When Do You Need A Weightlifting Belt?Do You Really Need It?

 When you are lifting weights, whether it is for competition or for general fitness, it is important to use the correct form and technique. This will help prevent injuries and ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout. One piece of equipment that can help with this is a weightlifting belt. But … Read more

Is A Punching Bag Good For Weight Loss? Weekly Routine

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Lower Back Pain: Why Do You Feel Rows in the Lower Back

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Gym or Home Treadmill Which is Better for You?

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What Do I Need to Maintain A Magnetic Treadmill?

Maintenance of your magnetic treadmill is mandatory to ensure a long term functionality and to prevent uncertain glitches. For your benefit and safety, you make sure that your treadmill is checked upon and serviced regularly. This also helps avoid putting your workout regime to an unfortunate halt, disrupting your schedule and causing you some financial … Read more

How to Run on a Treadmill Without Making Noise in the Gym?

A treadmill is an exercise device that consists of a belt that moves continuously. A treadmill is for walking or running exercise. The main problem you will find with a treadmill is that it makes a lot of noise when in use. The noise will increase as the rolling speed increases since it will make … Read more

The Right Way to Use a Treadmill in the Gym

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How to Make a Magnetic Key for Treadmill?

If you are a fitness coach or a GYM owner, it is wise to fit your treadmills with magnetic keys. This is because these safety pins offer a safe runway to your customers and bodybuilders. But what happens when your safety keys get lost or damaged? Most people will suggest that you buy a new … Read more

What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill for Running?

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Walking or Treadmill Running, Which is Better?

Treadmills are convenient, physical pieces of equipment that can help maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to be active indoors; using a treadmill is a perfect option (with consultation from your personal healthcare provider). The use of a treadmill is versatile; you can choose to either walk or run as long … Read more