How Much Does a Heavy Bag Weigh?

So, you’ve finally decided to buy a heavy bag? Well, that’s undoubtedly an excellent choice, and you’re in the right place. But do you know how much the best heavy bag should weigh?

how much does a heavy bag weigh

Why does bag weight matter?

Bag weight is significant when choosing your bag as you require an excellent resistance when you connect with kicks and punches thrown with the correct power.

Therefore, half of the body weight is that amount which offers neither too little nor too much resistance. It means that you can throw your punches with excellent power. Moreover, the swinging is much more like the real opponent; hence you can take your defense as well as offense movements in practice.

  • If your bag is lighter, it will be swinging away too much, and it won’t provide enough resistance to place your power punch.
  • On the other hand, if it gets heavier, you could be hitting a wall with the swings being minimal, and won’t force to move it around.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose the best heavy bag weight that will suit you as a good choice will enhance your moving as well as punching skills.

How much does a heavy bag weigh?

Perhaps you’re not alone, most folks looking to buy heavy bags are left wondering how much weight the best heavy bag should have for their needs of use at home.

Now, when you’re in the market, you should ensure that the choice of heavy bag you make is the right weight and size suiting your needs. To choose the best weight and size has to be based on the training type you intend to have at home.

For instance, you should ask yourself whether you’ll be training for a sport or the training will be for workouts meant to tone the body to get back into shape.

Heavy bags come in various weights, widths, and heights. Most heavy bags range from about 40 lbs all through to about 200 lbs and even more. The rule of thumb when it comes to buying a heavy bag that will be right for you is simple; buy a heavy bag that’s half your body weight.

For instance, if you weigh 200 lbs, then a 100 lbs bag should be the right weight for you to purchase.

You don’t have to stress yourself out when your heavy bag weight does fall between 2 standard bag weights. With a few pounds lighter or heavier won’t make a big difference as that will be closer to reach personal goals as well as improve your skills.


However, getting a lighter heavy bag won’t be a bad decision. For instance, if you want it to be used for cardio sessions, you don’t need the power to hit your bag, but instead, you need to throw some light punches. Therefore, on such occasions, you don’t need a punching bag offering high resistance.

Lighter bags will also swing more, making it the perfect opportunity for offense and defense skill practice. As much as you need to move away not to be hit, you’ll also need to step in to throw the next punch.

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