker. It features a maximum user of 400 lbs. And its pack weight is 315 lbs.

The program list is a ten pulse grip with a chest strap that is compatible plus a heart rate monitor. The flywheel weighs 30 lbs., pedal size of 15 inches, and the maximum stride length is adjustable between 24 inches to 18 inches. Inclines pedal of 15 inches that cannot be adjusted.

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3. Best Compact -Schwinn Front Drive Elliptical Machine

schwinn front drive elliptical

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This product is enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity, can easily be set, and racking and monitoring one’s progress can be done by use of Schwinn training app-based tracking tool, i.e., MyfitnessPal, EXPLORE THE WORLD and AU record for tracking fitness.

It is synchronized with run social applications that can be freely downloaded and can run through nineteen locations with twenty-seven routes along with anyone across the globe in real-time.

Incline adjustments can be monitored as 10 degrees adjustments enable inclining control and challenging workout. This product is designed with a foot motion tech as a 20-inch stride tends to simulate a natural running movement.

Schwinn Elliptical contains 29 programs for a workout, 12 profiles, nine heart rate controls, four customs, two fitness tests, and a single quick start. Resistance levels are 25 in total and provide a wide range of workout option intensities.

It has a dual-track LCD and media self that can be connected to the console speaker by mp3 input port and has a USB port for media charging and comes as well with an adjustable fan.

The package weighs 190lbs. and supports individuals up to 189 lbs. and comes with a warranty from the manufacturer of 10 years, two years for mechanical parts, a year electronica, and three months labor.

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4. NordicTrack NTEL71218 Elliptical Machine

nordictrack front drive elliptical

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Interactive equipment that you can use for personal training at your home as it is powered by an iFit of one-year membership well captured in the elliptical.

It contains a 7 inch HD smart touch screen display that helps one to perform immersive training and tracks workouts that enables the trainer to attain optimal results and to gain confidence by knowing the conditions of incline and speed. Its stride is adjustable up to 19 inches and has a soft touch grip and with 20 degrees adjustable power ramp that is matching with the designed technology that enables the iFit to adjust the incline when training.

This machine has 24 digital resistance levels plus oversized pedals with cushions, auto breeze workout fan, and water bottle holder that gives comfort during workouts. The equipment is an SMR magnetic resistant that delivers smooth and quiet workout when using it and has oversized levelers that give stability to the trainer. This equipment supports up to 210 lbs. and with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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5. Sole E95 Front Drive Elliptical

sole elliptical machine

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Front Drive Elliptical allows one to customize workouts basing on the desires of the trainer on speed, distance, resistance level, and period. It contains a silent driving system that produces forward and reverses actions. This machine can transfer training data from the fitness equipment via Bluetooth and has a variety of incline levels for all users despite their abilities.

Its driving system works smoothly and silently hence giving a quiet ride. It has audio speakers that are Bluetooth supported with a USB port that helps to charge the smart devices when working out.

The equipment weighs 27 lbs. and supports weight up to 400lbs. and the incline is power-adjustable up to 20 degrees. The maximum stride length that can be adjusted between 2o to 22 inches has ten adjustable positions, and its pedals are cushioned.

Its pedals are large enough and textured to provide grip to the user and as well ensure feet will not slip off during intensive workouts. This product is made of durable and high-quality materials giving the user confidence when doing his exercises.

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6. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

elliptical exercise bike

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If you are searching for an elliptical machine that can help you get rid of excess pounds and raise cardiovascular endurance, then Marcy recumbent exercise bike is here for you.

You will benefit from some type of exercises that are offered in large and expensive physical bikes. This product is built with a compact design that fits into any small exercise room; its seat can be adjusted to allow your legs to get proper strides while pedaling.

It contains LCD computer displays for time, distance, odometer, and speed hence enabling the person training to keep track of his training progress. The resistance in this bile can as well be adjusted just under its handlebars, therefore, making it easy for the trainer to change resistance during workouts.

