8 Best Under Desk Elliptical Machine Reviews 2022

Wanting to work your joints and lower portions of your body yet you inevitably have to stay seated for quite a long duration of time? You have the under desk elliptical for your choice and leverage. These are stationary exercise machines that work the lower parts of the body at the seated position.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the top gadgets of these kinds that exist at the moment. Further to that, we have ranked them on the basis of their unique traits and overall finesse. Our reviews and buying guides here below endeavor to explain these gadgets in their finest details.

best under desk elliptical machine


8 Best Under Desk Elliptical Machine Reviews


1. Best Overall -Cubii Jr. Seated Under Desk Elliptical


  • Keeps you fit while you sit
  • Quite a breeze to handle and make do with
  • Displays the progress of the workout on a built-in display monitor
  • Manages extremely low impact exercises
  • Tracks your progress automatically


  • Performs fewer exercising

All factors considered, this is the Cubii Jr. Seated under Desk Elliptical at the moment. It contains the mix of features and technical specifications that an ideal machine of its kind is supposed to possess. Thus, it is certain to do a good job for you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Compact Ergonomic Elliptical

On the whole, the item is compact and ergonomic in equal stature. Thanks to this compactness, it is quite convenient to carry around and deploy to a stipulated point of use. This makes it also awesome for the matters of regular travels to remote locations.

2. 8 Levels of Resistance

The gadget gives you an impressive 8 levels of resistance for you to choose from. These are the ones you use to determine the strength of the workouts and the possible impacts on the muscles. In particular, they work well on the joints.

3. Smooth Gliding Motion

When engaged for use, the gadget does generate and manage some smooth gliding motions. These motions arise thanks mainly to the whisper-quiet motor that forms the core of the gadget. It hence does not interfere with the room occupants where it is used.

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2. Runner Up -DeskCycle Under Desk Pedal Exerciser


  • Manages effective counting and displays
  • Its display allows for convenient viewing
  • Enables you to easily insert your feet
  • Has a large pedal for maximum comfort
  • The base of double weighted for maximum support


  • Emits some squeaky voices
  • Its motor power is not too strong

If the above gadget is outside your scope of affordability, we ask you to pick and make good use of this DeskCycle Under Desk Pedal Exerciser. Its mix of features is the ones that send it to the second place position. Skim the mini-review below to know more about it.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Patented Magnetic Resistance Mechanism

A patented magnetic resistance mechanism ranks first among all its most awesome features. Due to this mix of traits, the gadget operates somewhat smoother and quieter. It, in turn, works the pedals, joints, and lower legs with a fair degree of efficacy.

2. 8 Calibrated Resistance Settings

Some 8 calibrated resistance settings come in next. As you may have guessed, these ones play the role of determining the degree of efficacy and overall impacts that the machine potentially brings to your legs. Being 8, they give you maximum impacts.

3. Function LCD Display

The functional LCD display exists to maintain your focus, progress, and attention while exercising. It captures and displays every key metric of the workout to you at any given time. Thus, it sees to it that you stay focused and attentive always.

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3. Best Budget -Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bike


  • Comes about in a durable design
  • Carries a maximum of 220 pounds of weight
  • Allows for seamless portability
  • Maintains your feet and pedals in an utmost state of overall safety
  • Easier to control and maintain


  • The tension control is too light

Short on cash? We invite you to train your eyes on this Best Budget -Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bike. As its designation suggests, this one is cheaper and hence suitable for those who do not have as much money to spend.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Safety Straps

Existing abundantly on this item are some safety straps. These are the ones that stash your hands and feet in the absolute state of safety. In doing so, they minimize injuries that often arise while in the course of exercising. That is beside the stability they accord.

2. Adjustable Tension

Its tension adjusts to allow for varying resistance levels. The number 8 overall and generally manage to give off more versatile workouts that the ordinary machines cannot give off. You will need them to work both your legs and the muscles that are found in your arms.

3. Easy-to-read LCD Display

To keep your working even more wholesome, the gadget does come along with an easy to read LCD display unit. On the display are showcased the distance traveled, the calories burned, the time taken, and the average speed of the workouts at any given time.

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4. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical


  • Truly compact in size and dimensions
  • Easier to transport to a desired venue of use
  • Its pedals prevent slippage when stepped on
  • Keeps you updated of your progress and workouts
  • Fits under most desks and worktops


  • Comes at an above-average cost
  • May not allow for some exercising

The Sunny Health brand is known for power and excellent support. You want to try out its line of products as well, don’t you? Well, we invite you to your attention this Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic under Desk Elliptical for a start.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Digital Monitor

To keep you posted on your progress, the gadget comes about with a digital monitor. It displays the various metrics of workouts like the speed of travel, the time taken, and the distances traveled, among others. Thus, they negate the need for guesswork when exercising.

