How to Make a Magnetic Key for Treadmill?

If you are a fitness coach or a GYM owner, it is wise to fit your treadmills with magnetic keys. This is because these safety pins offer a safe runway to your customers and bodybuilders. But what happens when your safety keys get lost or damaged? Most people will suggest that you buy a new treadmill, which is not economical for any business. It would help if you had a platform or a way to come up with your lost key. The guide will explain some basic steps on how to make a magnetic key for the treadmill and other fitness equipment.

Steps on How to Make a Magnetic Key for a Treadmill.

Tools and Accessories needed.

  • Magnet
  • Fine flat file
  • Poser board
  • Utility knife
  • Electric drill
  • Plastic file box
  • A quarter-inch drill bit
  • Plastic spring clip
  • 3/16-inch braided file cord
  • Hacksaw

Step One:

Ensure your treadmill is plugged into any fitness or your GYM power source. Then use your utility knife or hacksaw to slice a piece of magnet, keeping in mind the safety slot size. Most designs come with three inches long slots, so you should try to find more about the slot size. Straddle the running belt and fit the piece fully into the console slot and press the start button. If the machine display plane lights or illuminate, you can skip step two and move to step three. Disclaimer; this is the most important part where you get to test your machineability and compatibility using a new magnet or a safety key.

benefits of using magnetic treadmill safety key

Step two

Slice the remaining magnet using your utility knife, the size of the first piece. Increase the pieces by two times evenly and insert the pieces into the slot. Start the machine so that the display panel can light up. Withdraw the pieces from the slot, and the illuminated panel should go off.

Step three

Use one of the magnetic pieces to mark and slice a part of the same size from a similar amount of a plastic file box. Chop the plastic using a hacksaw and use that chopped plastic as the safety key. Use a flat file to smoothen the rough edges and corners.

Step four

Make a hole the size of a quarter-inch at the end of the key. Put a braided cord of diameter 3/16 into the made hole and tie a knot to stop the cord from coming out of the hole. Chop the cord the size of about 36 inches long. Connect the cord’s open end to a plastic spring clip that will be used to attach the cord to your gym clothes as you are working out on the treadmill in the gym. Ensure that you test the safety key prior to using it to confirm that it can pull out from the slot; in any case, you may step out from the treadmill or, worse, even fall from it.

Factors to Consider when Making a Magnetic Key for a Treadmill

use magnetic key for running treadmill

Size of the key slot

When making a magnetic key for your treadmill, it’s always important to consider the magnet that is the same size as the key slot. Therefore, it’s important to take measurements of the slot where the key is to be inserted and use those measurements when you’re purchasing your magnet. This will help prevent the inconveniences of having to buy another extra magnet after the first one fails to fit in perfectly.

Cost of the magnet

When you’ve decided to make a replacement magnetic key for your treadmill, it’s always important to consider the magnetic key cost. The main reason for doing it yourself is to avoid the hassle of spending too much money required to buy a brand new key. To avoid all this trouble, it is important to have a budget for the items you’re planning to purchase. This will enable you to purchase affordable products; hence you’ll save money.

The durability of the materials.

Always ensure that you are using materials that are durable and long-lasting. Consider the strength of the magnet you’re to use because the stronger the magnet, the better the replacement key. Also, ensure that the tools and accessories being used are strong enough to be used for the job at hand.

Safety Precautions

When making a magnetic key for your treadmill, it’s important to contemplate on your own personal safety and for those surrounding you. It is very important to work in an environment that will not cause harm to your health. Below are the safety checks you need to have when making a magnetic key for your treadmill:

1. Confirm that your treadmill is unplugged from the power source. This will prevent an incident of unfortunate electrocution.

2. Have the workshop manual for the treadmill in hand when working on it so as to conform with the manufacturers’ specifications.

3. Don’t work on the treadmill while in a humid or wet area to prevent water from trickling in the treadmill’s interior parts. Any droplets of water inside the treadmill’s interior will cause absolute destruction of the treadmill land; this will cost you extra cash to repair.

4. Don’t work on the treadmill if you have any underlying health problems. Health problems such as epilepsy can pose a serious risk to you as you may get injured once you get an epileptic attack during working.

5. You should not work on the treadmill under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol always impairs judgment, and you may end up destroying your treadmill due to that reckless behavior.

Why Make a New Magnet Replacement?

The benefits of making a replacement magnetic key for your treadmill are:

1. It’s cheaper to make a replacement key. This enables you to save up your money; hence it’s cost-effective.

2. it is time-saving. Making a magnetic key is more time-saving than searching for a replacement key at the store.


Making a replacement magnetic safety key for your treadmill can be wise and economical to maintain your GYM and other fitness equipment. The guide is all about equipping you with ideas on how you should proceed and produce something that will help you make the best magnetic safety key.