Best Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners – Reviews and Guide in 2022

You might have heard a lot of information concerning kickboxing, and you are perhaps thinking of joining this game. It doesn’t matter whether you are a female or man, young or old; you can participate and enjoy this sport to the fullest.

Just like every sport, there is necessary equipment you need to have for safety and satisfaction, and the most vital of kickboxing gear is the kickboxing pair of glove. Therefore there is a need for you to invest in the best kickboxing gloves for beginners.

Top 7 Best Gloves for Kickboxing Newbies

What Are the Best Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners?

It sounds odd that when picking a type of a kickboxing glove that you should know yourself. This is important as it will determine the type of glove that you should go for as your gloves should reflect an extension of one’s body.

Therefore it is recommendable you choose the right pair of gloves that will match you as they give you the confidence that you need.

Consider boxing gloves that come with Velcro straps as they are easy to put on and off with no need of assistance from anyone.

The size of the gloves you prefer buying should not weigh much; the bigger gloves in most cases are heavy in weight.

Using gloves that are light in weight for exercise and boxing is ideal, but you cannot use them for heavy-duty bag works; doing so will increase the chances of getting injuries.

What is the best kickboxing gloves for beginners?

Review of the 7 Best Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners

#1. Best Sale – Sanabul Gel Kickboxing Gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves for Beginners Review


Brilliant Features:

  • It is infused to take the hardest hit possible
  • This product is created for you with all good qualities and long-lasting

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There has been a lot of details included when this glove was being created and had a great look and has an extreme performance despite its low price.

It was strictly made to fit the natural curves of one’s hand to provide proper fist closure when making a strike. The mesh areas of the palm keep hands cool and increase the glove’s breathability.

Gel-infused helps to provide superb protection and prevents injury when training with it. The exterior is made of leather material for durability and easy to keep it clean.

It comprises a powerful hook and loop closure unit; hence you don’t have to pull punches once the traps are tightened you are set for the whole session.

These gloves come in a range of colors, including vivid variations and black variations, and as well with different sizes ranging from 8 to 16 oz.

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#2. Best for Kids – Hawk Kickboxing Sparring and Training Gloves

Hawk kickboxing gloves for children beginner use


Brilliant Features:

  • Double stitch
  • High breathability
  • A thumb-lock feature for safety
  • Foam padding in the palm to hit punching bags

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For a very long time, children have developed an interest in boxing, and there is a need to consider them in this. The Hawk kickboxing gloves have been designed and tailored specially for kids.

It is composed of PU leather gloves for boxing together with good composure that provides long time usage and functionality.

Hawk gloves are designed to completely protect the hands of the fighter during a fight, which is essential for the fingers of any kid who engages in such a game.

When the knuckle and fist are placed correctly, this helps in the prevention of injury and makes the fighter feel more comfortable.

They also have a Velcro wrist wrap that gives assurance of maximum wrist protection hence reduces the potential injury.

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#3. Best Cheap – Elite Gloves for All Types of Martial Arts

Elite gloves for kickboxing beginner


Brilliant Features:

  • Designs with triple-density gel
  • Available in almost all kinds of colors
  • These gloves are multipurpose and suitable for all kinds of sports

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This product is stylish and key for faster, precise punches and gives a better focus taking away any kind of worries. It is a light weight boxing glove that is most preferred by many, especially for kids and women.

It is made from high-quality PU leather material. The pre-curves designs are automatic with cooling mesh for the provision of comfort and enhancing performance during workouts.

It comprises triple-density gel form on the areas of impact hence offering great protection to the two players.

The Velcro wrist closure makes one put on and taking it off easily hence avoiding unnecessary sprains during matches, sparring, and training as it gives the wrist the expected protection.

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#4. Best for Women – Trideer Pro Grade Gloves for Kickboxing

Trideer gloves for women kickboxer reviews


Brilliant Features:

  • Light in weight
  • High quality and affordable
  • Can be used for both bag works and sparring

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This is one of the best products that I can recommend anyone to go for as it is a high-quality product made from faux leather material, giving it the ability to last for a longer period of time.

It is widened hence adding the most ability to your wrist and making it much easier for you to throw a punch, and its foam is multi-density that enables absorption of unparalleled shocks hence giving the best protection for the players.

This type of glove is very comfortable with breathable mesh that keeps your hands dry. Their pre-curved automatic designs allow proper fist closure maintaining the player to focus when training.

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#5. Best for Sparring – Ringside Apex Kickboxing Gloves

best value Ringside kickboxing gloves for any beginners at any age


Brilliant Features:

  • Comes in a variety of colors to match your preference
  • It is a perfect product for doing bag works, shadow boxing, and fitness workouts
  • Consists of a grip bar that enables tight fist and reduces hand fatigue during workouts

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If you are looking for a high-quality product that will deliver a service that you will live to remember, then you should not look further than this product.

