Top 5 Best Magnetic Treadmill Reviews

Training on the magnetic treadmill is the best substitute for outdoor jogging and has an amazing benefit that you’d probably want to enjoy. However, the modern market is flooded with an amazing brand, which might be confusing when it comes to picking your best choice; therefore, with our guide, we have summarized everything for you and came up with the best models in the market now. Similarly, it is also important to have the necessary information regarding these magnetic treadmills.

What Is the Best Magnetic Treadmill on the Market?


How to Pick the Best Magnetic Treadmill?

Picking the right magnetic treadmill might be confusing, especially are new to the treadmills. Therefore, we find it important to equip yourself with the factors that should be considered when deciding which brand to go for.

These are the most important factors to consider

1 Material and the size of the belt

The magnetic treadmills are designed with different sizes of the belt; therefore, it is advisable to choose a belt size of about 48 inches long and 18 inches wide, but it depends on the user. This is because, for the taller people, you will note that the best size should be around 54 inches for excellent use. Similarly, the cushion used in a running bed should absorb shock, and the belt should be firm such that it doesn’t move around when running it.

2 The size of your budget

This is a crucial consideration such that your budget should comfortably accommodate your selection. You don’t need to strain a lot; therefore, it is important to sample the best brands that fall under your budget range than narrow down to other specifications. Similarly, regardless of your budget, I can guarantee you that you won’t miss one since the magnetic treadmill is often affordable. So, to land on an amazing deal, be sure to shop around or navigate through the online sellers and compare their prices, and you will probably find one at a good price.

3 Space consideration

What’s the size of your room? Generally, the magnetic treadmills are often smaller and lighter, but that doesn’t mean that they all have the same size. Please select the one that will offer enough space around the treadmill, which means that you don’t have to place it against the wall, and choose the one that won’t consume much of the space available. If your room is smaller, you will also have to consider a folding magnetic treadmill since whenever you want to use it, you’ll have to pull it out and ready to use.

4 Incline and stability

Most magnetic treadmills are engineered with a specific standard of the incline; some offer a little adjustability. But the incline standards are set to provide a great workout. Similarly, when buying one, ensure that you step on it and test whether it is stable or not. Also, the arm railings should be at a level to offer maximum comfortability and stability. Generally, the magnetic treadmill’s stability often depends on various factors, including the belt size, deck system, among others.


Best Magnetic Treadmill Reviews

1. Best with Heart Pulse –  Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Magnetic Treadmill

magnetic treadmill nordic walking


  • Convenient storage since you can easily fold it
  • Supports user weight of up to 325lbs
  • Long safety handles
  • Stable


  • Lacks cup holders

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If you are looking for a well-designed magnetic treadmill with amazing functionality, then the Exerpeutic 100XL will be appropriate for you. It is engineered with 6-inch twin diameter flywheels, making it run in an excellent manner providing you with a smoother and consistent workout. Uniquely, the sensors, including the built-in heart rate monitor sensors, make it possible for you to check the heart rate often; therefore, it helps ensure that you are within the healthy range. The Exerpeutic 100XL treadmill can easily be assembled since you’ll have to attach an LCD screen and run your machine. So, this could be your best choice!


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2. Best Heavy Duty – ASUNA Hi-Performance Portable Manual-Magnetic Treadmill

magnetic flat treadmill


  • Good performance
  • Stability
  • Durable
  • Safety handles
  • Easy storage


  • Expensive

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ASUNA is engineered with a heavy-duty steel frame that gives an overview of how durable and can comfortably support a user’s weight of up to 440 pounds. With this brand, safety is guaranteed since it has high-class handles designed with slip and sweat resistant for an excellent grip. Uniquely, it has a tablet holder that will allow you to check and train based on the workout apps. Consequently, it has a 10 degrees incline position favorable for cardiovascular fitness, but you can also adjust since it possesses four additional incline levels to gather your needs.


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3. Best with Wheels – Sunny Health and Fitness Manual Treadmill

best magnetic treadmill


  • Dual flywheels
  • Multi-grip handrails
  • Large running surface
  • 16 resistant levels


  • Lacks sensors

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Sunny Health and Fitness are constructed to offer an adequate running space, which provides enough space for training and supports the user’s weight of up to 300lbs. Similarly, the support handles are made to resist sweat and support many grips; therefore, with his brand, you can walk or run in different directions hance could be the best choice. Also, these handrails ensure maximum safety as they play a role in the stability of the treadmill. What draws our attention is that you can adjust the resistance and the incline to your desired position hence offering a good cardiovascular workout.