2. Belt-drive Magnetic Resistance

Coming along also is the belt-drive magnetic resistance. This is the one that resists the muscles to make them stronger and more streamlined. Thanks to the magnetic character, the resistance allows for smoother and quieter experiences overall.

3. 8 Levels of Resistance

Other than the magnetic character, the elliptical also has 8 varying levels of resistance for you to pick. Thus, your use of the gadget gives you a fair degree of choice and overall convenience that other gadgets of its kind cannot manage.

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5. Best with Bluetooth -Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical


  • Yields forth low impact workouts
  • Has an ultra-smooth gearing system
  • Fits the tight spots with ease
  • Imbues some beauty and overall aesthetics to your room
  • Delivers enduring impacts on your joints


  • A simple user may find it somewhat complicated
  • Consumes higher levels of utility energy

For your maximum comfort and convenience, while exercising, you want one that can be operated smoothly from wherever. We invite you to attempt this Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical with Bluetooth. Owing to its ability to pair with the Bluetooth, it is a good one to pick.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Low-step Pattern

The process of embarking and disembarking the elliptical is easier. This is thanks to the low-step pattern that adorns the pedals. With this ease comes the sheer convenience of operations. It particularly favors those who are shorter as it enables more convenient operations.

2. Whisper Quiet Operations

In all, the gadget also brings forth whisper-quiet operations. The motor does not give off too much noise as is the norm with many other gadgets of its kind. With this near-silent use comes the added benefit of seamless fit and convenience to those around you.

3. Excellent Tracking

The gadget also allows for excellent tracking of the fitness exercises. It displays all the vital metrics and parameters that the exercising goes through at a time. This puts you way ahead of the game and spares you from the need for guesswork and other inconveniences.

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6. Stamina Quiet Inmotion Elliptical Trainer


  • The tension adjusts appropriately
  • A multi-function monitor keeps you posted
  • Useful in the standing and sitting position
  • Applies in the forward or reverse motion
  • Textured pedals add some grip to your feet


  • Has fewer resistance levels
  • Slightly cumbersome to deploy to a remote location

Looking for an elliptical to use in an area that is prone to noise pollution? You have a good companion in this Stamina Quiet Inmotion Elliptical Trainer. As its designation implies, it is indeed truly quiet and less susceptible to the risks of noise pollution.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Variable Tension Adjustments

The gadget gives you the chance to vary the tensions appropriately. Thus, you have the option to pick and use whichever tension you deem desirable to you. Choosing the right tension is pretty easy owing mainly to the existence of a dial to facilitate that.

2. Multiple Movement Options

With this gadget, you can also manage multiple movements. The options are largely brought about by the fact that the pedal reverses forwards and backward at will. In doing so, it impacts different muscles, all for your utmost comfort.

3. 3 Color Choices

Do you fancy colors as well? The elliptical has you well taken good care of. It comes about in some three color options for you to pick and make good use of. You hence have the leeway to choose the one that matches as nearly as possible to your precise needs.

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7. Best 2 in 1 -IDEER Under Desk & Stand Up Exercise Bike


  • May be used under the desk and when standing
  • Useful also while on the go
  • Helps in losing weight as well
  • Improves your overall health
  • All its vital parts and components adjust


  • Quite tedious to adjust

Searching for a versatile machine that you can use while sitting and standing? We invite you to attempt this IDEER Under Desk & Stand Up Exercise Bike. So versatile it is that it can work well in whichever position you find desirable to you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Multifunctional Monitor

Its most notable trait is the multifunctional monitor. This one captures and displays the progress of the ongoing fitness exercises. Being multifunctional, it maintains you in a state of apt preparedness and well aware of what goes on around.

2. Brake Resistance Mechanism

To put it to a halt, the gadget makes use of the brake resistance mechanism. It does bring your equipment to a halt without necessarily generating the squeaky noises that arise when in the course of doing so.

3. Large Anti-slip Pedals

Some large anti-slip pedals round up the list of the benefits that the gadget does have to offer. Their large nature accommodates varying feet sizes. Being anti-slip, they also keep you from falling off unnecessarily.

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8. FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Bike Pedal Machine


  • Operates in the forward and backward directions
  • Mimics the motions of the larger elliptical machines.
  • Generates smooth and consistent transitions
  • Prevents your knees from hitting the bottom of the desk
  • Adjusts the tension without the use of your hands


  • Its impact is limited to the lower muscles
  • The power consumption is not really encouraging

Want to particularly impact your own legs and lower muscles? You have no better friend and companion than this FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Bike Pedal Machine. It does contain a whole set of trappings that all work to enhance the fitness of your own lower legs.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Balanced Flywheel

At its core is a balanced flywheel that maintains your pedals in a whisper-quiet operation. Also coming along is some smooth transition from one set of motions to another one. That minimizes any unnecessary frictions as well.