It consists of a superior layer of tough foam that provides ultimate protection, and this product is generally long-lasting; this product has a full loop and hooks closure that wraps around the user’s wrist, ensuring tight and no-slip when using it plus giving unbeatable support to the person using it.

The Ringside Apex gloves have Stay-Dry lining in it, which promotes protection against microbial and as well keeping your hands comfortable and dry. Furthermore, it is designed with mesh palm and holes for ventilation, promoting a high rate for drying out.

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#6. Best with Wrist Support – Hawk Kicking and Boxing Gloves

Hawk white kickboxing gloves for new fighters


Brilliant Features:

  • Comes with 5-year warranty
  • Serves for multi purpose training
  • Contains multiple layers of foam that make it suitable to train with

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These are great pair of gloves as they are super comfortable, breathable and really looking nice. This product is made from premium synthetic leather material plus an excellent construction, giving it to serve for a long time and functionality.

It is made in a way to protect the fighter’s hand during sparring, training, or in a competition. Correct positioning of knuckles and the fist makes it feel comfortable in your hands, preventing any kind of injury.

It contains pinholes that enable breathability and are high-tech in performance.

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#7. Beset Fingerless – FitsT4 White Wrist Wraps Support Gloves

fingerless kickboxing gloves for new fighters


Brilliant Features:

  • They come in a very nice look and have a wide wrist area that gives a snug feeling
  • They as well offer strong protection on the front of your fist and the back of your hand plus solid stitching

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If you are searching for a great boxing glove without breaking a bank, then this product is highly recommendable for you. Anyone who has at any point ever blocked fury of punches knows about how this product sucks.

This is a premium quality product that is designed to serve; it gives a strong grip and room for breathability and has an elastic hollow palm design for slip elimination.

The custom fit and wrist support have straps that can be adjusted to customize the desired fit.

This product contains hand protection, making it ideal for kickboxing, grappling, martial arts, Muay Thai, and much more.

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#1. What Gloves Should I Buy For Kickboxing?

When you pair the right weight with a snug glove is helpful to give a boxer the best knockouts qualities, whether when training or in a competition.

Picking boxing gloves begins with having the right gear, as having a quality glove helps to keep your hands protected and comfortable when training.

Similar to other protective gear, kickboxing gloves perform best when you have the appropriate size. When you get to know the right quality and size of the gloves will definitely determine which gloves type is suitable in your boxing regiment. Therefore one should go the extra mile to get the quality boxing equipment and right gloves.

Boxing gloves can be categorized to perform different tasks, and it is the reason why each design has unique qualities that suits the intended purpose.

For example, bag gloves are designed to be used on heavy bags, pad training, and speed bags. They contain less padding in the knuckle compared to boxing gloves. They are designed this way for enabling punchers to feel punches they make and becoming accustomed to the impact.

#2. How Do I Know What Size Kickboxing Gloves to Buy?

best kickboxing gloves for beginners

Amateur kickboxing gloves come in three different sizes, and they include fighters that are under the light welterweight rank.

  • Fighters mostly weigh 141 lb. Use 10 oz. boxing gloves.
  • Fighters that weigh 152 lb. to 207 lb. are recommended to use gloves with 12 oz.
  • Master division fighters that are over the age of forty years strictly use the 16 oz gloves.

Training gloves are great all-around that one can make a pick, especially to those who are beginners on the spot. These kickboxing gloves are mostly built with enough padding hence preferred for both bag work and sparring.

For beginners, training gloves can serve a great introductory plus ample support for veterans and novice fighters.

#3. What Size of Boxing Gloves Should A Woman Or A Kid Beginner Get For Kickboxing?

There are 2 main considerations when trying to select the fighting gloves for women.

  • Size

Firstly, the size is crucial to ensure comfort when the gloves are in use. This is also important in minimizing the risk of injury when using gloves.

Most of the time, gloves come in extra-large, large, medium, and small, therefore there is no complication when picking on the best size, but you should opt for gloves that are a little tight rather than a little too loose because gloves tend to stretch out a little bit when they are broken in.

  • Weight

Secondly, kickboxing gloves usually come in multiple weights. The weights range from 8 to 20 oz.

The ones happening to be lighter are mainly used in matches by professionals. The heavy ones are generally used in sparring or novices because they have thicker padding.

One should consider gloves that are padded around the finger areas, which have the ability to tamper forces of blows and the ability to deliver hard blows.

You have to make a choice whether to go for rare weight or front weighted women’s boxing gloves. Your weight will determine the size and weight of boxing gloves as well. For instance, if you weigh a hundred lbs. You opt for 10 oz. gloves.

You should take measurements of your hand prior to buying any kind of boxing gloves and try on the boxing gloves size and weight to ensure that they fit your determination.


There are varieties of kickboxing gloves available in the market with different types of features attached for beginners.

Therefore, you are required to research well as to choose the right product. What I can advise before you take a step to buying a kickboxing glove for beginner use, first analyze its features and pick the one that suits you.