The 6 Best Curved Treadmill Reviews to Burn 30% More Calories

The best curved treadmill will take your workout to another level. They do not require electricity to run so that you will not have an excuse not to work out due to a blackout in your neighborhood. The treadmills are designed in such a way you will run on the curved surface and the belt will move mechanically. There is no use of a motor to turn the belts. If you are looking for a treadmill that can allow you to burn more calories, then buying the curved treadmill will be a great way to get started.

What Is the Best Curved Treadmill?

Is the Curved Treadmill Better?

Yes, when compared to the electricity-powered treadmill, you will realize a curved treadmill comes with several features that make it a better option. For example, you can operate it even if there is no electricity in your premises. If you are in a place where it is hard to access electricity, then the treadmills can be the best way for you to realize the best performance when working out. They tend to burn more calories than the motorized ones. With the curved treadmill, you will be the one driving the belt as you run. It will engage your muscles which can lead to burning more calories. It is also safe because it will slow down as you slow. If you fall on the treadmill, there is no worry about getting injured.

Best Pick Curved TreadmillAssault Fitness AirRunner


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  • Burns 30% more calories than motorized type
  • Perfect for all sorts of training
  • Easy on the environment runs on your energy
  • 350 pounds large weight capacity
  • Commercial durability 150,000 miles belt life


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What Is the Curved Treadmill Called?

A curved treadmill is a running machine that designed in such a way you will walk or run on it without the need for electricity or motor. It applies the principle of the curved surface to allow you to burn calories. The treadmill has a durable platform that is curved where you will run. If you have been used to the electricity treadmill, you will find it easy to use the curved treadmill.

Treadmill with Manual Curved TrackRESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner Machine


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  • Large running surface
  • Aluminum and rubber-coated tread slats comprise belt design
  • Innovative manual design to burn more calories
  • Long and durable use
  • Magnetic resistance adjustment


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The Benefits of the Curved Manual Treadmill

There are several benefits associated with a curved treadmill. You need to check out the several benefits of the curved treadmill so that you can know whether it is the best machine for you to buy and start burning calories. Here are some of the benefits of a curved treadmill you need to know:

Best Commercial Curved Manual Treadmill TZ-3000C Fitness Treadmill


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  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Commercial bold PVC handlebar
  • Two-way chain transmission
  • Double chip resistance system
  • Pull resistant way for the emergency brake


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Does not rely on electricity

You will not have to be near the electricity connection before you can use the treadmill. It is a new running machine that allows you to utilize the power of your muscles to run. The design of the treadmill utilizes the curved running surface to make it easy for you to achieve the running posture and motion. It is a safe machine you can apply in your daily life to stay fit and comes in a versatile design to allow you to enjoy running when in different places. For example, you can use it in gyms, home or even in clinics. The treadmill utilizes a simple design but it makes it easy for you to enjoy the workout sessions.

Environmental friendly

There is no need for electricity. You will contribute towards a clean environment because there will be no need to burn coal to produce electricity. If you would like to save on electricity bills at home, then you need to install the curved treadmill. You will be the one to utilize the power of your muscles to make the treadmill run. With its simple design, you can count on the treadmill to help you realize the best preface when in any given place. The designers of the treadmill took the time to ensure it is easy to use.

Muscles control the speed

You will not ah veto worry about high speeds where you can fall and the belt scratches you. The speed of the treadmill is controlled by your running speed. Immediately you stop, it will as well stop. If you are looking for a safe treadmill that your family members can use, then you need to go for the curved treadmill. It is a highly reliable treadmill you can apply to realize the best performance when trying to burn more calories.

Can be used anywhere

You will not require running cables before you can set up the treadmill. It is designed to allow you to enjoy your workout sessions. The treadmill comes in different sizes. You can get a portable unit that you can take to any location where you would like to work out. It is unlike electricity-powered treadmills which will restrict you to gyms or other places where there is electricity connection.

Safe treadmill

Even if you would like to run very fast as a way of burning more calories, there is no need to worry about how you can get started. The treadmill has been designed in such a way it makes it easy for you to get started. It is among few treadmills which are designed in such a way it makes it easy for you to get started.

Features of Self-powered Curved Treadmill

There are several features that make the curved treadmill stand out. Here are some of the features which you will find very helpful when operating a curved treadmill:

Best Self-Powered Curved TreadmillIN10CT Health Runner Machine


curved treadmill benefits


  • Allows indoor cardio as well as outdoor use
  • No electric design to burn more calories
  • Performance monitoring system tracks time, distance, calories burned and pace
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Long-lasting and durable


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Curved running surface

Just like the name suggests, a curved treadmill will come with a curved surface. The curved surface will allow you to run as the belt slides over it. It comes in a stable design which will allow you to control the speed as per your running speed. If you would like to burn many calories, you can increase your running speed. It is among the latest running machines which have been designed while taking into consideration the efficiency. You can count on the running machine to realize the highest level of efficiency. Although the treadmill comes in a curved design, it incorporates several features that make it among the best treadmills you can get in the market.

Non-motorized treadmill

The treadmill stands out in such a way you will not have a motor. It relies on the curved surface to allow you to run as the belt rotates. Your muscle power will be involved in rotating the treadmill. If you are after a way you can realize the best performance as you run on the treadmill, then you need to look for a unit that can make your muscles stay engaged. The careful design of the treadmill will make you engage the muscles as a way of making you stay active.