2. Hands-free Adjustments

Unlike your ordinary elliptical, this one does not require the use of hands to alter the various fitness parameters. Instead, it relies wholly on your feet to do the job. This, of course, is a more convenient arrangement.

3. 6 Function Display

Rounding up its list of most venerable features is the 6-function display. This is the one you use to monitor the state of your own progress. It keeps you way ahead of the game as you work out.

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Under Desk Elliptical Benefits

under desk elliptical

Here below, we examine some of the benefits of the under desk elliptical machines:

1. Relatively Cheaper

For a start, this machine is relatively cheaper than the full-sized elliptical. This notwithstanding, the machine is still well able to give off the selfsame benefits that a full-size machine is capable of. Simply put: your purchase of the gadget gives you more value for your money.

2. Variable Use Positions

Many of these machines may be used in the standing or in the seating positions. The sum total benefits of this arrangement is that you get to exercise at the position that is quite convenient for you. That way, you also get to minimize strains that come along with use.

3. Multiple Resistance Levels

Other than the variable use positions, these machines also have varying resistance levels. These variabilities give you the options to select the degree of toughness that is desirable for you. Thus, you get to work your muscles and feet at levels of hardness that are convenient for you.

4. Awesome on the Joints

Considering the fact that the machines are structured to work your joints and lower legs, they also tend to be awesome on your joints. You hence have them for your taking if you happen to have arthritis and other diseases that have a toll on your joints.

5. Minimal Distractions

By their sheer design and makeup, these machines cause minimal distractions. They largely enable this by the virtue of allowing you to work and exercise at the same time. In fact, they are also embraced and accepted in almost every office we have around.

6. Multipurpose

Closely related to the above is the fact that the machines are also suitable for use both at home and in the office. Yet again this arrangement brings along some conveniences. Hardly will you struggle to make good use of the same while also enjoying the freedom of use wherever you are.


Best Under Desk Elliptical Buying Guide

To find the best under desk elliptical machine, you have to take care of certain factors. Here below we look into these factors for your own consideration:

seated elliptical

1. Adjustable Resistance

Your first and foremost concern should be the resistance levels of the machine. A good machine has to give you the leeway to determine the intensity of the exercising you desire at a time. As a general rule, the higher the resistance levels, the better for you.

2. Connectivity

It is also awesome if the machine you have in mind is able to pair and communicate with other like-minded gadgets. This should primarily happen via Bluetooth, Fitbit, smartphone apps, and other vital connectivity features. The more connected a machine is the better functional it is likely to be.

3. Noise Output

These machines no doubt generate some noise in the course of working you out. Be that as it may, such machines need not produce too much noise. That is most important if you want to make use of yours in an area that is sensitive to the risk of noise pollution.

4. Pedal Dimensions

Generally speaking, these machines are used only once in a while. That means you will for a large part have to store them. You should hence consider the dimensions of the machine as well. After delineating the dimensions, you will then use the same figures to ascertain the storage space needs.

5. Weight

Other than the dimensions, you should also factor the weights of the machine altogether. It is the weight that determines the ease or lack of it with which the machines may be lifted and transported to a remote location. Choose a lighter machine for regular travels and vice versa.

6. Price

When all is said and done, whether or not you may acquire a machine depends on a large part on just how much it costs. For best deals, we ask that you compare the prices of the many dealers who exist in your area. Settle on the most affordable one.

7. Material Construction

The kinds of materials that make the items up also count. You want a machine that is less inclined to the risks of damages and the subsequent need for repairs. That can only happen if you emphasize the stainless steel and anodized Aluminum. They are the strongest and most reliable.

8. Intended Longevity of Use

How long in total would you wish to make use of these machines? Do you just want one for your one-time use or you want one for every day and repeated use? Those machines that are to be used regularly have to be equally stronger and durable.


Can I Use Under Desk Elliptical for Weight Loss?

YES, YOU CAN! Like with any other fitness machine, the under desk elliptical also allows for the shedding off of excess calories. The same principle as the other machines apply here. In the course of exercising, the feet and legs heat up. This burns the calories and shreds the said parts of the body to size.

Some studies have put its efficacy to about 150 calories per hour. Though it is capable of burning excess fat from your body, this machine is somewhat limited in scope and applicability. For a large part, it only impacts the legs and the lower regions of your body.

Then again, you have to complement the machine with a diet that is rich in fat-burning foods. It hence goes that this is not the machine to rely on if you have excess weights to tackle. For all practical purposes, it is that one which may only work well for general muscle building.



In closing, the under desk elliptical is a machine that is pretty awesome and reliable in staying fit. Its compact size, less intrusive nature, and seamless portability make it good for those who spend much of their time in the office settings.  You can never gamble with your choice of the right one hence.

As a way forward, we urge you to read our explanations above keenly. In the course of doing so, match the gadget of your liking with the use you have in mind. It is always good to share this piece of information with the others who might need it too!