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4. Best For Home – Avari Lightweight Magnetic Treadmill

fitness reality magnetic treadmill


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Display readouts
  • Lightweight


  • Only best for walking and jogging

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Unlike most magnetic treadmills, the Avari can be easily assembled and constructed with a strong steel frame, making it durable and sturdy. Apart from its strong construction, it is equipped with a dual weighted flywheel that can comfortably support huge weight and can easily be folded whenever you want to, especially if the space is small. Uniquely, Avari has an easy-to-read LCD, which gives you the speed, distance, calories, and time; therefore, you can easily track your progress. The running surface is designed in such a way that you won’t slip and ensures maximum stability.


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5. Best Incline –  EFITMENT Adjustable Magnetic Treadmill

magnetic treadmill


  • Scan function
  • Lightweight
  • LCD console
  • Folding function


  • Expensive

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The EFITMENT magnetic treadmill is engineered with a great walking or jogging space and adjustable handlebars, which offers great exercise. It moves with a natural arm swing while working out. Similarly, it is equipped with a scan function that will allow you to scroll all the workout metrics and has an easy-to-read LCD console to keep track of the speed, time, distance, calories, and odometer. Consequently, the folding function will make it easy for storage and hence saves on space. The built-in transportation wheels and the hand pulse sensors will facilitate easy movement and heart rate measurement.


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What is a Magnetic Treadmill?

A magnetic treadmill is a motorless treadmill that uses a magnetic force generated from the user’s energy to offer resistance and make the belt move. Therefore, the magnetic treadmill belt’s speed depends on the magnetic pull such that if you increase it, the belt rate will probably increase. If you reduce the magnetic force, the magnetic treadmill will also respond by reducing its speed.


Are Magnetic Treadmills Any Good?

Buying a magnetic treadmill is the best choice for you since they offer excellent functionality; therefore, do not hesitate to try this type of treadmill. Having researched and tested different magnetic treadmills, we could point out many benefits that we will discuss for you shortly. Even though you might encounter a few challenges, especially if you a beginner since the magnetic treadmill will rely on your muscles to run. But we recommend this type of treadmill for everyone, and you will reap these benefits;

  • It saves on your electricity since it doesn’t use the power to run.
  • Magnetic treadmills are affordable when compared with the electric treadmills since it possesses few inbuilt functions.
  • They are more stable facilitated by their design since they are often shorter.
  • They are smaller, can be folded, and doesn’t consume much space compared to the electric treadmill.


Advantages of the Best Magnetic Treadmill

Magnetic resistance treadmills work without a motor. They run when you are on them and you have to make them work. This can be better for many reasons. You will have to work to get them to move and it can make you burn more calories by doing this.

  • Lightweight and convenient for storage

These treadmills are lightweight and easy to store. If you want a treadmill you can put away when you are done with it, you may want to consider purchasing a magnetic resistance treadmill. They are easy to fold up and put away because they are not heavy. They are also nice if you want to move them around to different locations in your home.

  • Cheap and reasonable in price

Magnetic resistance treadmills are cheaper than traditional treadmills, but give you the same type of results. You have to work harder on these treadmills and they may even be better for you to use when it comes to losing weight. If you want to save money, try purchasing one of these treadmills to use.


Magnetic Treadmill Disadvantages

As I have mentioned earlier, the magnetic treadmill has some drawbacks; therefore, you need to understand them before buying one. Equipping yourself with its flaws will help you decide which type you should go for; hence you will land in a non-regrettable choice. But you should note that the disadvantages are very few compared to its great benefits. Therefore, these disadvantages are;

It might spark joint problems.

With this, the beginners are always affected by the problem since they have not adapted to it. This is because you will require to apply your legs to move faster for the belts to run. As a result, straining contrary to the belt will stress your joints, especially if you have hip or knee arthritis.

Suitable for walking.

The magnetic treadmills are best for walking since most of them have a less sturdy design shorter belts; therefore, a long-running stride won’t be applicable. However, there are magnetic treadmills that are designed with a curved belt hence good for running.

Less sturdy construction which makes it hard to operate and hence slower. Therefore, you might not spend much time on your magnetic treadmill as it does not boost your efforts compared to an electric treadmill.

Magnetic treadmills have fewer features since you won’t have access to the apps and other built-in workout features. The only elements you will probably access are the workout details, including the distance, speed, elapse time, pulse sensor, and even the calories burned.


Magnetic Treadmill Vs. Motorized Treadmill

Both magnetic and motorized treadmills are best for your home workout. However, there are distinguishing features that will help you make an appropriate decision on which type you should go for. Therefore, we based our research on different aspects, including their principle of operation, cost, portability, energy consumption, space, speed setting, and users.

1 Safety

Many cases have been reported concerning the accidents that occurred by using an electric treadmill. This is because of their powerful motors that move the belt on their own. Even though the users are often given an emergency stop pin, most of them normally forget to use them, ending up falling while the belt continues moving. But for the magnetic treadmill, if you trip, then the belt won’t throw you backward; therefore, they are statistically safer than motorized treadmills.

