9 Best Elliptical Under $1000 Reviews 2022

Maybe you have not looked at buying any home-gym equipment in years, partly because of the astronomical cost. Maybe you still do not have space for a home gym per se but are interested in checking out what is on the market.

You are in luck because these days there are plenty of elliptical machines available for under $1,000. Actually, there are even a handful of very highly rated models available for under $1000 or less.


9 Best Elliptical Machine Under 1000 Reviews

1. Best Overall -Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3865

sunny health fitness elliptical trainer

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3865 is a perfect elliptical for both professional and beginner users. The stride measures about 20 inches for excellent peddling for different sizes. This in return, helps to increase strength and build of muscles due to the high motion the pedals create.

There are a total of 12 pre-loaded programs for you to choose your preferred workout program intensity, another feature that makes it perfect workout equipment for all people. Other than providing multiple workout programs, this elliptical has 7 workout modes that help you to target different parts of the body.

The elliptical has a heart monitor feature that helps you to follow up with your heart rate and its health when working out.

Do you like to listen to music while you work out? Well, this elliptical is designed with a storage space where you can place your phone, iPod or any other music gadget while working out. Other than this, there is also a bottle holder to ensure you stay hydrated while working out.

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2. Best Value -Schwinn 430 Compact Elliptical

Compact Elliptical Machine under 1000

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If you are starting with your weight loss journey, I would advise you to acquire this magnificent elliptical workout device. It is set to enable the user to utilize the available workout features to their capability. For example, the machine has a goal track whereby you can set the results you want to achieve at a given time when utilizing it to exercise. 22 preset workout programs provide excellent and varying intensity to provide the right workout results.

You can easily monitor the functionality of your heart thanks to the available 8 heart rate control mechanisms. This is also all-round workout equipment that you can utilize for start-up and continued workout since it features different workout speed. Therefore, you can start slow to warm up and increase the speed as your muscles get ready.

There is 2 LCD screen that provides an excellent view of the tracked workout results. There are connectivity ports where you can connect your MP3 device to listen to music for motivation when working out.

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3. Best Professional -Sole E25 Elliptical Under 1000

sole elliptical under 1000

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Spend less and get your body fit with this amazing workout equipment. Although the elliptical retails at low cost, it features a total of 20 incliners to ensure you get the right resistance when working out for effective results.

You can listen to your favorite music while working out thanks to the Bluetooth connecting setting. This machine also has a speaker to ensure excellent audibility. You can move it to different areas when working out since the base area features four wheels for easy maneuvering around.

The front part is designed with a tablet holder in case you need other jobs such as watching, communication or even checking your emails while working out. This is the perfect elliptical to install your bedroom or living rooms due to its low tone operational sounds. Therefore, other activities can go on while it is still working

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4. Best for Home -ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical

proform elliptical under 1000

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Get the best workout cardio results by working out with this magnificent and affordable elliptical machine. It is compatible with most portable music devices such as iPods and other MP3 players so you can enjoy some music while working out.

The elliptical provides a total of 24 different workout resistance levels to ensure you get excellent and the best workout results. The large 7 Inch LCD screen comes with a backlit such that you can still work out in a dark area and get the right results. There is an integrated table holder when you can put your tablet or a phone for easy access.

An ergonomic handlebar that provides excellent grip, and it also comes with an inbuilt fan that prevents the device from overheating. There are wheels for easy transportation of the device when setting up and water bottle for ensuring you keep hydrating yourself when working out.

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5. Best Folding -Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

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That’s right if you were under the impression that you could just talk yourself out of the gym and get away with it, you just ran out of excuses. There are some models that are compact, purely run on mechanical movement without any electricity, and can be stowed neatly in the closet until it is time to exercise again tomorrow. (Here for Best Compact Elliptical Machines)

These are so minimal that they are more approachable, friendlier in a sense, and easy to use while watching television or reading even. In this day and age of ever-present technology, people have really taken a love to the unplugged variety of elliptical.

The advantages are that they are quiet, run according to your own body’s momentum and not on a pre-programmed mode. In addition, because they do not need to plug in, they could work even if there is a power outage.

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6. Best Compact -Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 Elliptical Trainer

Electrical Download, the other types of machines have flywheels, either in the back or the front of the elliptical. The front-flywheel machine has a bigger vertical movement while the back provides for a longer stride. It is a boon for tall people. And if you want to try the best compact and portable elliptical under $200, you also try this model below:

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3416 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, Gray

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Sleek, Sturdy steel frame, with transportation wheels for easy portability and relocation.

Here is another collection of tips to buy the best affordable ellipticals: Choosing Best Value Elliptical For The Money


7. ProForm Endurance 720 Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Endurance 720 Elliptical Trainer

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Check out the ProForm rear-driven machine. The 720 has 24 preset workout apps, 20 digital resistance levels, and iFit Compatible technology.

This model features of high-priced machines, such as pulse monitors in the handlebars, and ergonomic soft grip as well. It does offer 18 different workout plans and lets you use your iPod with it.


8. Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

Look at the Horizon EX-59 as well. It is very highly rated. Get an upper body workout with moving arms while you are working out your lower body and core. There is no incline, and this is where it definitely turns the corner into home-grade gym equipment. Reviews below:

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

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Though it is an excellent machine, and that in itself cannot be discounted. It features 10 programs and a cooling fan. It has a maximum user weight that it can take up to 275 pounds. It is not portable and does not fold up or move out of the way easily.