The handlebars are recumbent, and the seatback pad provides comfort during long rides, and its pedals have safety straps as it allows for a strong grip to the feet when pedaling. It contains eight resistance levels and uses magnetic mechanics; the tension knob controls difficulty hence simulating the ride when on different terrains.

Features heavy-duty construction with 14 gauge tubing from steel material and powered coat finish hence durable, and the step-through in design allows it to have maximum mobility when training. The product comes with two years of’ limited manufactures warranty.

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7. Bowflex Results Front Drive Elliptical Machine

front drive elliptical machine

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This product is Bluetooth supported, and the user can set, make tracks, and able to monitor workout progress with application-based tracking tolls, i.e., my-fitness pal, explore the world, and AU records.

It is effortless to control it by the presence of multi-grip handlebars buttons, ensuring your incline and adjusting resistance are taken care of. It also contains a low impact cushion and three different levels of tilt adjustments to increase muscle activation and switch selections; hence one can achieve desirable results.

The equipment contains a 7.5-inch full-color LCD screen that features nine push and goes intuitive workouts programs, and this product allows one to adjust to comfortable personal level workouts. It has a 22-inch stride length and maximum user weight capacity up to 375lbs.

It has a warranty time frame of 15 years, where five years cover its parts and electronics and two years of labor. This product is made of durable products hence able to serve for years.

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Best Front Drive Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

These guiding factors will enable one to choose the most effective and best elliptical machine to use in his house or elsewhere with the ability to meet the needs of personal training or using it. You have to consider the following factors.

1. Price of the Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines make vary from manufacturers hence differ in their prices in the market. High performing elliptical machines that are both effective and efficient are top in costs attached to it. You should be considering buying the best quality product that has the capacity of serving for long and does excellent work despite its price.

A high price tag doesn’t always guarantee good quality elliptical machines, as prices tend to fluctuate over time brought about by different levels of demand. Getting an elliptical machine under $500 or under $1000 could be a good idea.

Consider elliptical machine products with useful features, effectiveness, and adjustability, sophistication, working technology, size, and capacity. These features differ in different models, and you have to make a comparison to get the best for you. Before making a choice, it is essential that you find out the key features contained in a given product as you can get the most appropriate model that you need at a low price.

2. Quality

A high-quality elliptical machine is very vital before you make any purchase; not only will it give the best results and able to serve for an extended period of time, but also you will get the value of your money. A quality elliptical machine will give certainty of serving for long without breaking down or having any need to replace it or some of its parts.

3. Available Space

You have to know the available space where you can comfortably place your elliptical machine, either for exercising or for storing it when not in use. If you have limited space for putting an elliptical machine, consider buying a compact elliptical or folding elliptical for saving your space.

4. Weight Rating

Know the specifics adjustments, the maximum weight that can be supported, height, and size of the machine. This is important for the trainers that will use the machine as it should be comfortable to accommodate them during workouts.

Maximum weight rating, stability, and ability to track workouts are a very important factor you have to consider before choosing an elliptical machine. This considered factors of a person who is going to use it. Look at the maximum user weight to make your equipment work effectively without straining.

5. Flexibility

Get the elliptical equipment that can be adjusted that is able to be inclined or declined to suit different persons who will be using it. If the can be adjusted, it will give a good simulation of your training place and space.



There are countless health benefits when one uses elliptical machine for workouts; this includes fitness, weight loss, reduced insulin resistance, and heart strength.

This machine as well gives options for heart rate and blood pressure monitoring to those who have such complications as it determines how much exercise they need to do daily with its ability to track workout data.

Using it helps to reduce stress in the body than when training outdoors, as well as helps to protect blood vessels and heart diseases by maintaining a low density of lipoprotein and boosting the good level of cholesterol. It is very healthy to use elliptical machine for workouts and is recommendable for everyone. Buy now!