2 Principle of operation

When it comes to operating, the magnetic treadmill works based on the user’s energy to drive the belt. This results from the magnetic force created when the user makes some strides, and therefore, you won’t enjoy the ability to run it automatically. On the other hand, the motorized treadmill requires electrical power to initiate its operation. With this type, the current is being induced to the motor or the engine, which drives the belt, and therefore you can run after programming it to your desired speed.

3 Cost

The prices of both treadmills differ such that the magnetic treadmill is cheaper since it is not packed with built-in workout resources such as the apps, built-in workout programs, among other resources. The motorized treadmill is well loaded with workout features in their consoles and works well with apps to offer a fun and amazing workout.

4 Power consumption

When it comes to power consumption, with the magnetic treadmill, you won’t spend much on the electricity as it doesn’t use it. This type uses the magnetic pull to drive the belt, but for the motorized one, you cannot run it without electrical energy to power the motor or the engine to drive the belt; hence, it could lead to a huge electricity bill.

5 Space and portability

For space and portability, the magnetic treadmill is lighter and can easily be folded; hence you can comfortably move to anywhere in your home. It can also be kept in small spaces enabled by the folding feature. So, if your room is so tiny, then the magnetic treadmill would be appropriate for you. As for the motorized treadmill, they cannot be folded, and they are often heavy; therefore, it is not easy to move it. Also, it consumes more space, thus unfavorable for smaller rooms.

6 Users

The magnetic treadmills do not always favor the beginners; this is because the starters often lose the strength easily; therefore, the magnetic treadmill belt will cease running; thus, a big challenge to them. Similarly, if you always have a problem with the joints, it might worsen due to much straining to keep the belt running. For the motorized treadmill, both the beginners can comfortably use it as you can easily set it to your preferred speed; hence, it doesn’t dictate anyone. Generally, there are low chances of experiencing health conditions since you don’t strain too much.


How Does a Magnetic Treadmill Work?

The magnetic treadmill depends on the user to run. Unlike other treadmills that are automatically powered, the magnetic treadmills apply a different principle since it is motorless. This type of treadmill doesn’t have power buttons; therefore, it is entirely manual. When you walk on it, the magnetic pull is generated, spinning off the resistance; consequently, the faster you move, the more magnetic force is created. The induced resistance will allow the treadmill belt to move at speed, depending on your power.


How Much Does Magnetic Treadmill Costs?

The magnetic treadmills’ pricing often varies depending on the type of construction, size, durability, safety, among other factors. However, we have researched and came up with the price range for both home magnetic treadmills and high-end magnetic treadmills. For home magnetic treadmills, the price ranges from about $250 to $700 though they are less durable and might not meet your expectations. But for the high-end magnetic treadmills, the price ranges from about $1800 to $7000. The prices don’t include the cost of maintenance.


Best Brands on Producing Magnetic Treadmill

We have researched and came up with the best-selling brands across the world. These brands are engineered by companies that have specialized in the treadmills for over 20 years hence reliable manufacturers. These brands include;

1 Health & Fitness

This brand is produced by the Icon Health & Fitness Company, which is among the largest magnetic treadmills. It has over 35 years in the market. However, over time, there has been an advancement in their features, including upgraded built-in workout resources, smooth magnetic resistance, portable, quiet operation, and a good warranty period. It also accommodates users of up to 250lbs, and its affordability makes it more attractive as its cost starts from $179.

2 Precor

Precor magnetic treadmills are produced by the Precor Company, known for its great fitness equipment. These Precor magnetic treadmills have more than 30 years in the market. The first models had minimal features, but there has been a great improvement based on modern technology. It is constructed with a shock resistance deck and belt; thus, no lubrication is required. It comes with built-in workout requirements, including distance monitoring, calories, and speed. It is affordable as its prices start from $700.

3 ProForm

ProForm magnetic treadmill has acquired a remarkable space in the market due to various factors, including technology and designs. It is packed with multiple features meant to offer great exercise. These features include LCD; therefore, you can easily monitor the calorie burned. Speed, heart rate, and distance. Also, the shock absorbers constructed with the belt makes it run quietly though some produce little noise. Its price starts from $700

4 Lifespan

Lifespan is a brand of PCE Health and Fitness which began in 2001 to produce magnetic treadmills. Its construction is built based on modern technology; therefore, you should be prepared to enjoy various benefits. Also, high-class handles draw our attention since it resists sweats and offers an excellent grip. With this brand, you will easily monitor your advancement to track the distance, calorie, speed, and heart rate. Its price start from $ 250



Which treadmill most simulates natural walking, a magnetic or electronic

The magnetic treadmill is the best for natural walking since your strides dictate the speed compared to an electronic one, which requires speed setting.



It is important to have a magnetic workout to maintain fitness and enjoy other benefits. Our guide has also outlined all the necessary information that you should have before buying one. Therefore, equip yourself with this guide, and you will probably have an amazing magnetic treadmill.