It does have a pulse rate monitor as well, which is standard in many models. The LCD screen is 4.5 inches that include readouts on the heart rate, program information, distance, and time. It does include a calorie burned calculator and provides workout feedback overall.

For shorter people, it is a good machine because there is a little distance between the pedals. The step height is 10 inches with built-in technology to keep you upright. The speakers are excellent surround-sound quality. You may want to check Different Elliptical Trainers fit various users.

Those are just some of the best elliptical machines that are less than $1000. There are plenty of products these days that are available at a good rate. They are not all bare-bones either. The machines with flywheels and electric are all offering up club-level features for an at-home price. The big caveat is to remember that these are not gym-level machines, though. Keep that in mind, but look forward to the convenience of having an elliptical at home for your own private use.

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9. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Under 1000

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

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The last one we want to say is Nautilus E614, the adjustable fan will keep you cool. Monitor your heart rate with the sensors built into ergonomic handles, or use the motion handles to give your arms a great workout and increase cardiovascular activity. More details for you:

The main features of Nautilus E614 include 20-Inch stride length, 22 programs, 20 levels of resistance, 2 user profiles as well as acoustic chambered speakers for big sound.

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Best Elliptical Trainers Under $1000 Buying Guide

use elliptical

In most cases, the cost is a key determinant of the value or convenience of the machine, but when it comes to elliptical, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get effective workout equipment.

Some models retail from as low as 100 dollars to 1000dollars and still serve the purpose. The following is a buying guide to follow when buying an elliptical for less than 1000 dollars.

1. The Number of Programs

Programs equipped on the elliptical helps to determine the number or the level of resistance the device will provide when working out. So, this should be one of the things to look out for when buying the equipment.

The elliptical machines retailing at lower than 1000 dollars are designed with workout programs that range from 5 to 20 or more. So, this means that the more the programs the machine has, the more resistance levels you will achieve in your workout. So, always go for a machine with the highest level of resistance.

2. The Stride Size

The stride is the distance between the pedals on both sides when working out. The size of the stride is a crucial thing to consider since it determines your motion and how comfortable you will be when peddling the machine. M

ost of the elliptical machines is designed with a stride range of about 18 to 20 inches, which is a good distance for many people. So, in other words, the large the stride the device can provide, the more comfort and great motion it will provide and vice versa.

3. Size

This is a critical factor to look into especially if you live in small apartments. If your workout room is not too big, then you will need an elliptical that fits well and does not restrict movement around the room.

So, check out the available sizes and choose the one that fits your home. You can also take measurements of the area that you wish to use it up, and use the measurements to buy the right elliptical machine.

4. The Storage Spaces

The elliptical retailing at less than 1000 dollars are also designed with different storage spaces whereby some feature bottle holder, tablet holder and even small gadget holders like a phone.

Check out these parts and choose the machine that suits you. If you like to work out while still checking our emails or office work, consider an elliptical with large storage space like a tablet holder. You can also consider buying a folding elliptical for space-saving purposes.

5. Ease to Use

Although these machines are designed with different programs and resistance levels make sure to choose a machine that is easy and comfortable to use. Form the assembling time to the selection of programs and workout modes, choose a device that does not take long to set.


Benefits of Elliptical Trainers

best elliptical bike

1. Aids in Weight Loss

An elliptical provides cardio workouts that involve the major parts of the body. The resistance and workout modes on this device help to increase the rate of calorie burning.

Research shows that using an elliptical for about 30 minutes can help you burn from 300 to 400 calories. But, this depends on one’s body as you may burn even more calories or less.

2. Improves Cardio

Cardio workouts play a major role in creating a balance on the cardio areas such as the lungs and the heart. This in return helps to strengthen these parts of the body for better functionality. Most of the elliptical is equipped with a heart monitor to allow you to follow up with the health of your heart when exercising.

3. Full Body Workout

Unlike some workout equipment that targets some parts of the bod the elliptical is recommendable for full-body involvement. It requires both the lower and upper body parts for effective results which in return help to impact your whole body. Therefore, you can utilize this workout device for a full-body workout.

4. Burns Fats

The high resistance levels and workout modes provided by the elliptical machines increase the metabolism in the body which results in a high level of fat burning. Note that you can only accelerate the level of fat burning your body depending on how you set the machine.

5. Works for People with Injuries

Unlike other workout moves or equipment that may cause a huge impact on your body when working out, elliptical is recommendable for people suffering from injuries due to their low impact levels. You get to set the machine depending on your preferred workout mode and intensity thus ensuring less stress on the injured parts of the body.



The elliptical machine is one of the versatile workout equipment ideals for both gym and home use. You can achieve a wide variety of workout modes using these machines thanks to the available settings and workout modes. If you are looking for an elliptical that is cost-effective, well consider the above reviewed elliptical that cost less than 1000 dollars.

They feature different resistance intervals workout modes to suit different people. They also come with extra storage spaces where you can store your necessities such as water or tablet while working out. Check out weight limits since these workout machines can only support specific weights.



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