Can You Use a Heavy Bag for Kickboxing?

It’s easy to say that you can seamlessly use a heavy bag to train for a kickboxing match. The large and heavy punching bags are usually suspended to ensure that they are able to withstand the impact. Generally, heavy bags are meant to improve your overall punching as well as kicking techniques.

Heavy bags feature a plethora of shapes as well as sizes and weigh roughly between 30-200 pounds. They can range from boxing, Thai, karate, MMA, Muay Thai and more.

can you use a heavy bag for kickboxing

Heavy bags are typically designed for boxing and are filled with padding that makes the best target for striking. Its resistance depends greatly on its weight and the density of padding. Heavy bags over boxers several benefits. Free standing heavy bags have proved to be the best option when it comes to kickboxing.

#1. Offer full power practice

For instance, they allow full power practice without the worry of injuring anyone. Also, they make it possible for you to experiment with your combinations freely without being limited by the pad holder, in fact, you’re free to repeat your technique several times as much as you want.

Sometimes, the speed of the pad holder can limit your natural timing as well as rhythm, but the heavy bags can help you to find your own without limitation.

Most heavy bags usually hung about the height of the waist with varying swing degrees depending on the weight and fill of the bag.

#2. Provides realistic training

A lot of folks prefer to fill the bags using shredded fabrics to get that realistic as well as satisfying feeling upon punching or even kicking the bag. As time goes by, the bag swill will get harder towards the bottom as the fill will start to compact and become denser.

For example, if you fill the heavy bag with sand (which is a hard material), you should expect a rock-like feeling when you’re hitting. On the other hand, filling the bag with lighter materials means that the bag will be swinging rapidly back and forth. Harder fills have a benefit of ensuring that you condition your shins in a better manner than softer filled material.

#3. Lasts for a long period

You need a bag that you can count on over a long period. Therefore, you should consider leather punching bags as they are not only comfortable to use, but also they are durable. Synthetic leather or canvas bags could be another alternative depending on your budget.

Final words

Basically, the best punching bag is the one that will allow you to have your training session in peace, while you get the work done. Heavy bags will provide you exactly that even when you don’t have someone to spar with. Sparring means having someone to practice with and that means there are high chances that you may get hurt depending of course on your technique.

Therefore, if you’re someone that would rather have a practice at home, then it’s pretty obvious that you need to get yourself a heavy bag and sharpen your striking arsenal while having your break.

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