Stops when you stop

The treadmill is made to move by your running action. If you stop, the belt will as well stop. It is unlike motorized treadmills which will keep on running until you reduce the motor speed or stop it using the control panel. You have full control of the treadmill. There are some people who would like to have full control of the treadmill. If you are among them, then you will find the curved treadmill very reliable.

Performance monitoring

Just like the electricity-powered treadmill, the curved treadmill will allow you to monitor your calorie burn, speed, heart rate among other features. There are independent motors fitted on the treadmill to allow you to run as fast as possible as they keep track of your performance. You can easily take your workout session to another level if you can invest in the treadmill.

How Does a Curved Treadmill Work?

The curved treadmills have curved surfaces with a belt on them. Each time you step on the curved surface, the belt will rotate. The rotating effect of the belt leads to the running or walking motion. They are muscle driven treadmills that will rely on your muscle power to turn. You can apply them to make your leg muscles engaged for effective calorie burn.

SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL Curved Running Treadmill


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  • Revolutionary program based on own speed
  • Layout a variety of 5000 personal workouts
  • Create a standardized level of fitness based on the user’s potential
  • Eliminates the jogging from the routine
  • Better protect the balls of feet
  • Takes more of energy in a given time


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How Much Does a Woodway Curve Treadmill Cost?

A curved treadmill will cost between $4,000 to $7,000. It will depend on several factors. There are some models which are fitted with more features and they will cost more. It is necessary to take into consideration your given preferences before you buy a given treadmill. For example, you may like to have a digital monitoring unit. In such a case you may have to spend more.

XTREME MONKEY Fitness Curved Treadmill for Runner


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  • Rubber and synthetic compound to make running rubber slots
  • Increase the size of bearings
  • Minimize the using noise
  • Unique handle design to accommodate different users
  • Leading-edge Bluetooth console to interact with the app


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Does the Curved Treadmill Really Work?

Yes, the curved treadmills are designed to work in burning calories. In fact, they are more effective than electricity-driven treadmills. Remember your muscles will be involved in turning the treadmill. If you are looking for a way you can realize the best performance as you run on the treadmill, then buying a curved treadmill can be a great way to achieve the best results.

Curve Treadmill vs. Regular Treadmill

When comparing the curved treadmill vs. the regular treadmill, you will note several differences. First, a curved treadmill will not require electricity. A normal treadmill has a motor which should be turned by electricity. You can use the curved treadmill from any location which is not the case with the regular treadmill which will restrict you to places where there is electricity.

Best Running Exercise TreadmillSereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill


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  • Smart app connection via Bluetooth
  • Folding design for better storage
  • Digital LCD display
  • Selectable preset training modes
  • Easy to use with integrated safety key and emergency shutoff system


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Can I Walk on a Curved Treadmill?

Yes, you will have full control of the curved treadmill. If you will slow down, the speed of the treadmill will as well slow down. If you would like to walk, there is no restriction. The treadmill is designed in such a way it will make it easy for you to have full control. It does not matter your preferences. Even if you would like to run fast or slow down, the treadmill has been designed in such a way it makes it easy for you to control the pace. You have full control of the speed. If you would like to slow down, you can move towards the center of the treadmill where the slope is not very stiff.

How Should I Use a Curved Treadmill?

It is easy to use a curved treadmill. The treadmill does not have a motor to run it; you will just step on it and start walking towards the slope. The curved surface will start rolling which will require you to walk or run as a way of maintaining balance. It is a simple unit you can apply in any location if you would like to stay fit. In your struggle to stay fit, you can count on the curved treadmill to realize the best results in the process. You should not worry about how to start using a curved treadmill; it is a simple device that works mechanically to allow you to burn more calories.

Does the Curve Treadmill Burn More Calories?

The curved treadmill is designed to burn more calories. You can rely on the treadmill to realize the best results as you run on the platform. Your muscles will be involved in turning the belt. It is a more effective to burn more calories than the case where the motor will help you in turning the treadmill.

How to Burn Calories Fast on Treadmill?

Curved Treadmill vs. Electric Treadmill

A curved treadmill will work even when you are in a place where there is no electricity. It is unlike the electric treadmill where you should have electricity before the motor can turn the belt for you to start working out. When in remote places where electricity connection is a problem, the curved treadmills will work better.

Best Electric TreadmillWelso Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series


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  • Pulse heart rate monitor system by simply placing your thumb on the sensor
  • Blue-tinted LCD display
  • Comfort cell cushion
  • 6 personal trainer workouts
  • Space saver for its foldable design


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Curved Treadmill Disadvantages

The curved treadmills have few drawbacks. For example, they may not be very effective if you are not hardworking. Remember with an electricity treadmill you can set the speed of the rotating belt and speed up. If you are not self-motivated, you may find it hard to achieve high speed on a curved treadmill. The price of the curved treadmill may be high when compared to regular treadmills.

Things to Consider in Getting the Best Curved Treadmill

There are several things you have to check out before you can buy a curved treadmill. First, you need to check on the price. The curved treadmills are highly valued due to their effectiveness in burning calories. You should as well check on the general design of the curved treadmill. It should be made out of high-quality materials which can assure you the best performance as you work out. Some units come with warranties, ensure you buy one which can assure you the best returns on investment.