Teeter Hang Ups 960 vs 970 Inversion Table – Difference & Similarity

Acute back pains are always a common problem among many individuals. However, to manage, reduce, and possibly do away with this pain, you may need to acquire some of the best inversion tables in the market since they offer long-lasting relief unlike in other treatment options.

The most recommended inversion tables are always the Teeter brand. They manufacture quality and medical-grade products; however, they also have various inversion table models in the market with slight variations in features and prices.

Thus, finding the most suitable Teeter inversion table model that best suits you could be challenging. Henceforth, we have reviewed some of the two most popular models from the Teeter Company, Teeter hang ups 960 vs 970 inversion table, to allow you to make an informed choice while shopping for an inversion table.

Teeter Hang Ups 960 vs 970 Inversion Table

Difference Between Teeter 960 and 970 Inversion Table

These two models being from the same brand; their designs and incorporated features are usually somewhat similar, with only slight variation from the 960 to the 970 since the latter is an improvement from the former. Thus, some of the similarities and differences between the Teeter 960 and 970 inversion table models include;

inversion table 960 vs 970

EZ-Reach ankle system

Both the Teeter models feature the triple-lock ankle security system comprising of the handle, comfort dial, and the ankle cups. These provide maximal support and comfort to the user.

The ankle cups on both the inversion tables are always similar in structure and function as they comfortably and ergonomically support the feet and the ankles. The ankle comfort dial also operates similarly to offer an adjustable foot platform for varying feet size users. However, there is a slight variation on the ankle lock handle.

The Teeter 960 (Full Review Here) usually has an extended handle for easy securing of the ankle while avoiding unnecessary bending.

The Teeter 970 on the other hand, however, features an extra-long ankle lock handle, the longest among the two with additional technological advances, such as the fact that the handle is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel with a ratcheting, micro-adjusting closure and gravity lock security for an even easier process in securing the ankles.

Traction and extra-long stretch max handles

These features are similar in both models as the extra-long stretch max handles incorporated in the Teeter 960 and 970 models provide an extensive grip surface providing even more stretching options. The traction handles are also sufficiently long for easy access and assistance.

By gently pushing and releasing the handles, you get to enjoy smooth and rhythmic oscillations during your therapy session. These are thus similar in design and functionality in both Teeter models.


Safety and proper security are paramount in such devices because wrong use may result in further damage and pain to the user. Thus, both the Teeter 960 and 970 usually come with a variety of security features. They include the auto-locking hinges, cam locks, and pivot bearings. These provide smooth operation of the chair without the fear of getting stuck in an uncomfortable inverted position or freely swing around, resulting in injuries.

Manufacturing materials

Both models of inversion tables are also manufactured from high-quality heavy gauge stainless steel. This further guarantees the security of the table and the users by making them strong and sturdy to properly support body weight. The steel parts also guarantee the durability of the inversion tables for long term use, thus ensuring that you achieve long term effects against back pain.

User capacity

The sturdy and robust design of these inversion tables further guarantees they both support an immense amount of weight. Thus, both Teeter 960 and 970 inversion tables can comfortably support individual weights of up to 300 pounds. The models’ average length can also accommodate individuals within the height range of 4 ft. 8 inches and 6 ft. 6 inches. This provides a wide range of capacity for all kinds of people.

using teeter inversion tables

Assembly process

These inversion tables often arrive mostly pre-assembled, requiring the joining of the major components to make it fully functional. This is usually quite straightforward. However, for unsure beginners, you may also download a 3D instructional app for further assembly instructions. The process in both Teeter 960 and 970 is usually complete in just about five steps averaging at around 13 minutes.

After proper assembly, there is always no need for disassembly during storage since both the inversion tables can always be folded into a compact shape. Thus conserving space and making storage even easier.

ComforTank bed and included accessories

The ComforTank beds in both the Teeter 960 and 970 are usually similar in many ways. For instance, they both have a firm yet quite a comfortable surface for better spine elongating stretches and maximum pain relief since they do not sink the body.

Further incorporated in the bed designs are lumbar bridges and the acupressure nodes. The acupressure nodes on both the inversion tables are usually removable, enabling the user to control when and when not to receive the trigger point release on painful muscle tension.

On the other hand, lumbar bridges add traction to the lower back while taking pressure off the discs and may also square misaligned hips. The lumbar bridges are also removable from the Comfortank bed; however, only adjustable in the Teeter 970 model allowing for the adjustment of your back’s curve in several arch positions increasing the therapeutic effect and pain relief by the inversion table.


It is quite clear from the reviews that these two Teeter models are closely designed with only slight variations on some advanced features. Therefore, for a more cost-efficient option, you may opt to go with the Teeter 960 since it will still guarantee effective outcomes. However, for a few additional features and maybe a costly purchase, you should check the Teeter 970 model since it comes with features for a guaranteed extra comfort and pain relief. Therefore, you should thoroughly go through the article to ascertain the Teeter inversion table model you need.