Gym or Home Treadmill Which is Better for You?

Treadmills are great machines for improving your cardiovascular system, improving your bone density, toning your body, and building your leg muscles. All treadmills provide the same benefit. However, some treadmill machines are better for your health than others. If you go the gym you can use some top end model treadmills. Still, there are some great treadmill machines that are designed for home use. Which type of treadmill machine will provide you the most benefit? Keep reading to find out if a gyn or home treadmill is best for you?

The Best Treadmill Machines that you can Find in a Gym

Gyms typically have highly advanced treadmill machines. A good gym will need good equipment to properly train and workout their members. Also, heavy-duty industrial styled treadmill machines are needed to handle repetitive use and abuse. This is important for keeping equipment costs down and in good shape. We’ll now take a closer look at each important feature that a heavy-duty treadmill machine must have to be practical for the environment.

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1. Gyms Need Advanced Machines for Repeated Use

Gyms must have heavy duty treadmill machines that can handle different types of people and their unique levels of athleticism. Each treadmill machine must be able to withstand repeated use. The average gym could have between 10 – 25 people a day using a single treadmill machine. Since each of these individuals do not have the same skill level of athleticism; they will all use the treadmill in different ways.

Some members will need the machine to move very fast and others will use it a slower pace. Some people will want to use the machine at an incline and others might want to use the machine for a short quick run. The point is that a gym treadmill machine must be sturdy and flexible enough to be repeatedly used at different settings for different people.

2. Highly Ranked and Professional Athletes and Treadmill Machines

All gyms will have at least one professional or serious athlete training within their facilities. These individuals will typically use the treadmill machines as a part of their training regimen. Serious athletes need sophisticated high-intensity machines that can handle their skill level and challenge their athletic ability. Remember, some gym based treatdmills can have speed up to 30 m.p.h. Most people cannot run that fast. A world-class athlete would even have a hard time moving at that speed. Still, an advanced treadmill machine provides this type of benefit for highly rated athletes. Gyms should have treadmills available for serious marathon runners, sprinters, semi-professional sports players, college athletes, and high school competitors.

3. Gyms Must Have Good Training Equipment to Minimize Equipment Cost

Equipment is essential for any gym to survive. This is why most gyms will purchase the best equipment on the market that they can afford. They need heavy-duty highly advanced machines and sports equipment for their facilities. These types of machines can provide repeated use without breaking down. Cheaper treadmill equipment typically cannot sustain long term use in busy gyms. However, a heavy-duty treadmill machine can be used multiple times before it needs to be repaired. Maintenance work on treadmills should not be an issue with sturdy heavy-duty models. Gyms typically have good treadmill training equipment to minimize their overall cost of operation.

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The Best Treadmill Machines that you can Purchase for your Home

Home-based treadmill machines are designed for residential use. They are not as sturdy or big as a gym styled treadmill, but they do provide benefit for the user. People can purchase a good home-based treadmill unit for a good price. Manufacturers make some great treadmill units for home use.

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Treadmill Units Designed for the Home

Manufacturers know that most home-based treadmill machines will only be used by one or two people at the most. Therefore, they don’t make them as sturdy as the units that are available within gyms. This is an important point to understand. Most home treadmill users will not continuously stick with their home-based workouts. Therefore, their machines don’t have to withstand repeated use or be pushed to their limits.

Smaller in size and foldable in design

Manufacturers often make these machines smaller in size and less challenging for the home athlete. The machines will also have a lighter frame. Serious home users will be able to maximize the benefit from their home treadmills. Still, most at-home users won’t push their machines to their limit. This in turn will cause manufacturers to create less compelling treadmill machines for home use.

Digital functions equipped

While home based treadmills are inferior to their gym-styled counterparts; they do have value. They are often equipped with digital functions. They could also have screens for viewing vidoes, speakers for listening to music, and health monitoring functions that evaluate’s a person’s body while they use the machine. Treadmills for homes take up less space, are easy to store, and they can provide a personalized experience. One of the best things that home treadmills provide is privacy. If a person is ashamed of thier body or athletic ability; they can use a home treadmill to improve within these two areas before going to a gym.

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What’s the Verdict Between Home-based and Gym-styled Treadmills?

Ultimately, gym-styled treadmills are the better machines in terms of speed, skill level, durability, and function. Gym based treadmills must be high quality because of the role they play within a training and exercise environment. However, home-based treadmill units are practical for people who want to maintain a level of fitness without going overboard.

Each type of equipment has its place and they both serve a purpose. Still, the type of treadmill unit you will select will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are a serious athlete that needs serious training – go to the gym. The treadmills in most gyms can more than handle your high level of training and athletic skill. They are also better suited to elevate your game.

Keep shape

If you are just trying to keep yourself in shape but are not trying to be a world-class athlete – get a home-based treadmill model. They are also perfect for people who don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym. Keep in mind that both models will get you into shape. However, the gym-based units will do a better job.

Usages and size of your home

Here is another point to consider. Gym styled treadmill machines are available for your home. You could have an advanced treadmill apparatus to work with in the comfort of your house. However, they are extremely big and bulky. If you do not have the space to put a unit like this into your home, don’t get it. I would also caution against using inferior and cheap treadmills inside of a gym or workout facility. Again, they will not provide the best benefit if you are trying to excel as an athlete. Finally, just choose the right type of treadmill based on your needs and health goals.